Norton Antivirus 2008 Multi PC Pack - 3 - £6.91 delivered @ Asda
Norton Antivirus 2008 Multi PC Pack - 3  - £6.91 delivered @ Asda

Norton Antivirus 2008 Multi PC Pack - 3 - £6.91 delivered @ Asda

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I know its an older version, but it seems a very good price ..

What makes Norton AntiVirus a smart choice:
You're not only protecting yourself, but you're also preventing the spread of infected files to family, friends, and others. From the moment you install it, Norton AntiVirus continuously and automatically detects, removes, and blocks spyware, viruses, and other security risks. And, when exchanging files through email or instant messaging (IM), Norton AntiVirus scans and cleans attachments.

Is this the right Norton solution for me?
Whether you send and receive files, surf the Internet, or download software, Norton AntiVirus is always working in the background to protect you from viruses and spyware.

What's New?
* Start, scan and run faster. Improved performance delivers an enhanced online experience.
* Get help fast. One click access to expert support - right from your Norton product.
* Smart technology. Runs quietly in the background to let you work and play without disruption.

Multi PC Pack - 3 1 year protection for up to 3 PCs peer Home/Office.



Norton is a PC killer.
It is possibly the worst anti-virus software available and is certainly worse than no protection at all.

Agreed. There are free better alternatives (better detection and performance). Cold.

I had Norton 360 installed on my computer, the subscription has only just run out, i didn't renew the subscription, removed norton and installed Avira, which was free, my Laptop has been running alot faster recently.

Personally I prefer their corporate, Symantec branded products or F-Secure and Kaspersky (in that order), but this is an excellent price for those who like Norton Antivirus.

Heat and Rep added.


Good deal if you dont mind sitting in and waiting for 3 hours of downloads (2008-2009) to take place.

But agreed, Norton kills computers.

i totally agree. STEER WELL CLEAR OF NORTON. complete rubbish. hogs loads of memory and processes. even slows down uber PCs.

AVG free edition is a much better (and free) alternative.

This is ONLY an anti virus product so does not offer any extra PC security like firewall etc.

There are plenty of free anti virus only products for home use like Avast and AVG.

And just because Avast and AVG are free does not make them bad, they do sell their products to companies so they should be OK.

And when PC Pro reviewed Norton Internet Security suite earlier this year it came 10th


What makes Norton AntiVirus a smart choice: it lets all the malware into your pc, hugs all ur ram and doesnt let go of it, norton antivirus is usually expensive but in this case it isnt, and customers love to buy norton branded products cos its one of the few antivirus names they know.

Even if Norton did its job correctly, it still is a resource hog.

Avoid. But good price I guess.

the new Norton 360V3 is actually pretty darn quick to install and only uses 10mb ram.

it didnt seem to affect the running of the laptop at all.
I used to abhor it but this new one actually surprised me.

I wouldnt swop my Eset Smart Security for it, but its good that Symantec have listened to a few complaints and done something about it finally.

I hate AVG, its crap. loads of false positives, sees everything as an infection and it is only an AV software, meaning you need to run 5 or 6 other bits of software to catch everything else lurking.

Eset products, or Bit Defender have always been my choices, tho PC Cillin was really good for the year I used that, cos the PC shop I worked at as a technician, got free copies as an incentive to act as a UK agent.


+1 for Eset, way too many false positives with Avast antiVir ang AVG
kaspersky is not far off

Actually the reason not to choose Norton is because it is so popular. This sounds perverse but in AV protection the bad guys know that Norton is likely to be on your PC and if they can work their way around it - you are dead meat. More, brighter minds are taking it apart then trying to hold it together which is not Norton's fault.

Having Norton makes you a target over having a more obscure but technically just as good a product. Windows is less secure than Linux. But that's more to do with one being targetted and the other not worth the bother. Same with AV products. If you have Windows choose less popular but technically preferred products.
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