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Posted 22 December 2022

Now Super Fiber 63Mb broadband + £88 Quidco premium cashback (Or £70 Topcashback) - £21pm /12m + £5 delivery @ Now

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Price back down to £21
Quidco cashback increased to £88
or if you prefer TCB - they are offering £70.

Now More details at Now

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    Still waiting for my cashback from Quidco from JUNE
    I have the exact same problem.
    Ordered in June but TCB now saying wait until mid January for any chance of payout.
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    I've been with Now for 1.5 years - really good quality broadband and good customer service. I've called a few times and it's always easy to get through to someone. Although they did cut off my broadband last week without warning because my card expired and they didn't take payment from the new card I updated.
    Wheras ive been with now for just over a year. Customer service is awful, they dont communicate well, ie if theres a issue with installation they will just cancel it and not inform you and then tell you its another 2 weeks to install and then fob you off. So standard piss poor “customer service” apart from that above expected speed and stable signal. And then the usual we dont support using other modems and you need the isp modem to obtain the login details
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    Still waiting from July for my TopCashBack for this 😪
    I read some where it can take 9 months...
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    Was going to change from BT but they offered me £19.99 to stay so always worth negotiating if you dont want the hassle of changing. This is still cheaper so heat.
    Did you phone them first or did they call when you tried to switch to someone else?
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    cant wait until they get optical down street so i can get off Virgin
    I have Virgin as I need the speed but so bad for gaming, Sky felt alot better but speeds are too slow
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    Topcashback did not want to payout on my broadband deal, you have to keep at um. Too much hassle.
    Took this out in May and it’s taken 7+ months to get my cashback, and wasted many hours chasing it, too.
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    Won't this just be sky broadband? When u was with them it was awfull
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    Been with them over 15 months out of contract, but no price rise still paying same as when under contract , no issues or problems,much better than previous provider I had talk talk never again ,for those awaiting top cash back took about 9-10 months then appeared to withdraw straight away
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    I can't fault this lot, i moved from the awful talktalk and have not looked back, double the speed of Talktalk for £8 less a month.
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    Claim cash back wait months, service absolutely crap for the broadband or telephone support I wouldn't entertain them again despite how much cash back is offered as the service is absolutely dreadful.
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    I got this package a month ago, switched from Plusnet. The process was effortless and broadband went live on go live date. The speeds is slightly better that Plusnet, so far no issues, let see how stuff goes...
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    Switched my parents and mum in law to Now from BT. Not looked back and customer service has been fantastic. Currently paying £19.99 for line rental 63mb BB and pay as you go calls. They did offer anytime calls for £8 I think but use mobile inclusive mins 
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    Thanks I'm going to take this one, main perk is it's only 12 months so aren't tied into price rises for 18 months/2 years.
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    Average 63Mb broadband is fast enough for lots of people and bonus is a 12 month contract not usual longer these days. Factor in the cashback and effective monthly cost is only £14/15 monthly depending on which you prefer ♨️
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    due for renewal now, do you think i can renew/new contract with cashback?
    wondering the same
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    Can you pick the date of when yoh want to get it activated on? My contract runs out 4th of Feb
    i think it's activated approx 2 weeks from when you order - that's what it was for me and seems to be from what i read? i ended up paying nearly a full month to previous provider...
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    Wouldn’t bother - this company are HORRENDOUS. Just had a ridiculous ordeal RE technical issues, billing and also customer care, and ended up needing to go to CISAS! Total waste of my time.
    Unfortunately every company has issues.. I used now until FTTP became available in my area (they don't support it yet) and have signed 4 other people up and had zero issues and they don't even bother trying to put the price up these days.
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    Been with them for years, flawless internet service and customer service. Not been cut off / speed slowed once.
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    Only real issue I ever had with NOW with when I had to cancel due to a move, besides that, never really had much issues with them as a power user (Download/uploading 4k videos files all day for work).
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    Been with NOW for years, I've never had any issues with their customer service or speeds. I've even had NOW send an engineer to my property and have couple account credits applied without having to chase them
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    I've given up trusting TopCashBack to payout on larger sums like this.
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    Just signed up thx
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    I have sky fibre paying £31 is this the same broadband 🤷🏻‍♂️
    This in my opinion is better than sky even though sky and now partners in some way. Speeds are consistent over 70mb anytime and I am very happy after I moved from sky to Now. No issues found so far.
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    What's the signal like throughout your home? Thinking of changing from BT, but of the three providers we've tried in our current home, only BT has provided a signal strong enough for every room.
    Yea bt router is normally best , my suggestion is normally use mesh WiFi.... I use tenda mesh WiFi system
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    Ordered, thanks.

    Interestingly cashback through Quidco broadband comparison is only £51.
    £88 if you go directly to Now from Quidco.
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    Wow... just received an email from them saying:
    "We're really sorry but we've had to make a change to your order.
    We know how annoying this can be and hope it doesn't cause you too much trouble."
    ...and they forgot to mention what is the change...

    I think it is going to be first contract I cancel before it starts...
    tbf I had same email, when I signed up back in November.... Everything went live on given date.
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    I'm thinking of signing up for this one because of the 12-month contract. I'm on a waiting list for FTTP that's supposedly coming some time next year, but has already had one 3-month delay and may have more delays, especially since they stopped digging 150 yards up the road from me months ago and haven't come back yet!

    My Vodafone contract ends next month and they only offer 24-month contracts (I double checked that with their online chat agents). In fact, if I did "nothing", they'd dump me out of contract at £28.24 a month with another price increase in April. The chat agent did offer £22 a month for a 24-month contract, but I'm pretty certain I'd have to pay out over half of that to get out of the contract when I get FTTP (which will be £25/month for 500 Mbit/sec down and up for a 24-month contract with no price rises and the first 3 months free!).

    I was also annoyed that when I first joined Vodafone about 3.5 years ago, they had no way to deliver the router to anywhere other than your home address (and I was at work with no-one at home at the time) - at least Now let you specify a separate delivery address for the router.
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    Does this deal have to wire any home wall ports?

    I'm thinking, if it doesn't then I can bring it with me to a UK holiday park. As long as it's within UK and under THREE 5G signal coverage.

    Best regards,
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    Does this include unlimited calls like the same deal posted last year?