Now TV Box - £10 inc

Now TV Box - £10 inc

Found 26th Jul 2013
This streamer is designed to sell you Sky Movies subscription and Sky Sports day passes but it will also run a number of free apps such as :

Sky News
BBC News
BBC iPlayer
Demand 5
VEVO and many more

Full list of official channels available here:…ls/

What we know so far:

- Hardware is a rebadged Roku LT (Sky is an investor in Roku) designed to give access to Sky Movies and Sky Sports for those without a Sky dish (by using your broadband). It streams via wireless at upto 720p only.

- The box will give access to a modified Roku app store with competitor products removed so no Lovefilm, or Netflix at this time (and possibly never).

- To use the box you will need a Now TV account (which is free) and this will give access to non-subscription apps such as iPlayer & 5OD. The free services will work even if you dont have a subscription or if you subscription has lapsed.

- To view Sky Movies or Sky Sports you will need a Now TV subscription (not free!) however there is a 30 day free trial at present.

- There is no Sky Go compatibility at all.

- The Now TV box currently allows sideloading of a single channel (source code needed!). No XMBC app exists for Roku so dont expect one here.

- Those actually wanting to use Now TV can sign up for 6 months for £15 using this deal…742


Techradar review:…iew

Digitalspy Review-…tml

Gizmodo -…be/

Video unboxing -…Mk4


For those asking about hacks, we now have confirmed instructions on how to run Plex:

The Now TV box has been found to still provide access to the Roku development mode. This allows you to sideload one developer version app to your device. Not all apps are made available in this way but Plex is!

How to install Plex onto your Now TV box…ox/

Video now added to show the process:…WZc

No news on other apps or reflashing yet.
Secret Menus:
Home x5, FF x3, RW x2 Changes the settings of the Channel Store Server and the Software Update Server.
Home x5 FF, Play, RW, Play, FF Brings up the Wifi Settings
Home x3 Up x2, Right, Left, Right, Left Developer Installer
Home x3 Up x2, Left, Right, Left, Right Lists all the channels installed and their versions.


If you dont have a HDMI socket on your TV you can get a 3.5mm jack to rca cable from NowTV…7C1
- aceshigh

Free Sky for 9.99

- ewwaxo

If you're having problems connecting to your router (e.g. Virgin Media) then this may be resolved by accessing the hidden menu (press home button 5 times followed by fast-forward, play, rewind, play and then fast-forward again) and selecting “disable network pings” in the options.
- usenetz

Run Netflix and SkyGo on this box through Plex, link:…ge2
- KM4353

Link to Digital Forums thread has moved -…ved
- Gitch28

4OD now availble!
- solid

DON'T FORGET TOPCASHBACK £2.02! (Thanks to dz1 for mentioning in the comments)
- cjdean1983

NETFLIX PLUG IN (for those who cannot see links on Digital Forums)…uk/
- cjdean1983

Apologies correct link here:…uk/
- cjdean1983
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Monthly fee needed

Step 1- connect to TV
Step 2- connect to wifi
Step 3- **** On PC or Mac sign up to Now TV (30 day trial with credit card) - techradar review suggests free registration
Step 4- Login


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For Now TV you are 100% correct. I am hoping that it'lljust work as a Roku if I dont sign up but would appreciate guidance from anyone else who knows better. I have ordered one and will feedback once it arrives.
Forgot to mention, you dont have to sign up to a monthly account to order the box....
I wonder if this could be flashed with stock Roku or customised firmware?
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Agree that would be great but I'd settle for the plex app being available!
Someone HAS to come up with a way of getting XBMC on this!

Monthly fee needed



Today Sky is launching it as a way to watch free catch-up TV provided you have an internet connection.

Initially just BBC's iPlayer but no doubt the other free catch-up services will follow.

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For NowTV subscribers (got some cheap deal a month or so ago), its a 3 click purchase. Worth a punt.
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A GADGET for £9.99 that turns normal tellies into “smart TVs” is being launched by Sky.

It will let millions link their sets to the internet to enjoy catch-up services such as BBC iPlayer.

They can also access apps including Facebook.

Despite an explosion in smart TVs — which have apps like smartphones — there are still up to 50 million regular sets in the UK that can’t connect to the net.

Sky’s Now TV Box — the size of a beer mat and an inch high — links up to home wi-fi. Until now many families have had limited options to watch catch-up services on telly. They can plug in an Xbox or PlayStation or a stand-alone set top box — but these are pricey.

Sky hopes its gizmo will encourage more families to try out its pay-as-you-go service Now TV — which lets people watch its movies and sport without a subscription.

The new box is due to be announced today at Sky’s annual results. It can be purchased from — or from major stores by autumn.

Read more:…tml
Now TV box: iPlayer plus Sky Sports and Movies without subsciription
Sky is to launch a new £10 box that promises to bring catch-up TV, Sky Sports and Sky Movies to any TV set, the broadcaster has announced.

Coming on the day of the company’s annual results, the move will pitch Sky against BT in a new battle for budget-conscious sports fans, as well as extending the new, internet-based Now TV brand.

Yesterday, BT announced that its BT Sport proposition, offering some Premiership rugby and football matches, has attracted 500,000 customers so far. The company is aiming to use the channels to encourage customers to switch to BT Broadband, but they will also be available via Sky.

Available online, the £9.99 Now TV box will require an internet connection but will not need a subscription. It will also offer access to apps including Facebook and Spotify, and will work over any broadband connection.

