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Cinema Pass at £4.99 a month for 6 months with Paramount+ at no extra cost (account specific) with code

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Enjoy Cinema at £4.99 a month for 6 months

With Paramount+ at no extra cost

Join NOW Cinema for a 6 month minimum term. Get access to 6 months of Paramount+ on us.


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  1. acemagneto's avatar
    Code works for me, just cancelled Sky Stream so lost Paramount+. Wish NOWTV offered UHD movies though.
    Jakirrr21's avatar
    Mate, they need to offer 1080p first at no extra cost. Forget about UHD lol
  2. jewelie's avatar
    Really ought to be clear in the description that both will have adverts and only be 720p maximum
    KingGeorgeEstate's avatar
    I didn’t spend £2k on laser eye surgery to slum it on 720p!
  3. RunningSquid's avatar
    Is this deal in 1080p or would I still have to buy the NOW Boost package?
    noconversationsallowed's avatar
    You get 7 days of boost free, then you have to pay. else it's just 720p
  4. InTheKnow444's avatar
    offers me 6 months at £4:99 but no sign of Paramount?
    RimuruTempest's avatar
    RimuruTempest Author
    It says you'll receive a seperate email within 24 hours
  5. aor5000's avatar
    I can't even get the link to open?


    Any idea on way this is happening to me

    50808710-qEAPJ.jpgI just get this page (edited)
  6. Drogba's avatar
    Just cancelled memebership as I cant deal with the 2 minutes of adverts before every movie I have to watch despite paying a monthly subscription. Shocking
    greenant's avatar
    Don't blame you. Pay for adverts, pay for basic 1080p, pay for colour, pay for a pause button, pay for toilet breaks. Blows my mind that Sky is still in business.
  7. noconversationsallowed's avatar
    When I post stuff for NowTV that is 'account specific' I get told it's not a deal and moved to a discussion......
    Has that changed recently?
    Aznar's avatar
    Life is not fair...
  8. garethdenny's avatar
    Not worth it for me. Can't justify 720p on anytign but the smalles ttv these days. How on earth they justify extra for 1080 is beyond me.
  9. hugzee1's avatar
    Not on mine, but I'm currently on a 2.99/mo deal. Added heat though.
    Nurse-Ratched's avatar
    Stick ya chest in 
  10. doesitmatter's avatar
    720p in 2023! No.
  11. adammalvern's avatar
    The boost is a killer add on though. Makes it quite expensive if you only watch the odd film. I might cancel mine.
  12. Renoir64's avatar
    Literally went to my account and this was there but without the code. Added the code and got paramount. Thanks.
  13. BargainBasementBill's avatar
    I'm hoping for a deal on Sky Sports soon.
    skezza99's avatar
    I’m waiting for a good sports offer as well, £26 per month doesn’t cut it for me.
  14. tim77's avatar
    Thanks, managed to get the offer via the code. I was already paying £6.99 for Paramount+.
  15. mossj01's avatar
    I was gonna go for the offer but in the terms it says the six months paramount+ is only for new paramount+ members, has it worked for anyone who has previously been a member?
    RimuruTempest's avatar
    RimuruTempest Author
    If they just give a code for 6 months, probably use a different email address
  16. ClaretDingle's avatar
    Paramount + is awesome. Tulsa King, Top Gun Maverick, Yellowstone etc is well worth it (edited)
    nonameduser's avatar
    Totally agree, Mayor of Kingstown and lionesses too!
  17. jf1010's avatar
    Worked for me. Thanks.
    Daves_mate's avatar
    Existing customer?
  18. leeuk321's avatar
    As other have said, it's ridiculous for Sky to be offering 1080p, 50fps and 5.1 audio as a paid "Boost" upgrade. Fair enough on ads and extra devices, I don't agree with a subscription having ads in the first place but at least you can see a monetary business reason for it, even if you don't agree with it.

