***NOW LIVE***- Hyper Universe is free-to-play now( STEAM )

***NOW LIVE***- Hyper Universe is free-to-play now( STEAM )

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Hyper Universe is a 2D action game with MOBA-inspired systems like lanes, minions and towers.

"Hello Hypers,

Happy New Year!

A new year has begun and so has our countdown to January 17, our official launch date!

With the official launch we finally go Free-to-Play, open the Cash Shop, and release six new Hypers. Camilla joins Perseus, Sonya, Gulunba, Han, and Tae’guk in the lineup for combined total of 41 available hypers for you to choose from at launch."

Hyun K (producer) said "we will never sell anything that gives a player an edge over another," and clarified that hyper cubes, Hyper Universe's loot boxes, cannot be purchased with real money.

"There will be packages that bundle Hypers, skins, slots, and emotes to give you some savings for wanting it all," the update reads. "And that’s really it for paying with cash—no random loot box exclusive items, no cash equips, no advantages, period. Everything else, you can buy with either NX cash or with Game Points (GP) earned by playing the game."

Finally, he outlined how free players can unlock new heroes. You'll unlock four heroes from levels one to five, receive enough money to buy two of your choice at level six, and earn vouchers for heroes of your choosing at levels eight and 10.
( After PC Gamer )
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Any game is worth a crack when it's free - thanks for sharing
HutchAW1 h, 1 m ago

Any game is worth a crack when it's free - thanks for sharing

HutchAW1 h, 1 m ago

Any game is worth a crack when it's free - thanks for sharing

Although for some reason for some members of HUKD community free is not enough. After all, it's not about jealousy I hope ;D
A lot of the time it can vary on the time of day you post your deal - the same deal can be scorching hot in the day, but freezing (and vice versa)!

Frustrating occasionally, but it doesn't stop us all from posting new deals I suppose
I had this game since the beta and it ended up F2P because very few people are actually playing. Also, last summer's controversy censoring "too much skin" made a lot of players upset and left.
Got censored quite a bit from the beta.
The original art is apparently "too sexy" for us in the west, so they got censored.

Sure I don't think too many people care too much about that, but when contents are being edited from the original for stupid reasons, I think that's what people decide not to put up with.
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