Norton Security Premium 3.0 - 25GB, 1 User, 10 Devices, 12 Months License Card (PC/Mac) - £21.99 From

Norton Security Premium 3.0 - 25GB, 1 User, 10 Devices, 12 Months License Card (PC/Mac) - £21.99 From

Found 11th Apr
One user, TEN devices and also comes with 25GB of online storage. A good price for Norton's top of the range product suitable for all types of devices and modern Operating Systems. A great deal for those that have found Norton a good product to use.


Never really been a fan of Norton or trust them, so can't say if this is a good deal or not

Great deal and an excellent product.

It is a good deal if you want Norton. Personally, I prefer to use Kaspersky, which is the same price for 10 users from Amazon. This will probably go cold because there is free anti-virus available - but the free ones aren't as good and most nag you to upgrade to the paid version all the time.

great price, mine has just ran out so sorted...

mind u its cheaper on ebay…442?hash=item5b314de902:g:k9wAAOSwEzxYbfph

#3 Yeah the armchair experts will vote cold .... ;-)

Friends don't let friends buy Norton - seriously, it's awful.

If you're looking for solid protection without slowing down your system, look at Kaspersky, BitDefender, or Panda - all can be bought for less than this.


Good price OP, don't get disheartened by the cold votes, as it is Norton it will always be voted cold.

Sandboxie (I'm going have to do a post about this soon).:D


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Now stating on Amazon that it is in stock again on the 15th of April, it is still possible to order this product for £21.99 with free delivery at the moment.


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Ever since Norton introduced product activation in 2004 people have hated it (cos they couldn't use it multiple times) next Norton decided to contiunually fill their product with bloated plop so it made the PC run like a 2 legged dog. Finally someone at Norton had a lightbulb moment and realised about 10 years later that people don't like their shiney fast computers crippled by Norton's crap and greatly improved the product. Sadly by then nearly everyone on the planet vowed to never buy Norton again.

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Price is now £23.49. Please expire.

Price is now £26.49
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