Now 70% off ALL sale items @!!

Now 70% off ALL sale items @!!

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As people have known LyleAndScott have a reputation for having outragious price tags on there clothes. But now lots to choose from in there sales items at 70% off RRP!!, theres some real bargins to be had so don't miss out!.


We are currently experiencing technical difficulties and will be available again shortly.

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Strange, im trying to checkout at the moment on there website and was thinking 'Its fine for me' then dahm refreshed the page and got same error messege

I managed to pay finally, website was going well until the email obviously filtered around and then it died, i checked out what i had already chosen otherwise i would have bought more!! Cracking bargains and good sizes left when i was browsing!

We're on it - will update you ASAP Sorry guys.

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Ahh Mr/Mrs Lyle And Scott Themself's whats going on i had about £250 worth of gear in checkout then boom


Ahh Mr/Mrs Lyle And Scott Themself's whats going on i had about £250 … Ahh Mr/Mrs Lyle And Scott Themself's whats going on i had about £250 worth of gear in checkout then boom

Keep trying I refreshed a few times and finally it smoothly took me through checkout and i have confirmation email now


Ditto, bought what I could for hubby, didn't want site to go down and everything to go out of stock again!

nice find - shame about the website though - hope i could check the items out fine. thanks for this - cheers!

will you all do me a favour?

Let me have 5 mins alone on the site so i can get all the bargins and ebay them??

Thanks in advance...

O.J OBVVVVV.. I need these for my holiday to Riu Cancun... So excited

Despite investing in lots of new widgets and thingymebobs it looks like the servers are really struggling with the traffic we are currently getting. I’m really sorry if you have got the error message, please just try again. In the meantime our techies are running around trying to speed things up!

free delivery code not working

Hi avnutter - that code expired at the end of June, there is currenlty no Free delivery offer.

Just keep perservering.
I had over £100 worth in my basket and got the error message but after a couple of mins, managed to check out.

Well worth the wait in my mind.

I'm getting £270 worth of goodies for £100.50!!
Worth waiting a few mins if ya ask me

anyone else using a mac/safari not able to get sizes to load? gah!

AWESOME!!! Thanks OP!!!

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Wow RRP of everything i have just brought/trying to buy is £1185!! Getting it for £265 inc delivery...Lyle& I

Free delivery code worked for me AFPROMO

checkout was painfully slow for me and I had to go through the process a couple of times, but prices are good so stuck at it

Slow for me too but order placed. Thanks.

this is a slow process....losing the will to carry on now

Anyone know what the sizes are like? im a 38' chest which is a small but not sure if itll be too small

ive given up

Watch the sizes, they change per item, some polo's a 40 is a large others it's a medium.

Add to basket -- Click Basket -- Your basket is empty. x 3

Think the hamster that powers the website needs a new wheel or at least some oil on his current one.

After clicking add to basket wait a minute, it appears nothing is happening but be patient.

Love these sales. Shame theres no plain orginal polo's

this is too hard - i've decided to give up.

At last success ! Cheers OP.

Missed out on two things i wanted as i was out on a job. I even managed to secretly get on the site but didnt get chance to check out.

Just got back and only ordered one thing now. Saved me some money atleast.

Very slow and a struggle at times but managed to finally place an order. Heat added

That took longer than buying the wives engagement ring, heat added :0)

We have put in some fixes, it's very slow but the error messages have dramatically reduced.

Thanks for persevering... Warhouse is running double shifts to get your orders out as soon as possible

Lyle and Scott - You REALLY need a BRAND NEW website. You're only going to get the most of determined customers placing orders.

Grimer - We know new site due in October - this is the last sale with this site

50 minutes... and still haven't managed to check out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i think us HUD people should get a private msg with a new code for stock once the site works again :P buying £100's of stuff off you lot! once the site works again obviously, dead for me

I am on a super fast connection at work and my god, this site is SLoOW

15 mins so far to see what sizes they have on a polo shirt lol

If the 'Add to basket' button isn't clickable and faded... sold out?

Damn, I think so.

Was after the red/green checked shirt.
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