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Used (Very Good) Nothing Phone (1) - 8GB RAM + 128GB, Glyph Interface, 50 MP dual camera, 6.55” 120Hz OLED £239.61 @ Amazon Warehouse

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Nothing Phone (1) - 8GB RAM + 128GB, Glyph Interface, 50 MP dual camera, Nothing OS, 6.55” 120Hz OLED display, Black on Amazon warehouse for £299.52 after 20% discount auto applied when checking out works out at £239.61.

Seems a good price for this phone that was released in June of this year for £399.

12 currently available.

I have purchased one just now. Perhaps a bargain and with 3 yrs of OS updates can't be too bad.
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    Get the pixel 6a with the Fitbit versa 4 for 258 brand new from O2
    But they do a credit check, which isn't everyone's cup of tea
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    What’s Nothing OS ?
    Nothing OS Isn't actually an OS but rather the name of Nothing's UI that sits on top of Android, just like Samsung have One UI that sits on top of Android too.

    The phone ultimately runs Android 12, but with a little bit of custom design to the visuals of it.
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    if you like the copied iphone brick design and ugly black border around the screen in app use then its a good price!
    That snapdragon chip is fast enough for a mid range device. my first google would be how fast and accurate the fingerprint unlock is as in budget new devices this can be hit or miss, same with camera sensor probably a cheap lens.
    also question how many are in the warehouse used, means alot of people sent back to amaozn disappointed with the quality.
    Can only compare to pixel 6, but the fingerprint scanner is quicker than on my pixel 6
    Face unlock works very well, and tends to be quicker than fingerprint, the pixel 6 didn't have face unlock.

    Also, just compared bezels and they're the same as pixel 6, except pixel 6 has a slightly fatter chin, nothing phone has a uniform bezel all around. (edited)
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    Nothing special.
    So are these phones actually good or bad? Aside from all the nothing jokes that is.
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    Nothing to see here... Move along
  6. Avatar
    Paying money for nothing doesn't make sense
    How about it you get your chicks for free?
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    Why does this cost so much new ? I got a52s for about £200 few months ago and seems very similar spec
    Well, it's a year newer than the A52s, despite using the same chipset. The A52s was a tenner more expensive at launch, so give it another nine months or so and I'm sure you'll be able to pick up one of these for ~£200 too when they're on clearance, if stock lasts that long. Plus this has its unique look that some might find appealling, as well as offering a pretty much stock Android experience, without Samsung's skin and bloatware. It's also from a new company set up by the founder of OnePlus, which is a brand people used to like at least.
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    Looks like a bit of a gimmick, but I totally want one .
    Thot so myself but seems decent spec for this sort of cash. Guaranteed 3 yrs of OS updates and 4yrs security updates. So can't go far wrong me thinks
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    Nothing to write home about.
  10. Avatar
    You lot are bringing nothing new to the table
    Used actually
  11. Avatar
    Won one of the best phones of the year in the recent MrWhoseTheBoss review
    How much did he get paid for the video, nobody in their right mind will believe this.
  12. Avatar
    Nothing wrong wiv it
  13. Avatar
    Lots of quality issues with these I would be weary of a used one
    What are the issues?
  14. Avatar
    Hot for not saying "refurbished"!
  15. Avatar
    Nothing is good
  16. Avatar
    I'm buying Nothing from Amazon (edited)
  17. Avatar
    Previously purchased - package arrived but nothing in the box
  18. Avatar
    Great price, I'd be tempted if I was in the market for a phone.
  19. Avatar
    Amazing phone. Recommended
    Why? Do you have one? Tell as your experience... which phone are you comparing this with? Thanks
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    Nothing special
  21. Avatar
    Heard it is sponsored by Dire Straits, they love Money for Nothing
  22. Avatar
    There's a lot of puns here about nothing smh many of them are not terribly helpful
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    Brilliant phone
  24. Avatar
    You know nothing
  25. Avatar
    You're paying for nothing here
    You're paying less than nothing(.com) for this
  26. Avatar
    So that's what nothing looks like
  27. Avatar
    This deal is for nothing.
  28. Avatar
    Making a huge fuss for Nothing (edited)
  29. Avatar
    All these jokes mean nothing
  30. Avatar
    Massive flop
    Stop bragging
  31. Avatar
    Money for nothing
  32. Avatar
    whole lot of nothing
  33. Avatar
    I wonder if Jon Snow knows about this
    Or Ultravox.
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    How do you get the 20% discount (edited)
    That’s the new price, this is the Warehouse price and they have multiple in stock.
  35. Avatar
    Anyone have a direct link and where do I get the 20% discount applied
    Just click on this:

    The reduced price will show up at checkout.
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    £244.61 is the price I get
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    Was looking at this prior to going for the Pixel 6a for the same price, wanted a good camera thus think I made the right decision but love the look of this phone
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    48947155_1.jpg£342 used???

    48947155-e62qb.jpg£323 used ?? (edited)
    That's the 12GB+256GB
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    Good price for used (very good) from Amazon Warehouse for what is a very good midrange phone ♨️
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    finally they had 142 of them to sell
    I'm in at this price.