Northern Lights, Keflavik £68.02 - 7 Night Return Flights - October 2014 flying from Bristol @ Eastyjet

Northern Lights, Keflavik £68.02 - 7 Night Return Flights - October 2014 flying from Bristol @ Eastyjet

Found 17th Mar 2014
There are a few more cheap flights coming up for October from £68.02. This includes an unlimited weight suitcase just ensure you meet their size restrictions.

See three week view in image box below.

Price based on flights from Bristol 14th -21st October 2014.
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Off topic, but when do easyjet release November flights?
I booked flights for October a few days ago for £57 return from Bristol.

£68 is Still a good buy but it can be cheaper from Bristol.


Northyjet surely.
Heated great spot Stacey

Off topic, but when do easyjet release November flights?

2nd week in April according to their Facebook page
Oh Stacey, this is such a brilliant deal, sorely tempting to one of the best northern european countries out there for natural wonder.
BUT it's near Halloween, I mean, c'mon it takes me a whole week of prep to set up my decorations, projections, & carve my pumpkins...

This will be a fight with my inner self. (I am still doing physio having torn my shoulder rotator cuff carving pumpkins ferchrissakes) ..never was it so tempting to disappoint so many greedy little expectant kids.
What a choice!

Damn you X)

Very nice spot. Just wonder how cheap/expensive accommodation is..
Does anyone know if hotels are expensive out there? Or any recommendations where to stay.
Best price hotels for this time?
Very interested in this dependant upon decently priced accomodation
we stayed in a lovely apartment on gretisgata (I think) there were 3 of us and it was €279 for 3 nights. next street up from the high street and a stagger home from the bars after happy hour. was amazing. the hot dogs are the best
Are there any other airports in England that fly to Reykjavik? Can't seem to find a way of just inputting the destination
we flew from Manchester with icelandair but I know easy jet go from Manchester too
There are some very nice B&B style places in town, with owners just a footstep away, whole house is let out on room by room basis to folk doing much the same as yourselves with short stays... that way you have kitchen to use, etc. as well as regular cheap hostels in Rekjavik, so depending on whether it's a romantic visit or hardened traveller something to suit all pockets,

B&B's Here

Some hostels, for instance IYHA Here

& for the really thrifty or those going backcountry with much of their own kit then camp grounds such as the scouting association

Try Visit Iceland for some complete info & assistance... Here

Nice piece (via the Guardian) Here

You are VERY safe in Iceland.

Here's a basic heads up as to £ krona "krrun" conversion so you can do some simple mental maths for costings.. Here

If not in the capital you'll need a vehicle or utilise the local buses plenty about to places like Hafnarfjörður (about 25 mins bus from capital)…us/ There is a reason it's called the town of lava, & you'll understand it if you see it's rolling landscape...
Forgot.... Buses to & from KEF airport Here starting from around if you need or it works out to get a cheap flight.

Please, don't mock the Icelanders belief in elves, & don't forget to try the puffin

Whale watching best till september, but that doesn't mean there's not plenty to see.. Here
We stayed in a studio at last September.
A short walk up to the high street and down to the bay.
We were out on tours most of the time but found the Studio was warm, clean, comfortable and had everything we needed… and quite cheap (€69 per night) by Reykjavik standards.
great deal , nice place to see but dont think you will 100% see northern lights
Loving Mr Gus's insider knowledge
Loving Mr Gus's insider knowledge
Iceland is an amazing country. Went for the first time in August and would love to go again. Accommodation is expensive (much more expensive than home). We paid around £100/night for a two bedroom apartment next door to the Fosshotel Lind. Very central and handy for the airport shuttle, which served the Fosshotel and the Best Western opposite.

I only wish my flight had cost £68. A flight with Icelandair from Heathrow (indirect on the way back - via Copenhagen) was around £220.
Should point out the obvious but which is always overlooked, the whole island draws hot water via geo-thermal without added chemicals in the drinking water...
IF you don't wish to make the trek to the blue lagoon (pricey) is a SPA & commands top dollar for anything other than photo purposes & bragging it can be done way cheaper, there are outdoor thermal pools / hot springs all over, whether local government run or just to be stumbled across.
Here (some nice pictures) & Here

All days outside of the city should be wound down in a thermal pool / spring ..really sets you up for the next day, & we often have a drink open on the edge, no-one seems to mind.
if you are going to hitch-hike it's ok & safe, & you can virtually pitch your tent anywhere except for the national parks for free, national parks have there own campsites, plenty of folk just pitch up a few metres off the road on highway 1 (the big road circling the island).
though always polite to ask a nearby house if in doubt of legalities.

Dress warm, Car hire can be delivered to the airport if you wish to get straight on the road, & don't forget your towel & trunks, campsites are typically a good source of thermal pools to dip in, like large hot tubs or small pools.

Don't just assume you are going to see the northern lights anywhere & everywhere, the northern point of Akureyri which is 400km north of Reykjavi ..which is (now) a largely built up area, compared to when I was a kid, however some tours will obviusly chase all directions depending on locally reported activities.

YOU are recommended to use this! .... Icelandic Aurora watch icelandic meteorological services to get an idea, best used daily in case you are where it kicks off!

Diving the thermal vents at Strytan is not to be missed (again from Akureyri) NEED Advanced Scuba Dive Certification (PADI Advanced Open Water or equivalent + dry suit experience)

Time to spend some money on some 1/2 decent walking boots, pair of bridgedale walking socks, trainers, icelands laval rock will get everywhere
should get a good hotel in Reykjavik for around £60 per room per night check it includes breakfast though,expensive to est out,great country to visit.
Photographing the Aurora Borealis, worth a read, & remember it's cold & you might have to wait around, long exposure isn't just applicable to your camera ....have a gander at this & glean some tips.. Here

& for camera mutts with pretty much a camera phone ((boo)) & no tripod Here

if no sturdy support, you'll need to stick it on something solid & keep snapping as the sky is constantly changing.
Heat added, brilliant deal!!
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