Now Bible Iphone App - Free for 2 days was $29.99 @ itunes
Now Bible Iphone App - Free for 2 days was $29.99 @ itunes

Now Bible Iphone App - Free for 2 days was $29.99 @ itunes

From 29.99USD to FREE! Only Till August 2nd ! Introducing the NowBible Application featuring the complete Bible in both text and audio formats. Read and Listen to the KJV Bible at the same time using your iPhone or iPod Touch. Featuring narration by Emmy Award winner Stephen Johnston, the NowBible App is perfect for reading, listening, and studying the Bible in any setting. Read along in church with the narration off, add notes from a sermon, search and find verses quickly and easily, bookmark or highlight the verse you find, listen on the train, at the airport, in the car. Wherever you go, the Bible goes with you. A text Bible, an audio Bible, a dictionary/concordance, a reading calendar, an all-around inspirational tool…it’s the NowBible (for iPhone / iTouch/ iPad). (developed by Handech International and Danteck Group Inc.) KJV FEATURES: The world's best-loved Bible translation is brought to life in this powerful word-for-word narration by Stephen Johnston. Stephen Johnston has been narrating and producing television, radio and audio Bible products since 1981. In the past two decades, over 100 million cassettes, CDs and DVDs of his narrations and productions have been sold worldwide. Awards for his narrations include the Emmy, New York Film Critics Award, the Thomas Jefferson Award from the Freedoms Foundation of Valley Forge, the National Silver Microphone Award, and the Army Commendation Medal. NOWBIBLE FEATURES: 1. Complete Old and New Testaments of the Bible with viewable text and synchronized audio narration. Bible Text and Audio is uniquely broken down to the verse level for instant playback/retrieval at any place in the Bible. 2. “Quick Jump” Navigation feature helps you find verses fast from the NowBible menu. 3. Bookmark your favorite verses for quick retrieval later or to save stopping points. “History” section shows previously viewed passages for easy navigation without losing your place. 4. Notes function allows input of individual notes/commentary for any verse of the Bible. 5. Highlight complete verses in one of 5 colors. 6. Smith’s and Easton’s Bible dictionaries for detailed study of People, Places, Things in the Bible. 7. Electronic Concordance allows for keyword and phrase searches of the Complete Bible, New Testament, Old Testament, or an individual Book. 8. Bible Promises section for topical inspiration and guidance, including over 50 topics. 9. “Bible in a Year” Reading Plan features 365 daily reading portions with a mixture of Old and New Testament Scripture. Access the daily reading, push “Play” and keep your bible reading on track. 10. Words of **** in Red. 11. Repeat playback of Verses. 12. Bible Exam provides a fun test of biblical knowledge. 13. Large and Giant Print settings with adjustable font sizes. 14. Additional Settings include: Sleep Timer, Font Size, Theme/Background color customization, Red Letter Text, Paragraph Mode, AutoLock Mode, Quick Jump Mode, Full Screen, and Sync of Audio and Text with complete control for the user. ;


Cool, now we just need a Go Quran app
Seriously though, can't turn down free

God may be free, but he takes up 1gb of storage.

Be careful if downloading over you phone network. Better to download to your computer via iTunes and sync up afterwards.

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praise the lord its free

Think I may have accidentally clicked on expire, if so, can a mod unexpire please. Sorry and thank you

thank you. not sure why the cold votes for something that is free and reads itself to you?? I am re-training as a primary school teacher, so would be handy to get up to date!

Is it any good? I saw the film and it did seem a little far fetched.


Is it any good? I saw the film and it did seem a little far fetched.

Let's face it, films always fail to present the book as it was written. Read the book.

No thanks. Religious brain washing is the last thing one needs in modern life.

*spoiler alert*

He dies.....

oh and comes back to life again.
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