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Posted 7 July 2022

Now super fiber 63mb Broadband + £90 Premium Topcashback - £20pm /12m +£5 delivery charge (£12.91 effective cost) £245 @ Now

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    I signed up to a recent Now broadband promotion so here's my take fwiw

    They didn't apply the "free anytime calls" promotion so my first bill was much higher. A call to CS resolved but not a great first impression

    The router isn't great, and it seems to be MAC based auth so I can't use my better router. Suggest mesh WiFi would be needed for anything more than a 1 bedroom apartment

    Speed and general reliability of the service has been no problem at all, I was predicted around 55mbps and that's what I get

    Also... Now is part of Sky, you might have issues/need a VPN if you use IPTV services
    You can use a 3rd party router, send a client ID with the DHCP request (option 61).

    ID should be made up of <just the hex chars of your mac address>@nowtv|Aa12Cd34 converted to hex.
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    Think i'll go for this, our Sky Fibre contract ends in a few weeks and they haven't been able offer us any deals and wouldn't match this Now price unfortunately.

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    Thanks for this tip. After suffering with poor WiFi signal from the Now router I bought an sr203 on ebay for £18 incl delivery. Plugged in yesterday and its made a huge improvement to the WiFi strength all around my house. I may not even need to use my repeaters anymore which I had to have with the Now router. Excellent tip. Thank you.
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    I have this and the phone package and line rental for around £14 a month after my cashback. It’s fine but their customer care is not good. Contacted three times now and still nobody has bothered to deal with my issue! Asked for a Mgr call back but to absolutely no avail...
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    Still waiting for the cashback since the last time the deal was posted in January....
    You'l get it once you complete 6 months. Which you have, so it must be on the way if tracked.
    I got it, bought now tv in sept last year.
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    Just a word of caution Re cashback. I got now broadband in December last year, still waiting for cashback payment.
    Apart from that no issues iwth broadband.

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    Anyone waiting on Cashback can you please confirm if you waiting from Quidco or TCB ?
    Waiting on TCB, showing as £76.50 pending uplift, Ordered middle of January
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    I signed up with NOW in Jan FTTC with anytime calls £20. Received cashback after 4 months. Router is crap and it was a mission setting it up with my spare asus vdsl n66u. I have managed to set it up and already looking to switch once the deal is over. Likely i will have to lose my landline number unless my next provider is sky themselves

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    Quidco premium membership.
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    This is fibre to the cabinet and then copper for the bit that goes from the BT cabinet to your home. Not as fast as full fibre but it's the best I can get in my village. Fast enough for me though.

    I have been on this service with Sky for the last few years and am out of contract this month. Moved to NOW yesterday as Sky refused to match the price, which is bizzarre given they are the same Group.......
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    "We are sorry, NOW Broadband is unavailable at your address."

    And yet Sky is...
    Same here
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    I've got this and has been brilliant. Use my own hub but speedwise I can't fault it for 4k streaming etc. Bargain at net £12 a month.
    I'm using a Netgear R7000. But got a lan cable from hallway linking talktalk one to Netgear one. So all WiFi etc runs through netgear. Saves changing the passwords when changing supplier
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    Oh hey, it’s this week’s Now Fibre post
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    If 63mb is classified as super fibre I cannot imagine the speed of "normal" internet
    It's just marketing spiel. As you're no doubt aware Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) broadband usually comes in two speeds and this will be the higher of those two speeds. Hence often being referred to as "super", "ultra" or some other superlative.

    Of course, now that full FTTP is becoming much more widely available, the marketing departments of these internet companies will no doubt start to rebrand and realign their descriptions of their products.
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    Has anyone managed to get another decent deal after the 12 months? I'm paying £27 pm for anytime calls & 30 something mb broadband.
    I've just come out of contract with the 36mbs inc. calls where i was paying £31 and i called them earlier asking for a deal on the super fibre 63mbs and got it down to £20 with inc, calls. They answered within a minute and i didn't have to push them to give me a deal. (edited)
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    I got this. Works fine. Just wanted to use the sr203 router. Anyone happy to explain the steps to swap from the now hub to the sr203 router please?
    Just started using SR203 myself and i just connected the SR203 and it works fine without any settings, didn't even open the now Hub router package (edited)
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    Thanks OP. Signed for it last night and tracked via topcashback.

