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Nothing Phone (1) - 8GB RAM + 256GB, Glyph Interface, 50 MP dual camera, Nothing OS, 6.55” 120Hz OLED display, Black - £362.60 @ Amazon

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Further reduced to £362.60

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  • Nothing OS delivers only the best of Android. No bloatware. Just speed and a smooth experience. Hardware and software speak a single visual language, with bespoke widgets, fonts, sounds and wallpapers. Enables seamless integration with third party products.
  • Time to unlearn. Better quality isn’t more cameras. This extraordinary dual camera has two advanced 50 MP sensors. For brilliant realism. Shoots exceptionally stable videos. Has studio lighting built-in. And Night Mode to take images to the next level.
  • Essential power. For startling speed. And captivating gaming. Lasts all day. Always without compromise.
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    Had mine for a few month now paid 240 on Amazon used but like new deal got the 128gb version.I use it as a stand in phone for when I get bored of iOS and it’s a great phone.Don’t pay attention to people who say it’s underpowered it’s fine,very fluid,battery life is rather decent 6 hour screen time doable before 20 percent hits,cameras are good for the money and android is just more fun than iOS even if iOS is more practical.
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    Surprised to see this get so hot. Its been 399 all of Jan and during the december you could pick up on Amazon warehouse 20% off for 300 in very good condition which i bought in white. Really underwhelmimg phone -- Glyphs are useful and not just a novelty but the phone feels very generic and the battery life and camera are not goood enough at this price range.

    Picked up an Oppo X5 from Ebay for like new never used for 365 recently and its a better phone in almost every way. (edited)
    Using the x5 now - really is a corking phone for the cash
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    Consider the Pixel 6a, or even lightly used Pixal 6's - often found in the same price range. Substantially better camera, better/more/faster updates and better international roaming performance.
    Using a pixel 6 now and just ordered the nothing phone. Pixel 6 in is the most buggy phone I've ever had, and I've used Xiaomi for the last 5 years! I'm not sure the nothing phone will be better and perhaps the pixel 6 I'm using is a bad one.
  4. Avatar
    ARGH tryin not to buy this !
    Save your money, this is way too much for a phone I

    find totally underwhelming.
  5. Avatar
    the founder is just someone that creates hype and then abandons everything and all promises.
    If you want software updates, not a phone to get
  6. Avatar
    Ordered one. Nothing received.
  7. Avatar
    Never heard of these are they any good ?
    Yea sort of, the camera is kinda meh
  8. Avatar
    Did android phones improved in recent years? Had mid range Samsung and Sony phones for short while but apps like Satnav could freeze up and crash on me while driving which was very annoying. Had to restart the phone every 2-3 days and think how I use it until I gave up and switched to iPhone. So is the performance and experience on pair now?
    The truth is, Android is not as refined as iOS. Reliability wise it still suffers , last android phone I had was pixel 2 and it became slow and laggy in less than 1 year, went back to iPhone
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    Was gonna say "isn't it usually £399", but I see this is the 256gb version. I'd wait for it to settle to its more deserving £280, like the launch Oneplus One. Before someone says "that was 10 years ago" and "inflation", it's more competitive now and Moore's Law means the phones get better and cheaper.
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    Nothing to see here people, move on.
    Then move on
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    If it has a headphone jack, I will be all for it. Shame otherwise I truly like it
    Dongle life. It has wireless charging
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    The phone looks cool and all I am not sure about the specs SOC etc. But for similar price you can buy now pixel 6 .

    I bought one with the deal recently posted from carphone Warehouse for £299 , I have been using Xiaomi for the past 5 years my most recent phone was 10T pro , I must say pixel 6 an is amazing phone the camera quality is on another level I will never buy Xiaomi again . (edited)
    I disagree. I was using 10t pro before this pixel 6. Although I recognise the advantages of an app draw, I absolutely hate this lack of facial recognition unlock and the god-awful under-screen fingerprint reader (which still fails around 50% of the time). Yes, the photos are better, but Xiaomi had better filters and more editing options than the standard Google photos app. I'm waiting for mi 13 ultra
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    Well thanks for that post OP, 256GB handset arrived earlier, Original box, with the side ripped off

    Thats the way these open with a tear strip like an Amazon envelope....

    Whether Amazon add that to grading i've no idea, so phones out, all accessories inc the neat original Sim Pin

    (Need to watch unboxing videos for all this) So phone (Black one) will pass for brand new, the slight marks on the screen
    are on the wafer thin factory screen protector, so that must have added to the Amazon grading as Used....

    I'll change that soon maybe (I have a phone protector cutting machine here in shop, so when it needs one i'll change it)

    Plugged my Fold3 in with the USB/USB cable and 200odd GB is transferring now, I could not transfer my Music as I've about 80GB also, that can go later if I keep it

    So OK for the price paid, these last 3 updates over last 6 months seem to have ironed out all the early glitches

    Keep ya all posted
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    Tempted to give one a go.....
    Did you get one?
  15. Avatar
    Good phone at decent price from Amazon ♨️
  16. Avatar
    Had mine since September very good phone not had any issues with it
    Dropped it yet? What is its suislide rating? (edited)
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    Go for a Pixel 6A instead
    Won MKBHD's blind smartphone camera test 2022!
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    sorry if this is against the rules, but is there anywhere other than ebay and fb marketplace to sell one of these? have a brand new one (white). 

    when did the for sale forum on get removed? i can’t find it. i used that religiously many many years ago (uni time).

    ps. this is a great phone! sub-300 is a bargain if you found that!
    Maybe Interested
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    Not really sure why OLED display and "Glyph interface" are worth mentioning. Most/all mid-range phones in this price are OLED. and glyph interface is nothing more than a gimmick. There are far better Samsung phones that you can buy around this price, like the Galaxy A53.
    Samsung and its crapload of bloatware. LoL.
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    Does it have Google installed?
    Believe it or not yes it does have Google installed
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    i dont get this phone - apart from a novel design that may appeal to some it seems over priced to me. Mid range SOC for 400 quid

    Is anything particularly good about it?
    If you sold as many LED flashing aerials back in the day for the Nokia 5110 and the LED back conversions for the 3310

    You will defo get this

    I only ordered one for the flashing back lol
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    That's a lot of 'Money for Nothing'

    I'll get me coat...
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    Just chanced the 8GB/256GB Used Acceptable

    £289.93 Hope it can be returned if decked in etc
    If you can get a new one for £365 as this deal suggests then I would say a used onre in only acceptable condition for £289 is a very poor deal.
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    Is it running on Android 13 now? It was delayed last time I heard
    Still android 12
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    Nice although I got this and the earphones for £2 more.
  26. Avatar
    Has wireless charging coil (Says the manual) but no mention elsewhere.
    It's a bit laggy say many customers on Amazon.
    I reckon the price will drop further in 7-10 days
  27. Avatar
    Am seeing £362.60 now:

    Thank u
    Update requested.
  28. Avatar
    gone up now - 383.50