Now up to 50% off everything at The Pier

Now up to 50% off everything at The Pier

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There is now up to 50% off everything at The Pier.

Just been on their website and there are some lovely items for the home and Christmas.


hi to hukd

great post - can i send you the bill!! repped:thumbsup:

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I know, all these offers are just making me spend more! :santa:

Did you know you can get these down at bisco's for a quid?

Where / what is bisco? Also 50% is great but £15 del is not so good at all - was hoping to pick up a nice rug :-)

50 % is great but I've noticed that, at least in the store at the Glasgow Fort, they bumped up the prices. Before you were getting 30% off which meant I got my £9 blanket for £6.30 but I went in the other day and the same blanket is £15 so I'd be getting it for £7.50 instead!

Don't get me wrong, not all the prices have changed and it is a good deal. That's why my house smells so good because I got enough candles to last a lifetime but I just feel that this was a bit **** of them to be honest.

Its been 50% for a few weeks now , i agree delivery is a bit ott , £40 for large items puts me off from buying , need to be 70% again before i shop like mad on there lol

Anyone know of any codes?

Some gorgeous stuff but agree about the hefty postage charges. I tend to order a few bits to spread out the cost of the postage. Which usually means I end up with about 10 candles lol.
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