Sky estimates there are still up to 50 million regular TVs in the UK that cannot currently connect to the internet, and says its new device will allow more to watch catch-up TV. Although it will only launch with the BBC iPlayer, more services are expected to be added soon. Sky already offers all the main services on its regular Sky+ service.
Remember - Sky channels are PAID
It also says on the landing page '' In order to use the NowTV box you'll need a NowTV account''.

With the NOW TV Box you can get access to NOW TV's Sky Movies Pass giving you more of the latest and biggest movies 12 months before Netflix or Lovefilm Instant. There are over 600 movies to choose from and up to 4 premieres are added every single week. So if movies are your thing, sign up to a 30 day free trial, then it's just £8.99 per month for the first 3 months.

You can also get a Pay As You Go Sky Sports Day Pass for just £9.99, giving you access to all six Sky Sports channels for 24 hours. Your pass starts when you activate it, not when you buy it, so you don't need to wait until kick off to buy yours.

It also says on the landing page '' In order to use the NowTV box you'll … It also says on the landing page '' In order to use the NowTV box you'll need a NowTV account''.

In order to use your NOW TV Box you'll need a NOW TV account. You can create an account by simply signing up to a Sky Movies Pass 30 day free trial, or by purchasing a 24 hour Sky Sports Day Pass for just £9.99.
No easy way to get YouTube, no 4OD. Great deal for a tenner but a bit crippled in terms of functionality. Plex will probably be the biggest draw for some people.
For the sake of a tenner I'm in on the vague hope it'll work with sky go.
Taken a punt, hopefully someone will flash/hack this!

Remember - Sky channels are PAID

You don't need a paid Sky TV account to get this box to work.

You don't need a paid Sky TV account to get this box to work.

Sky sports channels are paid. Its in terms and conditions
im in for a tenner!!
I just got a Roku LT yesterday from Amazon via this deal…628 (the price has gone back up to £50, but it is £34.50 from Currys…tml )

The Roku also has apps for Netflix, Crackle as well as Now TV. I'll probably use the free trials for a selection of these before stumping up any cash for them.

The main thing I wanted was to be able to watch BBC iPlayer on a CRT telly, for which the Now TV box would be fine. HD isn't a worry for me.
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It's quite clear what's free and what's subscription.

Of course Sky Sports and Movies and Subscription channels remain paid for channels.

But this £9.99 box allows anybody with a TV and internet to access catch-up TV on their TV as opposed to the computer.

Quite a neat idea - AND FREE.

As I previously mentioned (in case you missed it) currently it's only good for BBC iPlayer but I am sure the other free catch-up channels will be added very shortly.
Not for me. Just to have bbc on my tv. Most of those things is in my TiVo box already
Those apps are on TiVo and PS3 as well
Sky Now TV box is a £9.99 Roku clone that streams iPlayer and more

BSkyB started investing in Roku last year and it's leveraged that involvement to develop this new Now TV set-top box. Going on sale today for just £9.99 (including shipping), it brings a rebranded Roku 2 XS with software built for Sky's IPTV platform and a curated list of additional channels. Notably missing from the list are Netflix and Lovefilm, however Now TV (of course), iPlayer, Demand Five, Spotify, Facebook and several Sky channels including the Sky News channel that just launched worldwide are available. It gives up a bit in flexibility compared to the standard player, but the low entry price certainly makes for a compelling option if you'd like smart TV features. Roku is facing more competition than ever with new game consoles, Google's Chromecast and even Apple's TV ambitions, we'll see if partnering with traditional providers makes it the "operating system for TVs" CEO Anthony Wood wants it to be.
That's better.

So if you are into Facebook (mostly kids, I guess, plus a few older saddos) then you can do your stuff on the family TV.

I'm sure the list of free stuff will get longer eg YouTube which might be useful for hacked films etc.
So obviously I would need an account... But once I've paid my £10, do I have to pay anything monthly just to watch the catchup stuff like iPlayer?? It's not clear.
Looks very similar in terms of spec to the TalkTalk TV box (which they claim is worth £150+ and it's certainly worth a lot more than a tenner).

So obviously I would need an account... But once I've paid my £10, do I … So obviously I would need an account... But once I've paid my £10, do I have to pay anything monthly just to watch the catchup stuff like iPlayer?? It's not clear.

It's quite clear in the press release.

No paid for account needed.

No monthly subscription needed.

Obviously this is a subsidised 'hook' to grab new potential customers into the Sky tentacles and convert them to paid subscribers later - but as such - a subsidised hook - it is great value and offers decent functionality.
Rather wait for Chrome cast, sure £30 for this approx but much more flexible, this box is for sky buy lovers only sucking you dry.
Looks just like white roku LT, which I already own 3 of for plex. Will give one of these a try I think, just in case plex will work.
Sites running really slowly.
Is anyone else getting "Service Unavailable" when checking out?
Hans Gruber

Is anyone else getting "Service Unavailable" when checking out?

Yes I am now.
"Access a great range of live & catch-up channels with Sky News, BBC iPlayer and Demand 5" . Ummmm.

Yes I am now.

I clicked refresh a couple of times and now I'm worried that I've ordered 5!
"An HDMI cable is included so you'll be up and running in no time."

For only a tenner - and you're getting an hdmi cable (might be decent quality) - it's worth a punt! I've ordered one!
Hans Gruber

I clicked refresh a couple of times and now I'm worried that I've ordered … I clicked refresh a couple of times and now I'm worried that I've ordered 5!

You'll be fine. It worked for me now. There is another page which you have to agree to terms and conditions and put your payment info into.
do you have to have a now tv account?
i mean would it work with a regular sky package as i already subscribe to sky but wouldnt mind sky catchup or sports streaming on the second tv!
oh ffs... site crashed
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