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Posted 21 August 2022

Nothing Phone (1) Black 8GB, 128GB - Used / Good Condition - £367.08 - Sold by Amazon Warehouse / Fulfilled by Amazon

£367.08£51529% off
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Hi guys I have spotted many Nothing phones on the warehouse with good shapes.

Also, I have noticed normally their deal is done but if you scroll down you can get new one for 399£

Hope this helps someone

Added by @AJ10

  • Glyph Interface: A new way to communicate. Unique light patterns indicate who’s calling. Signals app notifications, charging status and more. Everyday interactions, made joyful.
  • Design: Dual-side Gorilla Glass gives toughness. Advanced vibration motors make touch responses life-like. The symmetrical bezels and aluminium frame adds elegance, lightness and durability.
  • 50 MP dual camera: Large main camera sensor and ƒ/1.8 aperture. For brilliant realism. Always-sharp shots with dual image stabilisation. Expansive shots with the 114° field of view. And intelligent features like Scene Detection and Night Mode to take images to the next level.
  • Video: Crystal-clear 4K. Liquid motion at 60 fps. And Live HDR tailors true-to-life highlights and shadows.
  • Nothing OS: Delivers only the best of Android. No bloatware. Just speed and a smooth experience. Hardware and software speak a single visual language, with bespoke widgets, fonts, sounds and wallpapers. Enables seamless integration with third party products.
  • 120Hz OLED display: 1 billion colours. Every hue, powerfully true-to-life. 6.55” OLED display. HDR10+. Richer colour and deeper contrasts, tuned to each scene. Adaptive 120Hz refresh rate for irresistibly responsive interactions, while being reassuringly power-efficient.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G+: Powerful. Reliable. Fast. Cue phenomenal graphics. Heightened gaming. Advanced camera features. All accelerated by 5G.
  • 4500 mAh Battery: Charge fast. Charge wirelessly. Get 18 hours of use with every charge. 50% power in just 30 minutes. Power accessories like ear (1) with 5W reverse charge.
  • Responsible: Made with 100% recycled aluminium. Leading the industry with over 50% of the plastic components coming from bio-based and recycled sources. Recycled fibre packaging. And the unfailing determination to shrink tech’s environmental impact.

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  1. Avatar
    8+128 cost new £399 in Nothing website ...
  2. Avatar
    Really doesn't bode well when a recently released phone has so many returns on Amazon warehouse
    Reminiscent of the Pixel 6's really.

    I wouldn't have expected any different at the asking price, if they had gone with £350 (which is the ceiling really for a new start) it may have been a different.
  3. Avatar
    Should be a reason why so many returned

    Replying to

    Not just that, the actual after sales support for the phone is terrible compared to the OnePlus One when it was launched:


    No commitment to keeping a brand new phone as up to date as possible it seems. Time will tell if they improve but I don't have high hopes. (edited)
  4. Avatar
    Heard nothing about... Nothing.
    What's the gimmick?
    Excellent camera, battery life, build quality and android version for the money. No one can compete
  5. Avatar
    Approx 9% off the retail price for a used device, how did this get hot?
  6. Avatar
    Why buy 367 used when new is £399 ?
  7. Avatar
    Good to see the revised brightness being advertised now, it is considerably less than the what early adapters we're sold.
  8. Avatar
    Better than.....
  9. Avatar
    "Unique design"

    Looks like an iPhone with lights on the back
  10. Avatar
    Not worth doing when a new one is only 400 quid tbh

    Replying to

    You seem so desperate to justify your purchase it's like a crusade, I have to wonder who you're trying to convince?
  11. Avatar
    It's £400 brand new not £515 so not really a great deal. Not even a good one to be honest
  12. Avatar
    Smartphones are a very though market for a new company to enter and Nothing have done great. This phone is a little bit expensive purely for the spec, but has a unique design, good screen and 8GB of RAM.
  13. Avatar
    A scratched second hand phone and they take £32 off the new price. Jokers.
  14. Avatar
    I am with @EazyDuz on this, I got myself one, it's a classy phone, I've had a pixel 5 (that i loved) and a Pixel 6 (hated), I've found this to be a great upgrade on the 5 and on par (if not better) build wise to Pixel 6 with half it's problems ? Very happy with the purchase (edited)
  15. Avatar
    I believe the Samsung A53 is better and cheaper
    Better and longer software support and definitely a better camera.
    Despite some heavily biased marking towards the Pixel, you can clearly see the Nothing is a good way behind.

  16. Avatar
    Build quality of the materials on the back is no where near what the marketing visuals make it look. I've returned mine. Also it feels big in the hand. They should have made it more premium even if that meant another £100 on the price.
    It's gorilla glass 5 on back and camera lenses. Very well made
  17. Avatar
    Probably faulty units, heard the build quality isn't great on these
  18. Avatar
    If you buy this phone, just ignore the Android version - that's what the company CEO, Carl Pei has said when asked about software updates: 9to5google.com/202…13/

    Doesn't really inspire confidence
    He is right though each Android version brings very little to the table, so what's the point of rushing out a buggy version? ( OnePlus) Better to let Google deal with the usual mass of initial bugs and then introduce your version a few months after.
  19. Avatar
    The discount is incorrect on this deal (base price is £399 not £515) plus there are Used Very Good options for only £5 more.
    Amazon have been lying about the RRP for weeks, but they apparently get away with it because no one dares to tackle them about it
  20. Avatar
    I bought one of these for £354 a few weeks ago, open box. and the phone itself was pristine
  21. Avatar
    Errrr.... For 32 quid more you can buy a brand spanking new one. Cold for me.
  22. Avatar
    Now we need 20% off amazon warehouse deal

    Replying to

    Black Friday in November
  23. Avatar
    Never heard of this make before.
    If someone asks you what phone have you got?
    Your reply "Nothing"
    They would be like " Eh, Nothing?"
  24. Avatar
    Lol people will be returning these returns as the asking price will be still too much once they have them in hand. I would expect to see these up again come the warehouse sale I will take a look then as long as its below £300.

    I read the most recent update added adaptive battery I find this totally bizarre seen as its a basic android feature. These guy are going to do a Oneplus, give all the leading devs phone so they can fix their bugs, develope the rom and features.

  25. Avatar
    SOMETHING wrong with the NOTHING phone
  26. Avatar
    It may be a good deal once it drops below £300. Phone was never worth £399 which is why there are so many returns from Prime Day.
    The returns were for poor software and bugs but since its release the phone had updated several times and is actually a very good phone now. Software issues fixed
  27. Avatar
    Must be such a difficult thing getting a new phone brand off the ground. There is no real USP here aside from the lights, but who cares really. You need to do something very special in this bracket to stand out. Too much of a risk purchase for me tbh
  28. Avatar
    Here are some of them:

    Also here is the new one for 399£ as it shown48063694-E59MC.jpg
    New one shows as temp. out of stock yet it went to the cart etc. I am not sure if it will cancelled or not, let me know if someone buys (edited)
  29. Avatar
    Where's the headline price?
    Here it is :

  30. Avatar
    There are better spec'd phones at cheaper prices with clean versions of Android.