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Nothing Phone (1) Smartphone, Android, 8GB RAM, 5G 256GB, Black / White - £399 + 200GB Voxi Sim Card (30 Days) Free Collection @ Argos

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Matching John lewis (free charger there) however you may have some kind of works scheme to get another 6 to 8% off this, you can also use the code via email newsletter sign ups here > hotukdeals.com/vou…737


Nothing OS
Based on Android, Nothing OS delivers a smooth, streamlined, seamless Android experience, with bespoke widgets, fonts, sounds and wallpapers. The Nothing system is open for fluid integration with big brand tech. And you don’t need separate apps for everything, it’s all in one place. Smart software learns from your usage, tailoring power delivery for a super-speedy experience.

Dual camera, lush lighting
Each of its dual cameras has a 50MP sensor, for brilliant realism, while Night Mode and image stabilisation ensure crisp detail in any light setting. Shoot crystal-clear 4K HDR Video at 60fps for exceptionally smooth, clear movies. It even includes its own studio lighting. Set the Glyph interface to full brightness for a portable, gentle ring-light, rather than the harshness of a flash.

Beautiful display
OLED display. HDR10+. A billion colours. The screen on the Nothing Phone delivers true-to-life colour and deep, real-world contrast. And an adaptive 120Hz refresh rate means super-responsive interaction, visuals, graphics, and gameplay.

High performance battery
Get up to 16 hours of power from every charge, get 50% of power from just 30 minutes of charging. And it’s compatible with Qi-certified wireless chargers too (available separately).

5G capability
The Nothing Phone’s future-proofed 5G modem will enable you to still use 4G, however depending on your network provider, you'll experience incredible speeds and better quality streaming video, along with more reliable network connections when you're in crowded places - especially during peak times.

We've seen too much of the same thing. For far too long. Now there's phone (1). Made with intention and passion. Design brings joy back to smartphones. Elegant materials elevate every interaction. Nothing OS refines the Android experience. A camera led by advanced features, not marketing jargon. All powerfully fast and reliable with the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. And built with responsibly sourced materials.

Meet the Glyph Interface. A new way to communicate. Unique light patterns indicate who's calling. Signals app notifications, charging status and more. Everyday interactions, made joyful. Design that goes beyond the surface. Dual-side Gorilla Glass gives toughness. Advanced vibration motors make touch responses life-like. The symmetrical bezels and aluminium frame adds elegance, lightness and durability.

Essential power for startling speed and captivating gaming that lasts all day. Always without compromise. The phone features a 6.55-inch OLED display screen and has an adaptive 120Hz refresh rate for irresistibly responsive interactions, while being reassuringly power-efficient.

Time to unlearn. Better quality isn't more cameras. This extraordinary dual camera has two advanced 50 MP sensors. For brilliant realism. Shoots exceptionally stable videos. Has studio lighting built in. And Night Mode to take images to the next level.

Nothing OS delivers only the best of Android. No bloatware. Just speed and a smooth experience. Hardware and software speak a single visual language, with bespoke widgets, fonts, sounds and wallpapers. Enables seamless integration with third party products.
Argos More details at Argos

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  1. Avatar
    Invest an iPhone! You worth it
    I'd rather not
  2. Avatar
    For those who prefer Amazon. It's only £382.60. Decent deal if you want it asap though. Heat from me.
    I would pay more to not buy from amazon
  3. Avatar
    Thoughts on the Nothing Phone (1) @MrSwitch ? Anything much better around this price point? (256gb)

    I had to return the Fold 3 to Envirofone, it arrived with a giant ding in one of the corners, definitely not pristine
    Ah man, sorry about that bud, there are quite a few decent phones around this price, the oppo find x5 for £50 more for example is a great choice, The likes of the honor 70 cheaper than this, but just about matches it for less money
  4. Avatar
    FYI: Argos claim they won't accept returns if you open it and don't like it.
    Go in store, give them the catalog number, and ask to do a customer viewing. They’ll bring the item out and open the box in front of you allowing you to visually inspect the appearance and contents before you commit to buy.

    You can’t handle the item or use it. Going to an o2 store is the way to get some hands on experience, or watching YouTube reviews if that’s enough for you to see and hear how it behaves.
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    How does this compare to my trusty Huawei P30? I'm still pretty happy with it but am conscious that I will need to upgrade at some point. Main requirements are that I like a small(ish) phone, decent camera and sound.
    I have the P30 pro too. Had it 3 years and it outperforms the new phones my wife and son had for xmas. Awesome phone really.
  6. Avatar
    Screen looks damaged in photos
    Should have gone to Specsavers 👀
  7. Avatar
    Nice one Switchy. Heat added
  8. Avatar
    I find myself tempted more and more with this handset !
    Me too, i require no more, doesn't mean i won't buy it at some point of course
  9. Avatar
    Good phone, decent price ♨️
  10. Avatar
    I want this phone and have done ever since it was released, but it's still too expensive (IMO) for what you get, especially given that the superior Pixel 6 has been £100 less before Christmas. Thankfully this doesn't seem to be a special offer price but the new price-point, as most of the retail stores have dropped to the same amount, so I can afford to take my time and see if any further discounts appear - probably around April after MWC. Even if not, there should be a glut of new phones released around then (likely from Xiaomi at least) to distract.
  11. Avatar
    Good deal but fed up of companies trying to market mid range phones as affordable giant killers. The chipset is weaker than the flagship chipset two years ago.
  12. Avatar
    Nothing makes me want this.
    All that for nothing!
  13. Avatar
    I have this phone and earphones on Amazon warehouse and it has been good for me so far. Better than nothing I suppose. 😁
  14. Avatar
    How does it compare with oppo x5 lite for £250?
  15. Avatar
    keep an eye on amazon warehouse, it was 280ish xmas time, used very good