Now TV Black Friday75% off TV passes

Now TV Black Friday75% off TV passes

Found 25th Nov 2016
3 months of Entertainment for just £5
(worth £20.97)
2 months of Sky Cinema for just £5
(worth £19.98)
1 month of Sky Sports for just £25
(worth £33.99)
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Who needs Sky.

EDIT: New Customers Only. ****.
Edited by: "satchef1" 25th Nov 2016
Damn, only for new customers it seems
Edited by: "courtster" 25th Nov 2016
It's going to get colder than Eskimo tits in here now that little detail has come to light. Ain't even that amazing a new customer offer TBH.
I got 1 month Sky Sports pass from Now TV about a week ago for £23.99, £8 cashback too so pretty much £15, for that reason cold from me.
Edited by: "Bootcutboy" 25th Nov 2016
Could I make a new account and purchase multiple passes?
sign up with a new email address ?
You can get a 3 month entertainment pass for £3.00…_12

Edited by: "bitm2007" 25th Nov 2016
Lol, these are terrible
Sky cinema pass looks ok and will do for over Christmas.
link appears to be dead...
Not sure why cold, just because it's new customers only. These are excellent value, especially the movies as it's cheaper than buying one DVD. The sport is as cheap as you'll find as well, don't get the entertainment one though as you can get it for £3 on the same website...
I just for the 2 months Entertainment Pass for £5 AND £7 TCB!
Eh? I was logged in there the other day cancelling my movie sub and saw these deals. decided not to go with any but looked like it was on offer to me - and I'm not a new customer.
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