Unfortunately, this deal has expired 27 August 2023.
Posted 17 August 2023

Entertainment Pass £1 per month for 3 months + free Boost for 1 month (select users)

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Entertainment Pass TV shows & channels: nowtv.com/gb/…hts



*HD available on selected content and devices only. Ad-free excludes live channels and trailers promoting NOW content. Boost features available on selected content and devices only. See here for more details.

3 months Entertainment Membership for £1 a month. Membership auto-renews at standard price after offer unless cancelled (currently £9.99 a month). Offer not available to existing members with an active Entertainment Membership unless you are in the last 30 days of your offer. Offer lost if you cancel your membership before the end of the offer period.

1 month NOW Boost for free. Boost auto renews at standard price after offer unless cancelled (currently Boost is £6 a month). Offer not available to existing members with an active Boost add-on unless you are in the last 30 days of your offer.

The above offers are available to the named recipient of this email only and end 27/08/2023 at 11:59pm. You can cancel anytime. Not available in conjunction with any other NOW offers. Offers not available to existing members currently billed by a third party. One offer code per person, offer code can only be used once.

*NOW Boost Membership: View on up to 3 devices at the same time. Full HD, Dolby 5.1 & no VOD advertising on selected content & devices only. See here for full details. Ad-free excludes live channels and trailers promoting NOW content for passes you already have. Requires an eligible NOW Membership billed by NOW (£9.99–£34.99 per month), broadband (min. speed 12Mbps), Full HD-capable device and compatible sound system. Not all content available in HD. Activate surround sound by changing device settings. Boost not available to some NOW Broadband customers check your eligibility here.

NOW: 18+. UK only. NOW account required, set up with debit/credit card. Content streamed via broadband/3G/4G/5G (charge may apply) (min. speed 2.5Mbps). Register up to six compatible devices and watch on one at a time. Some content unavailable on some devices, see nowtv.com. Roku LT, XS or 3 and UK account required to watch on Roku. Ongoing monthly prices and channels subject to change. Some of our content isn’t available live or on demand. Head to nowtv.com/sla…ing to see what content you can watch. Further terms apply.
Now More details at
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  1. Legendkiller2k's avatar
    I have sky stream and got sent this offer if anyone wants it here it is, please let us know if you redeem it so others don't waste their time clicks.communications.nowtv.com/f/a…mM~
    Scotsman-15's avatar
    Unfortunately looks like it's already been redeemed by someone, thanks for sharing anyway
  2. jamilamohammed's avatar
    I don’t know why this is on here 🤷🏼‍♂️ the only people who can receive this offer. Will get a email. I have noticed every time I cancel entertainment or movies. I am offered a discount to not cancel.
  3. DeanoNI's avatar
    So the deal is “check your email”? Because general HUKD members can’t get this deal.
    BodisBest's avatar
  4. southlegend's avatar
    Thank you!
  5. Jarosik's avatar
    This isn't even worth a quid. The movie selection is awful. Plus it's sneaky anyway - you will get Boost (ad free) for only a month.
    Dude1971's avatar
    This is for Entertainment not Movies
  6. deleted2936900's avatar
    A problem with all these account specific Now tv deals is if you've never had an account you can't get the deal. It doesn't exactly make you want to bother subscribing in the 1st place
    nimbusgamer's avatar
    There is a workaround for new users to start getting these offers for inactive subscribers without paying the monthly fee.

    Sub to a free trial and sign up for marketing. Unsubscribe before trial end.

