Nostalgic Popcorn Maker - Only £6.98 Delivered @

Nostalgic Popcorn Maker - Only £6.98 Delivered @

Found 12th Dec 2008
Looks cool and as its the Christmas season we all like to sit and watch movies, popcorn and movies go together! - Use code 918UAE to get £3.00 off your order which basically gives you the £2.99 P&P free. So £6.98 Delivered. Hurry if you want one though because as I write this there down to there last 11.......

Movies at home will be even more fun when you've fresh popcorn to enjoy. Taking only minutes to prepare, no oil is required and there are no pans to wash afterwards. Popcorn not supplied. Mains operated. 33 x 24.5 x 16cm

Theres also only 1 postage charge to pay regardless of what you buy so check to see if theres anythig else you might like.

Buy It Here are part of the ChoicesUk Company - I've used them in the past


Nice idea, but i'd imagine it's quite flimsy.

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Nice idea, but i'd imagine it's quite flimsy.

Ye the picture doesnt really sell it in terms of build quality but would be ok for an extra little gift or stocking filler. Kids will propably only want to use it the once anyway....:whistling: like always

We have a popcorn maker (not this one though) and it isn't up to scratch really. A lot of kernels don't pop, and it 's a pain to clean the damn thing. Plus it takes up space in the cupboards. I wouldn't buy a popcorn maker again, pan is so much easier. And mine was quite an expensive one at £20. Don't know what this one is like, but at that price it's OK I guess. Even if the novelty wears off.
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