Norton 360 Version2.0 £26.54 from Symantec

Norton 360 Version2.0 £26.54 from Symantec

Found 29th Dec 2009
I believe this is a very good price direct from Symantec as a download.

I've had a months trial and now wanted to buy it and found the following, follow the link to get it for £29.99 then add "frosty10%" as a coupon code and it works out to be £26.54!…=-1

It is usually £59.99 and still is if you do not use the link!!!

First post so please be kind.


Voted cold.

Whilst this may be cheap - no one should be paying for anti-virus software. There are free alternatives that do just as good a job.

Try Avast antivirus for example.

wouldn't take that off anybodys hand FOC!

Be warned its system hungry and buggy, Try a free one like AVG or Avast. :thumbsup:

I appreciate the posters good intentions but nobody in their right mind should use Norton as it is well known for screwing up systems and is very difficult to clean off a machine once it has its hooks in!

I've never ever had a problem with Norton Internet Security

Wouldn't even get paid to use Norton, it's so bad. I personally use NOD32 but as someone mentioned, a better free alternative such as avast! - nothing wrong with avast! it's brilliant to use.

This is all in one security not just anti-virus
but you can get free firewall anti-spam anti-virus and parental controls if you look on the net

I used to pay for security and found norton fine and it did not slow down my PC at all.
I use AVG and COMODO and my ISP gives me the rest all for free,

If you want something like this free try this…ur/


AVG rules. I've been using the free version for years on lots of systems and I've never suffered a virus infection.

Go to ]http//fr…om/

My experience of Norton products generally has been pretty poor but that may just be that they didn't gel well with my system. I have tried a number of anti-virus/security solutions both free and paid for. I found AVG and NOD32 to both be very good but I use Kaspersky on my home PC's, it has a good reputation, reviews well and I find the interface easy to use. My recommendation would be to do your research, download a demo and make sure it lives happily on your system before taking the plunge.

I would still steer clear of Norton though :whistling:

I had to fix someones PC earlier in the year . The chap clicked on a link from Facebook and his PC got riddled with virus's .He was actually paying monthly for his anti-virus program together with his BB fee .The anti-virus program in question was .......................Norton360 . I unistalled it and installed AVG and that found and deleted the troublesome virus's . I would'nt touch Norton or McAfee if they were to pay me .
Freebies that are good : AVG & Avast.
Paid ones that are good :Kaspersky & NOD32

Like i said, i've never had a problem with Norton. 2009 is in Amazon with good reviews;…1_1

Have a look here for an up to date review of many of the latest products.


IMHO if you stick to everyday websites then AVG and other freebies should be fine.:thumbsup:

If however like myself you like to venture off the well trodden paths:whistling: then a good security package is a must.:pirate:

Not a bad price... but is a little cheaper if you buy from a reseller on ebay.

360 has all the extras including Ghost (I think) which is a good product if you want to do that sort of think. Personally have Internet Security and would recommend it. Norton have done a lot of work this year to reduce system resource usage.

Could people stop moaning about free anti-virus and rate the deal based on the price for this specific product. If you wish to purchase something else than that is your choice.

Norton is horrible, never pay for that piece of trash
Use AVG for free, or if you really want to pay for something then get Nod32

Original Poster

I posted it as a good deal for a particular product, and it is a good deal for anyone that chooses to buy it.
It is a shame a lot of people do not recognise what this site is about, yes you can get free ones, other paid for ones and that is every one persons personal preference. But this is all about a good deal for this item over 50% less than retail.
It also does a lot more than just antivirus. Thank you for the sensible comments.

I heard it was due to be updated shortly using the new improved engine used NIS 2009 so will probably be much better than this version.
That said it is a good price for N360V2
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