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1 Day + 9 Month Mobile Month Membership Sky Sports £11.98 via Now

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You can get the 24hr Sky Sports package for £11.98 (not a deal) but it comes with 9 months mobile Sky Sports for Free (I consider this a deal) and it doesn't autorenew.

9 month pass only works on a mobile, not a tablet. You can't chromecast. You only get 5 channels, which works for the football.

I got the 24hr pass and email for the mobile pass came 3 days later.

Now More details at Now
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Membership includes Sky Sports Premier League, Action, NFL, Racing and News.
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    Yes, you can get it on your TV but only via Bluestacks.
    What's Bluestacks?
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    Bluestacks appears to have stopped working after Sky forced users to move to the latest Now app. It suffered DRM issues afterwards. However Mumu works using the same process, so just need to shift emulator. (edited)
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    Which 5 channels?
  4. Avatar
    Do you need a TV licence for this?
    techincally yes, its live.
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    Good job it’s not September then isn’t it ?
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    9 months of watching Liverpool bottling it against mid-table teams? No thanks!
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    will the apk sideload on windows 11 ? (edited)
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    Anything for sky cricket?
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    thx op , ordered
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    When does the offer end please?
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    I already have this.
    Can I purchase another and activate it next season?
    I don't think so
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    Hot. These deals are great. I buy them every time - straddled across 2 accounts. If there's an overlap. This time the overlap would be 5/6 months though - so I might hold on and hope the deal comes back around in 3-4 months time.
    They're good deals if you don't care about not being able to cast it to your tv, if you're happy using stuff like BlueStacks and if you don't mind being restricted to 5 channels.
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    Does anyone know if the mobile license works on a Chromebook if you run the NowTV app?
    Definitely doesn't.
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    Does this include darts?
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    Doesn't work on foldable devices like fold 4 or tablets
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    Anyone know if it can be used on more than 1 device?
    Just one device. Pretty sure I remember that this is enforced too, but it's a while since I had a sub
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    Hmm I'd consider picking this up, would I not be able to screencast it to a smart TV if my phone has a built in feature for it?
    My friend had this and the ability to stream and cast is disabled via the app. So it is either faffing about with PC to Android emulation or just it on the phone.
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    FYI the mobile stream will NOT include Formula 1 coverage. I learned this last year.
    damn it,,, i wouldve got it if it had f1 coverage
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    They keep extending mine for free...which is weird, but cool nonetheless!
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