Now tv sky sports 3 months for £20 per month

Now tv sky sports 3 months for £20 per month

Found 18th Aug 2017Edited by:"JLH86"
I caught a £16.99 deal for a month on sky sports used for the start of the football season.

As it's coming to the end of the month decided to cancel my rolling contract

Anyway as I went to cancel they offered me 3 months worth for £20 per month instead of £33.99 a month.

If you have sky sky sports and are in the same situation as me it may be worth cancelling as you should get offered this deal

This may only be for existing customers as I am already signed up all you need to do is cancel your sky sports via now tv and you should get the offer.

I think it's a good deal and I'll be using this as it gives me all 10 sports channels up to November
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31721625-sWzL7.jpgI'm prepared for the cold that's coming
i took this deal also but if so cold what are the better deals for the sports pass please ?
Just worked on my account thanks
Edited by: "littletinyphil" 18th Aug 2017
What's so bad about this deal?
Like the post above if any one can find sky sports cheaper for now tv please let me know
Worked on my account too. Don't understand the cold
What’s the picture quality like on now tv? When I use sky go, the picture improves to HD if the broadband speed is good enough. Dow now tv do the same?
Nvm, looked it up and it plays at 720p
Heat added OP ! I got the retention deal a month ago. I'm suprised it's getting a lot of cold votes.
People voting cold maybe cause they ain't into sky sports strange bunch
Agree nothing bad with this deal did the same thing snatch half price then 3 months £20 retention. Max I would pm though very much a deal so voting hot
Hit and miss. I've not been offered it.
I have a 45 Days Hulu Code that I don't need and i'll trade it for a month or week sports pass , please I just wanna watch La Liga.
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