    Alternatively, sub to an Ent / Movies Pass & sign up for marketing, then get a refund within 14 days. Make sure not to watch anything, else it'll be a part-refund.
  7. SaturdayGigs's avatar
    Spare code available active members only please, thanks
    mark513's avatar
    Active means posted deals before?
  8. virgil47's avatar
    Has anyone got a spare £1 Entertainment pass they wouldn't mind donating to a good cause?
    SaturdayGigs's avatar
    Will send DM
  9. ccw71's avatar
    I keep wanting to take up this offer, so each time, I go see what they are showing and I genuinely cannot find anything I want to watch!
    Tank12345's avatar
  10. Itssocheap's avatar
    Really don’t get the boost. It’s a bit of a rip off. I’m sure they would attract more subscribers if they scrapped it and it was included with your subscription.
    Cremoso99's avatar
    They want people to get Sky instead.
  11. rrb68's avatar
    I have got the equivalent Movie's deal. 3 months for £1.00 each with 1 month free boost.
    deleted531767's avatar
    I had that last time, but got the Ent one by email today for £1 for 3 months with Boost for the first month.
  12. KPNut42's avatar
    Good Deal, but the boost thing is a total con. Other steaming service provide no ads, Dolby and 4K for nothing.
  13. tushar's avatar
    Good deal if its offered.
    Just checked, got offered 6.99 a month for 6 months.
  14. nandy's avatar
    I didn't get it
  15. dré.'s avatar
    With the US writers strike the reason I have now TV (last week tonight etc) are all missing. There's very little new content of late. When you cancel they'll offer you a half price (or less) retention deal. Always cancel when there's less than 28 days left of your offer (to get the best deal). (edited)
    BodisBest's avatar
    Doesn't look like John Oliver will be back this year
  16. johnat107's avatar
    I've had the email too. Not worth a quid to me.
    DanielBanks's avatar
    Can I take your code? I'm freeview and desperate for Rob vs Romesh.
  17. johnat107's avatar
    I wish you'd have asked about an hour ago! I deleted it but wouldn't I have to give you my login anyway as I think it'll be just for people who have had it before. I'd be glad to help if it's straightforward. I have Nvidia shield pros and Kodi so never have the ads which drive me barmy. (edited)
    DanielBanks's avatar
    Ahhh yew more than likely. Thanks anyway
  18. Force's avatar
    Please leave a comment if you've redeemed the codes, to save others wasting their time.

    Jay.t's avatar
    Redeemed, Thanks.
  19. easylinkselecta's avatar
    I signed up for this even though I have Sky Stream. It's just so much more pleasurable using NOW on an Apple TV 4K box rather than Sky's abominable Stream puck. So much faster and the upscaled HD image quality is better too. The Stream puck runs like a cheap Android device from 2016.
  20. Barnes1990's avatar
    perfect timing, last of us, westworld
  21. virgil47's avatar
    No decent offers for me ... I've got the sport for £19.00 for the next few months but refuse to pay full price for Ent & Movies as there's nothing new worth watching - If they'd give me an offer for £1-2 a month I may bite.
  22. Truffian69's avatar
    HEAT OP 🏻
    But not for me!
  23. SM024X's avatar
    says "Sorry something went wrong....Voucher already redeemed"
  24. deleted531767's avatar
    Just got that. They must have got fed up giving me Now Movies for £1 per month so many times.
  25. BodisBest's avatar
  26. mark513's avatar
    Anyone got spare code?
  27. shoeaddict81's avatar
    Hi, I've just checked and unfortunately I've not got any offers on my account at all. If anyone has either an entertainment or movie code that they will not be using, I would be really grateful if you could DM me please? Many thanks in advance xx
  28. andersh's avatar
    Meh, £5.99 p/m for 3 months on the offer I had. (edited)
  29. Sitzmark's avatar
    How do I become a 'select user?'
    kane_th_gaming's avatar
    Spend £2500+
  30. johnat107's avatar
    I've been thinking, if I gave you my email you could change the PWD maybe? I'll never sub to it again anyways.
  31. khy86's avatar
    Anyone got a spare code. Need this for last of us
    yespleasesir's avatar
    The last of us is disappointing. Very.
  32. Just-Blondie's avatar
    Got the email offering £1 Did the Cinema one last week for £1 for 3 months but cancelled that because it wasn’t worth £1 per month Hopefully the entertainment will be a bit better lol (edited)
  33. yespleasesir's avatar
    Just taken the offer as I haven’t had it for over a year and there’s a fair amount of shows I want to watch. But this boost thing is ridiculous. Paying extra to remove ads from a paid subscription streaming service! It’s why I left last time. Only worth £1/month if I have to watch ads.
    777jrg_'s avatar
    And to watch in Full HD. It's not even 4K!!
  34. Cremoso99's avatar
    Had this offer at end of June, not this time.
  35. psel13's avatar
    If anyone has a spare code please can you DM it to me thanks, I would very much appreciate this
    psel13's avatar
    A code would be nice, I gave my sports code away on here, pretty please 🙏
  36. Shukie's avatar
    Could someone dm a code please. Thanks!
  37. Sid.Harper's avatar
    Would love a code pls if someone can dm
  38. AyKay7's avatar
    Could someone dm a code please. Thanks!
  39. just-harry's avatar
    Could someone kindly dm me a code.


  40. omones's avatar
    Anyone got a code they could dm me? Please
's avatar