    Hopefully the transition from Sky will go smoothly.
    My order has been cancelled today for no apparent reason. I'll try to call customer services to check, but from a quick Google, apparently moving from Sky to NOW don't work well as NOW is a subsidiary of Sky. Apparently they claim there is something in the openreach ticketing system that does not differentiate both entities and therefore we do not get access to the new customer deals online. Seems to me anti competitive action by Sky.
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    Has anyone any experience of using NOW with an iptv? Thanks
    Working fine for me, someone said doesn't work with Sky/Now but not True i can confirm (edited)
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    I signed up a while back on this deal without the cash back. I know it all depends where you live but a "Now TV" lines speed test from their website reads 59.5 mbs but other websites when I run it shows between 15 to 20 mbs which can be patchy at times.
    I'm sure it's some advertising thing I fell for when I read 63mbs as I'm not technical but just be wary.
    Had a solid 39mbs with my old provider BT. (edited)
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    Now Broadband has been this price for a while. They used to offer free anytime calls and TCB offered £100 cashback. The TCB changes every week by week to £100, £80, £90 etc, with the Now price going up and down between £20-£23 but they haven’t offered the calling package for a while now…
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    The heart of summer where no one cares about being indoor on the internet is usually when the best deals come out…
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    Utter rubbish they use openreach old tech go with anybody that uses CityFibre cables
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    With Now till the 15th, applied to Virgin, and they have just come back with notice of a delayed installation, transferred to chat, and currently waiting, for 13 minutes now, for an agent, great start Virgin, ... think I can take this deal, even though my Now contract expires on the 15th, probably better calling them.
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    Just left now as this type of deal is available to existing customers, they've been fine for the past year so hopefully people will get a great deal!
    What do you mean existing, previously with Now TV or actively with Now TV?
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    I am using Now broadband Super fibre service. The problems I met:
    1. The speed is not stable, sometime 65Mbs, most time drop to around 22Mbs. 2. The connection is very unreliable, my video chat in what'sapp with disconnected suddenly while only my device use the broadband. 3. The VDSL broadband hub will disconnect to internet for 1 to 4 days bi-monthly. Already contact the customer support, Openreach also sent engineer to my property, but the problems still Alive.
    Beside these problems, their customer support are totally willing to help.

    BTW, the distance between my property to the green cabinet is 1.3 km. (edited)
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    Have any existing customers managed to agree continuation of free anytime calls at renewal? (edited)
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    Been with Now broadband for 2 years. Had to cancel and take a new contract after 12 months as they wouldn't offer me the same deal. Fairly stable connection and very few issues.
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    I recently started using NOW, the main issue is how weak the router is. This has never been an issue before, most of my house can't get a signal, I had to buy a wifi extender. Far from ideal.
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    My 12 month contract ends this month. Can I sign up for this deal in my wife’s name?

    Then I can get it for £20 (instead of £25), plus the cashback plus hopefully a new router/ hub?

    Is this possible and what’s best course of action to avoid uninterrupted broadband.

    Thank you all (edited)
    Doing the same but when i check the address onlne it says not available at the house gona have tocall them tomoz mine ran out 3 days ago so cut off atm 😁
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    I have just finished a 12 month contract with Now and had no issues. The router is basic but I have my own mesh network. The best renewal offer was £20/month no calls. I have moved to Shell Energy via a Moneysavingexpert offer today and have had a nightmare.

    Now do not allow you to port your landline over. I placed two orders as one was cancelled.

    I spoke to Shell and they said it was because of porting my landline. I resolved by getting new landline number as we do not use it. This then meant my new router order was not placed. I spent 1.5 hours on phone to Shell being passed around.

    The only positive was I had an old Shell router from before they charged for not returning it. It worked so have broadband today.
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    How can we ask for a better router. Their "stock" one is rubbish
    You can't. But you can buy one and connect it to their router
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    Anyone with Now broadband and have a Google Wi-Fi set up?
    I've looked in a few places and can't see if definitive answer.
    I'm 90% sure they will work together.
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    Can I connect the router to a network switch to add extra ports and then connect that network switch to another network switch?
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    ah missed it, up in price by £1 a month and less cashback (edited)
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    I will Never use them again keep dropping all the time the router is rubbish 😪
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    I'm with sky broadband but NOW broadband not available in my area, can anyone explain this?