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Posted 11 January 2023

Now Super Fiber 63Mb broadband + £90 Topcashback - £21pm /12m + £5 delivery = £257 @ Now

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Price back down to £2
Topcashback increased to £90
or if you prefer Quido - they are offering £80.

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Get totally unlimited NOW broadband today - with no download limits, and our hassle free switching means you’ll be up and running in no time.

Get Super Fibre for 12 months.


  • 63Mb - average download speed
  • 12 month contract
  • Unlimited downloads
  • No download limits
  • Add Entertainment Membership for just £9.99 p/m. cancel anytime


  • Safe switching, no engineer required for most members (Excludes members who need a new phone line or fibre installation at their property)
  • Applicable to NOW Fibre areas only.
  • Speeds vary by location.
  • Fibre: Applicable to NOW Fibre areas only.
  • 18+. UK only.
  • NOW Broadband available to new NOW Broadband customers and new and existing TV customers, not available to existing NOW Broadband/Combo customers.
  • 12-month contract for NOW Fab Fibre: £21pm for 12 months, £0 set up fee and £5 delivery fee.
  • 12-month contract NOW Super Fibre: £21pm for 12 months, £0 set up fee and £5 delivery fee.
  • 12-month contract Brilliant Broadband: £18pm for 12 months, £0 set up fee and £5 delivery fee.
  • No contract option available with £60 activation fee and £5 delivery fee.
  • No contract option keeps rolling until offer period ends unless cancelled; cancel any time.
  • 12-month min contract for contract option.
  • On our 12 Month Saver product if you cancel within your contract you may be subject to Early Termination Charges.
  • After 12 months, standard price applies (currently £25pm for Brilliant Broadband / £32pm for Fab Fibre / £35pm for Super Fibre).
  • Offer not available with any other offers.
  • Availability subject to survey.
  • No traffic management policy.
  • See sky.com for more details and our Usage Policies. Average speeds: download speed: 11Mbs for Brilliant Broadband / 36Mbps for NOW Fab Fibre / 63Mbps for NOW Super Fibre.
  • NOW Calls: NOW network areas only.
  • Compatible line required.
  • Acceptable use policy applies.

Help & Information

Now More details at Now

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  1. Avatar
    Full fibre and you are getting 63mb, a bit pointless
    It’s FTTC.
  2. Avatar
    I wouldn’t recommend NOW to anyone - took this package out in April 2022 and had nothing but issues with technical faults for literally weeks and weeks. Eventually, OR had to send an engineer out (after I contacted them directly) due to NOW not bothering to schedule one. Internet was dropping out about 20 times some days - was absolutely horrendous, especially when trying to work from home.

    They also messed up my billing, and the customer service in relation to this was absolutely atrocious, too. Consistently told different things by people (with language barriers) and absolutely nobody would resolve my issue.

    Eventually had to take this to CISAS & got compensation, but £100 really does not cover all of the issues I had. Even when I had the compensation they were instructed to pay it into my bank by CISAS - they didn’t bother, and added it as a credit on my account, which is totally pointless as I won’t be staying with them for long enough to use it!
    Language barriers? Is their customer service call center not still based in Ireland? It has been everytime i've needed to contact them over the last 6 years, although it has been a while since I last needed to speak to them...
  3. Avatar
    Quidco’s highest cashback guarantee is double the difference for Premium members, so potentially £100.
  4. Avatar
    I've had this for the past year with zero issues although the router is a bit meh (I've added an extender and been fine). They've emailed to say it will roll on out of contract for the same price which I wasn't expecting
    I've had Now broadband for a few years with no issues either, apart from the not so great routers. Costs me about £24 a month and they just roll it over every year for the same price now that I'm out of contract, same as you said. I've recently swapped the router they supplied with the latest Sky one which I bought from eBay for very little money. It works perfectly fine on the Now connection without any config changes at all, and I get better Wi-Fi coverage than I had before. I also now have 4 x gigabit network ports rather than just the 2 I had on the previous router so have been able to dispense with a network switch I was using, saving me some money (albeit not a lot) on my electricity bill.
  5. Avatar
    Topcashback is currently at £68 for free members.

    (£21pm x 12) + £5 delivery fee = £257 total cost before cashback
    £257 - £68 cashback = £189
    £189 /12 = £15.75pm total after cashback (edited)
  6. Avatar
    I'm currently out of contract with Now on a similar deal posted here on same price...I was wondering if I could re contract with them again using this deal so as to make use of the topcashback. Anyone got any experience with existing customers recontracting using the same details please? Thanks (edited)
    Says on the website it's for new customers only, but I suppose you could speak to them and see if they'll give you the deal as a retention. Whether the TCB would track if you did that, I don't know. (edited)
  7. Avatar
    I moved to NOW recently, 63mb is fastest I can get. I moved from Vodafone at the same speed.
    Vodafone seemed a more solid connection tbh and probably quicker on average. This is using the routers provided by each, so could be improved if using 3rd party.
    I might be moving though and APPARENTLY the cancellation fees to get out of 12 months contract are very reasonable, I was told it would be £15 with 9 months remaining. We will see if that's the case when I get round to cancelling it. Overall I'd say its OK, but would have stuck with Vodafone in hindsight.
    it does not matter who u use (re drop outs etc) its all on the same infrastructure
  8. Avatar
    Had Now broadband last year and was getting 60mbps for £21 per month, had no issues. Good customer service when you got hold of them. Now paying £22 per month for virgin with 264mbps (volt) but awful customer service at the beginning.
  9. Avatar
    Says you need a landline to get this deal. I tried to get it but it wanted an active landline which I don’t  have. 
    It doesn't necessarily need a number, try the other option of choosing the landline where it says "Tell us a bit more about this address" choose option 2


