NOW TV Box with 2 Months Sky Cinema Pass @ Argos £11.99

NOW TV Box with 2 Months Sky Cinema Pass @ Argos £11.99

Found 27th Feb
Looks like the cheapest it's been in a while! Get a 2 month Sky Cinema Pass with a NOW TV box for only £11.99.

Also, they have a 4 months Kids Pass with a NOW TV Box for £13.99 -…828
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Nearest stock to me 170 miles. Good luck if you can find one.
Great deal for those that can find one near them. Sadly it’s a 300 mile round journey to my nearest store with stock.

Which is the Catford store in South London, for anyone might live that way.

Still great find @cocogumbo

Heat added!
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great price,but what a shock none within a trillion miles of me lol
No stock near me.
Snakeyes6464 m ago

No stock near me.[Image]

I think this is the last one, thats where mine sent me 🤣
222 miles away, jackpot. It's in Catford SE6 by the way.
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None instore anywhere near me. Usual story with argos
Only one left at catford
Shows how low stock is hot deal and said ordered twice in 48 hours but 72 of us are looking at it now. The power of hotukdeals.
33342769-ShcQg.jpgAnyone in Catford???
Shock horror another Argos deal OOS.
Good deal but out of stock!
560 degrees, and there's one in the entire country?
If you have a chromecast check on the offers. I'm on £5 for two months of movies. I bought two chromecasts, never use them but plug them in every few months to check on the offers
Lol, I also got Catford, over 104 miles away.
I live in the midlands and the closest store is in Catford
North London, closest store is Catford lol.
redcantona21 h, 4 m ago

Nearest stock to me 170 miles. Good luck if you can find one.

Looking at the Manchester United shirt and username I was hoping this meant we would have lots available in manchester. Sadly it has turned out not to be the case!
Only place in UK with stock is Catford .
Wild goose chase again
No stock near me, as usual you've gotta be rapid/lucky with the Argos deals
even Catford has no stock now, not that it would be any good for me if they did
Out of stock in all stores now
Yep!, as other's have also said, none around my ends for miles and miles!, too?. :-(

But if it's any consolation, and/or of this helps, I DID get a hit on the OP's other link though ...…828

Try your luck with that one instead perhaps?. :-)
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Apologies from the bottom of my bottom for all those who might kick me for what might be an old question, but are these the same as the earlier model, in that Plex was possible (side loaded) but then became impossible?
Got NowTv for free last month, and I think it's quite rubbish in term of functionality, particularly compared to Amazon Video or Netflix.

On a PC, you need to download a separate application, and the website does not seem to remember what you have seen/which episode etc.

They are a long way behind in term of usability.
So a really good deal in the middle of:| no where welcome to HUKD!
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