    The other stuff is simply taking things away just for the sake of charging to put it back, and as someone else mentioned they might as well just have it stream black and white and put colour in the boost package. It actually discredits the whole Boost package as well, I think it'd be more appealing if it was simply to remove ads and play on extra devices. In any sales pitch, if you've got two great selling points and two poor selling points, you should only give the two great ones. This is business 101.
  19. philouk's avatar
    NOWTV decided to extended my due to expire movies pass automatically, originally paying £4.99 and decided to increase this to £5.99 from next month. Well! after seeing this I have just gone through the cancellation process and would you believe, they have made a new offer of £3.99 pm for 6 months. If I watch 2 films a month it is worth it at this price.
    777jrg_'s avatar
    I have used their £1 offers in the past. I ended up not watching anything my problem is that I am a 4K snob.
  20. cazw1973's avatar
    Thanks,worked for me.
  21. upu007's avatar
    I am not with NOW.

    but please let me know what’s the best way to watch latest films through Now. Meaning what’s the cheapest presently 
    RimuruTempest's avatar
    RimuruTempest Author
    This is for new customers so I would say go for this. Then after the initial offer they will offer either even cheaper or same deal when you're about to cancel.
  22. drsleep0000's avatar
    With ads?
    greenant's avatar
    Apparently so. This is Sky, you pay for everything.
  23. eyebaws's avatar
    Didn't know about boost before I signed up.. what a joke that is in this day and age!

    Had an offer showing for boost for £3 a month for the same 6 months so took that aswell so now paying £8pm. Not the end of the world.
    skezza99's avatar
    Completely agree, I don’t agree with Sky charging for UHD never mind companies charging for hd, I had boost, but cancelled it, Now is a pain, if I didn’t fully exit the app on my TV before turning the TV power off, it wouldn’t let me watch on my phone as it still said I was logged in on another device
  24. debs281's avatar
  25. Karl3053's avatar
    Already got cinema and went back up to 9.99 a few months ago. Thanks for the deal manage to work
  26. david_robinson94's avatar
    Thanks OP. Been a long time since I've been with Now TV. £5 a month is a good deal.
  27. greencurry's avatar
    Worked for me. Thanks
  28. Smithy93's avatar
    Worked for me
  29. 777jrg_'s avatar
    Plus £6 a month to be able to watch things in full HD. It's not even 4K... Just FHD
  30. kelvin.trodden's avatar
    Still no code. Talked to chat twice now both with copy and paste answers saying the same thing will send code by email soon but still nothing. Won't be using now tv again after this. As stated in comments also very rude customer service. (edited)
  31. BodisBest's avatar
  32. 19DembaBa19's avatar
    How did I get mine for £1.00 a month and I never even used it. I will be cancelling mine thanks for reminding me
    A_J82's avatar
    Yea, I find Cinema is pretty lacklustre and only get it when it's <£2 a month.
    Not sure how much Paramount+ adds.
  33. cazw1973's avatar
    Is Paramount+ available on the Now TV box now,or once they send the email do you just use it on firestick or something?
    jf1010's avatar
    Send an email within 24hours
  34. mudddy's avatar
    When I go to basket it only displays this, is there any way to tell if I'll receive Paramount+ too, never subscribed before.

    RimuruTempest's avatar
    RimuruTempest Author
    oh hangon. doesn't look like it, did you apply the promo code? (edited)
  35. coltceavers's avatar
    I always get buffering with now tv and I’ve got gigabit internet
  36. mumza's avatar
    Any idea when this offer ends? Works on my old account, but just paid for this month so don’t want to overlap
    Zaf123's avatar
    Also interested if that works too, just finishing my 1 month free trial of Paramount+ in 3 days
  37. fentot's avatar
    Presumably you can use this. Get paramount code and then cancel sky movies and still use paramount for 6 months. Ie paramount for 6 months fir just 4.99?.... Ignore this just read minimum 6 months sky subscription..
    Mmmm I'm out (edited)
    2000mph's avatar
    Yes. But you get both for £4.99. If you don't want the Sky Cinema part you can just cancel it straight away and ignore it, you'll still have access to it for that 6 month period though as well as Paramount+ for the 6 month period and still only being paying £4.99p/m.
  38. Dude1971's avatar
    I am only paying £3 a month for Sky Movies on Now and Paramount has very little on there (we binged it in less than 7 days) so I'd pass on this to be honest
  39. ianjury's avatar
    I’m on £1 a month for 3 months. But tbh I think Netflix is better , a better menu
  40. alan.paul's avatar
    Please 🙏 can I have a spare code.
    If possible
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