    I am moving to this address and want to arrange for NOW Broadband and calls to be supplied here
    Please tell us about the type of property that you have moved to/are moving into:

    Then this

    The property has 1 phone line in it and I will be the only bill payer
  10. Avatar
    Wow that's 7.1-12.2mbit per second Amazing!
    For some this the best they can get in there area....
  11. Avatar
    One important thing which I think is worth mentioning in the deal is that the £21pm includes line rental. Most other broadband deals I look at these days seem like a good price initially and then they add £15+pm for line rental. So I think the Now price is pretty decent.
    Yes I set this up for someone else 2 years ago phone line as well they've had no problems what so ever and customer services are first class
  12. Avatar
    Been with NOW for four years, no issues at all, they promised a minimum of 56mbps but I'm getting 72mbps. Openreach just finished work on FTTP on my street, patiently waiting for NOW to start offering it.
    Yes same here. I don't know if they will do, though. And the FTTP they've put into my street is Jurassic Fibre I believe, which I don't think is using BT's network (but is using their cable ducts to a certain extent). Therefore I can get Jurassic Fibre or Gigaclear but none of the other providers including BT or the other big ones are currently offering FTTP in my area. Hopefully you have better luck.
  13. Avatar
    looks like the cheapest FTTC deal at the mo

    voted hot
  14. Avatar
    Had Now Broadband since November and seem fine...

    Got connected on the date they said, the router arrived promptly and despite everyone saying on here how awful the Now wireless router is, I've had no issues and get a perfect signal across my two bedroom house.

    The speed is as they advised, and the same as what I got from Shell Broadband.

    I took advantage of the Black Friday sales and got it for £20 a month and got £70 cashback from Quidco. I don't think any other provider comes close on price and as a bonus it is a 12 month contract.
  15. Avatar
    People can complain but im really happy with them. No contract £20 a month its been over 6 months no price increase yet. And i always get between 8-9mb/s which is the best in my area. The cheapest ever! 😁 (edited)
    Yes I’ve got Now broadband too. No problems either.
  16. Avatar
    I've had them for nearly a year now and no problems. Can't see anything about free landline calls which I need.
    They stopped doing free inclusive landline calls included in the deal last year. I was lucky, I managed to get the deal before they stopped. You can add them for £8pm though which is still good as it’s an extra £12pm with Sky .
  17. Avatar
    Contacted customer services when I set this up for an elderly couple 2 years ago and they were excellent. And the services are excellent as well broadband and phone (edited)
  18. Avatar
    worked well for the past few months and received cashback after 6 months with no issues.
  19. Avatar
    Hi call me daft if you want but how is 63mb better I have 125 with virgin media I pay 40 pns month I'm struggling to pay this, I'm not on the up about tech so please help me thank you. Oh and my mobiles broke so can hardly c what I'm typing lol🤦‍♀️
    It’s half the speed, give or take, but do you actually need anything faster than this? Unless your connection is shared by several people simultaneously gaming online or streaming 4k, etc., it’s probably plenty fast enough. That’s assuming you can switch to Now BB - not everyone can because copper wire connections are being phased out.
  20. Avatar
    Quidco didn’t pay out for me this time last year, virtually the same deal
    Ordered last year for sister on rolling monthly contract, Quidco paid out £90.
  21. Avatar
    Switches from Plusnet early November and has been great so far, only downtime was on boxing day but a quick reboot of my router fixed it .

    Took 2 minutes to change a setting on my TP link DSL router to switch so can't comment on their own router since I've never used it.
  22. Avatar
    Don't do it to yourself. I've been with them since June and cannot wait to leave again in June this year. Router is terrible and customer service poor.

    My experience has been terrible. YMMV
  23. Avatar
    Had now BB 63mb for almost 5yrs, yes I know there's faster cheaper deals but all by 1 clutch a couple of yr back 100% spot on, good Irish call centres, or used to be at least
  24. Avatar
    They guaranteed 35MB/s barely got 20MB/s
    U should ask for partial refund....
  25. Avatar
    😬😬 not available at my address, even though I currently have BT FTTC broadband. it says their sister company Sky is available though. Think it might have something to do with my street now been 'upgraded' to full fibre now. Seems like a downgrade to me - as it's limiting my choice of providers
  26. Avatar
    Do they have a yearly price hike or the price fixed.
    Their T&Cs allow for price increases, but it doesn’t seem to be a policy that they currently implement. I’ve been with them since last January, the price hasn’t increased since then and my quoted out-of-contract price is unchanged.
  27. Avatar
    Topcashback reduced to £80 now last night was £90 I did get it last night but not updated ony topcashback yet
  28. Avatar
    You can put a claim to price match with Quidco and TCB will honor it .
    Quidco are offering £100 for it I believe if you are a premium member (edited)
  29. Avatar
    Can some explained what is £90 top cash back? How do I claim it please.
    Make an account with Topcashback, and make your order through their website.
  30. Avatar
    Got this in December with £59 topcashback.
  31. Avatar
    Worst speed.
  32. Avatar
    After accepting this deal talktalk retentions called and offered me slightly better- I accepted so less hassle changing equipment, updating WiFi connections etc.

    Super fibre 65mb
    £21.95pm, 18 month contract
    £130 cashback card
    £14.72 p/m equivalent

    I prefer the cashback is guaranteed from TalkTalk whereas although my TCB tracked, I've had things before that haven't paid out despite being within the cashback terms.

    Be funny if I still got the NOW cashback too- sincerely doubt that though!
    Should add that I did have to ring NOW cancellations myself after accepting TalkTalks retention offer, they confirmed they couldn't match or beat which is fair enough, else where does it end?

    No wait time for talktalk cancellations so was worth my time doing. (edited)