Northumberland / Newcastle / Cumbria - Segway £16 at Slaley Hall / Hexham

Northumberland / Newcastle / Cumbria - Segway £16 at Slaley Hall / Hexham

Found 22nd Feb 2011
I know most people will be familiar with Groupon but i had to highlight this one because of where it is. I've been trying to arrange Segway fun for ages and there are very very very few sites in the north, and all the ones in the south are £40-ish each (and booked stupidly far in advance)

I find there's generally very few freebies in the North , it's near Hexham, I've ordered mine and booked for this Sunday so might see you there!

If more than one person is going you can buy multiples or - 'refer' yourself and get an additional £6 cashback to spend on site for each additional person.

Above is my link - I get £6 for anyone who orders through it - it doesn't cost you any more.

If you prefer not to use my link will take you there also - i won't get any credit and you get the same deal.

SO pleased to see some good deals for Northumberland. xx
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I had bad experience with Groupon - and did not get what I was supposed to - Would never Groupon again!
I booked a night in slaley and had to pay extra for a view looking out on the golf course which cost me another £45 - because they stated they had no standard rooms left - I also had to miss out on the spa treatments because there was no slots left - never again would I use groupon.
Sorry but i don't see that as a groupon problem, if you'd booked a specific room and the hotel screwed up and didn't have it when you arrived - it's up to them to upgrade you free of charge for there mistake. Likewise if you booked the spa treatments then turned up and they'd over booked - it's up to the venue to rectify it.
Or am i reading wrong and it was that you couldn't get the voucher deal, standard room/spa treatment on the dates you wanted but they were available for other dates?
plenty of bad experiences mentioned on here and there's whole threads relating to them on MSE...caveat emptor...
I don't see why it's being voted cold - segway is £40 this deal is much cheaper and there's no booking problems as i've got booked for this coming weekend, it is a good deal.

if the company are disreputable (i've never had any problems) should i delete the deal?
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I read it the same littlejaffa... ETHANR turned up and told they had no standard rooms left so had to pay extra... I would have told them it was their problem, either give me the standard room I paid for, or upgrade me for free.
Standard rooms were not available at all within the valid period of the voucher - stated by groupon - and we couldnt book on a saturday which was not specified on the groupon deal - groupon did say to us we had to book our treatments /round of golf through the hotel - we then got in touch with the hotel who then said 'no' the treatments needed to be booked through groupon - which in the end found out it was the responsibility of groupon - we were then told they were fully booked! we had already paid for the voucher by this time! Hope all goes well with your deal
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