NORTON INTERNET SECURITY 2008 (3 USER) £24.97 Delivered
NORTON INTERNET SECURITY 2008 (3 USER) £24.97 Delivered

NORTON INTERNET SECURITY 2008 (3 USER) £24.97 Delivered

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This is half price and cheaper than ebay.....

Product Features
Norton Identity Safe keeps your customers personal information and identity safe when they buy, bank and browse online
Start, scan, and run faster. Improved performance delivers an enhanced online experience
Get help fast with free online technical support via live chat and email all from within the product
Optimized product design improves scan times and decreases impact on system startup and resource usage
SONAR (Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response) technology delivers behavior-based protection that can detect emerging spyware and viruses even before traditional signature-based definitions are available

Product details

Product Dimensions: 250 g
Delivery Restrictions: Available for delivery to the UK and most countries in Europe. See Delivery Restrictions.
Release Date: 25 Sep 2007


if norton was free i would not instal it on my pc.........

full of conflicts:santa:

using avg free for years(((touch wood)) no problems....

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I have never had a problem so it is horses for courses if you ask me....

norton is safe to use but previous versions have been heavy on resources, slows down the pc, and you can get the same protection for free via other products

I've been using Norton products since around 2001 (before then I didn't really need anti-virus software, but the onset of broadband combined with more idiots around has meant that I need it!) and NEVER had any problems.

It's not a resource hog.
It doesn't have viruses (I don't like the word "viri"!!) in it.
It's not a pain to uninstall.

All in my experience of course.

Yes, it probably doesn't detect every virus known to man, but show me a virus scanner that does. No, you can't, plain and simple AVG will find stuff that Norton doesn't. McAfee will find stuff that Norton and AVG doesn't, Norton will find stuff that McAfee doesn't but AVG will, etc etc etc.

A very good price for a good (IMO) product.

No offence to your deal I thinks its good however Norton is rubbish.

I am sorry, but if you think Norton Internet Security is any good, allegations of borderline retardation need to be considered.

NIS is really a major pain, but it keeps me in employment cleaning up peoples messed up computers, largely caused by NIS.
On a quad core PC with 2gb of memory, you might not notice that it hogs resources, but anything other then top end machine will be slowed, and significantly so. I wonder how you are unable to notice this. How you are unable to notice it adding 120 seconds to your windows start up, the fifteen seconds to every office based document, the ten seconds it adds to the opening of internet explorer or the general sluggishness of the machine.

If you must install what is a truly awful piece of software, at least get it at this cheap price, but before you install get the norton removal tool from the symantec website, as the norton internet security fails to uninstall more times then it actually succeeds, crippling your system.

I am not going to slag or praise just offer this link


Make your own mind up.

Norton is nearly always half price somewhere, whether its amazon, pcworld or even whsmiths.

i used norton at work for years before i discovered AVG (free version) and i do agree it slows your pc down

AVG is free and doesnt slow your pc down, recommend AVG to all

if you are the type of person that must have either norton or mcafee then I suggest you use mcafee and get it for free on the link below, 3/4 way down the page, click on the link, register with mcafee and off you go on a years free subs. At the end of the 1st year uninstalll it and use a real av program - if you must pay then use kaspersky ;-) or get avg free:thumbsup: natwest.com/mic…ine

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Wish I had never mentioned it now......:whistling:


Wish I had never mentioned it now......:whistling:

:santa: merry christmas Kirkie Some people love Norton and will be glad of your post, don't let us norton knockers get you down!


Wish I had never mentioned it now......:whistling:

Mate that’s part and parcel of posting deals you just have to take criticism

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Thanks my quote was a joke.....but with 61 posts I respect you.......:thumbsup::whistling::santa:


Thanks my quote was a joke.....but with 61 posts I respect … Thanks my quote was a joke.....but with 61 posts I respect you.......:thumbsup::whistling::santa:

LOL! Merry Christmas Mate!!

i dont see point of paying for internet security when theres loads of excellent free ones out there like advast,avg etc.
and why on earth ppl would install nortons its beyond me:thinking::?

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LOL! Merry Christmas Mate!!

Yes all the best.....
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