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A FREE 12-month Take Time Out subscription normally costs £60 for Npower Customers
Found 30th OctFound 30th Oct
Npower Customers Autumn Offer. It’s been an amazing summer full of endless sunshine, but the fun doesn’t have to stop there. As an npower customer, we love to give you more all … Read more

For you perhaps. My cheapest supplier when comparing a few months back, significantly cheaper than he other big 5.


We use very little electricity and gas, and second cheapest (with £2 difference per year) for us worked out to be the Outfox the market, we switched to them and are very happy, and saved around £290 a year (comparing to what we were paying E.ON). Also Outfox the market supply 100% green/renewable electricity so by being with them you also support energy from renewable sources so even though they worked out £2 dearer than the cheapest, this is the reason why we chose them! Which is the best deal for you depends on your usage. If you know your yearly figures, have a look on the results on Uswitch website. Do check and if you can get the better deal, do switch! It only took me 20min to switch. Good luck!


If I am not mistaken, you can do that. Terms and Conditions


Anyone know what happens if i take out the subscription and leave npower?


Need to stay for warm home discount which reminds me, when will I know what to do?

Free boiler for some under the Npower eco boiler scheme, Not a complete scam.
Found 21st MarFound 21st Mar
Free boiler for some under the Npower eco boiler scheme, Not a complete scam.
Boiler Grants Could you qualify for a free boiler ??? Most websites offering this are a scam. Having had the new boiler fitted today I can confirm it not a scam. This is a deal a… Read more
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Everyone who works for a living provides a service to somebody. Landlords are no different. And when all's said and done, we all go to work to earn money. Landlords are no different in this respect either.


Do you have sources for your stats? If I said 99% of landlords are honest people who do any necessary repairs to properties on time and are fair with their tenants, and what you see on watchdog is the scumbag 1%, you'd scoff. Having worked quite a lot in privately rented properties, I've seen both sides. There are scumbag landlords who will spend nothing on their properties, regardless of tenant welfare. But I'm in properties more often than not to carry out repairs because of scum tenants who respect nothing and leave previously reasonable properties in a terrible state. My point is that there are a lot of decent landlords getting tarred in exactly the same way as benefit claimants.


In your imagination they are perks, for 99% of people on benefits those "perks" are just enough for people to survive. Unfortunately people see the other 1% on Channel 5 and tar everyone on benefits the same.


Not at all but I am chose whom I rent to. And I don't provide a service I provide an income for myself the same as you go to work to provide your salary.


You'll be telling us all you provide a service next. (angel)

Free 1 week Now tv Sky sports Pass @nPower - New and Existing
Found 28th FebFound 28th Feb
Free 1 week Now tv Sky sports Pass @nPower - New and Existing
Fyi If you are an npower customer you can get a weeks sky sports Pass for free. Might be useful for someone TERMS NOW TV Sky Sports Week Pass - Terms & Conditions 1 week NO… Read more

Anybody else happy to exchange a 1 week Sports pass for a 2 month Entertainment or 2 month Cinema pass, please send me a message


Many thanks. Code now gone


check your messages


Ha ha, my goodness what an absolute numpty you are. Talking about being righteous on an app for deals. And all over a code to watch some sport on the TV.


I have a trade of 1 week sports for any decent entertainment offers

nPower - Free NOW TV Sky Sports Week Pass - New and Existing Customers
Found 19th Oct 2017Found 19th Oct 2017
nPower - Free NOW TV Sky Sports Week Pass - New and Existing Customers
nPower - Free NOW TV Sky Sports Week Pass - New and Existing Customers Our energy customers can get more sport than they can shake a racquet at with the NOW TV Sky Sports Week Pa… Read more

Lololll Ok child.




Lololllll You are a bit of a douche bag.


I changed to Npower from Eon back in April and immediately saw my Electricity bill come down from £110 a month, to £60.00.I am still shocked how much the saving is.I expected to save maybe a couple of hundred quid a year,tops Thats why i never changed before.£600.00 a year saving is not to be sniffed at.I wouldn't mind we didn't ever use a clothes dryer, or have lights on all day and night.there is only me and the Missus in a 2 bedroom house.I knew what we were paying was expensive,i was oblivious to how much more expensive it was. My advice get your Bills out go to price comparison sights and see what you can save,you might be surprised.I pay Npower by direct debit monthly,i send them meter readings.They wanted to reduce my payments further to £50.00 a month,i declined thinking i will use a bit more over Christmas with lights etc.Had no problems with them.


Any spare codes?

Nest Learning Thermostat™ 3rd generation £159 for Npower Customers
Found 17th Oct 2017Found 17th Oct 2017
Nest Learning Thermostat™ 3rd generation £159 for Npower Customers
£159£179.9912%nPower Deals
From Personal experience I run a modern (4 years old) combi-boiler and this has been a very good addition to my smart home. Work well with Amazon's Alexa plus has a useful app. I… Read more

Has this expired? The link says the prices is £189


Has this expired? The link says the prices is £189


Has this expired? The link says the prices is £189


I currently have a programmer which is wired to my boiler. Can I use the existing wiring with Nest or does it have to work wirelessly?


ordered thanks , Saw Other NEST products are also on offer . If any one interested.

free annual take time out membership  for existing npower  customers
Found 7th Oct 2017Found 7th Oct 2017
Free annual membership of take time out for existing npower. customers. save on music games and movies entry to hundreds of uk venues from English heritage sites to premier lea… Read more
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been with them for 2 years now, best price during that time and they don't seem to overly over or under charge. Think my fixed plan is coming to an end very shortly though so will have to find a better deal


Send in your metre readings in more often. I sent mine 2 or 3 times per month ... they still over charge me. I'm £430 in credit. However, download your ALL bills to keep as record. This is vital when you need to get your money back when you're leaving them. I'm with them because they were the cheapest for fixed tariff when I looked in the Summer.


My sentiments exactly, cant beleive the number of people duped into thinking these a*holes are doing them a favour. The quicker we expose their fraudlulent excessive ways the better. I think "British full of Gas" is trying a similar tactic.


I was with them since last September and they never once told me about this, I've switched to another supplier this September so I've missed out (skeptical)


why energy companies are evil?

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Free £40 Amazon Gift Card, ONF Hotel Stay or Philips Hue starter kit when you switch to a npower duel fuel tariff @ MyVoucherCodes
Found 30th Aug 2017Found 30th Aug 2017
Free £40 Amazon Gift Card, ONF Hotel Stay or Philips Hue starter kit when you switch to a npower duel fuel tariff @ MyVoucherCodes
Get a £40 Gift Card* Use your Gift Card* to shop from a huge selection of Books, Electronics, Music, Films, Software, Clothing, Toys, and more. Or On… Read more
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Has anyone received their hue bulbs yet?


Same exact thing happened to me ended up a couple of hundred out of pocket. Then two years later got a cheque out of the blue covering the amount plus another one for about £60 as compensation. Lucky I was still at the same house or never would have had anything back.


I hate to quote a comment typed in all caps, but on this one I have to agree - they are an absolute bunch of rip off merchants. I joined them when I moved into my current place and had few issues with them initially, but after I left to go elsewhere, the problems began. About 6 months after I left I received an additional bill for a few hundred pounds, saying that they'd been having issues with their IT systems and that I'd been billed wrongly. It was a struggle but I paid it, figuring it was owed. Sadly it hadn't come to mind to challenge it. 10 months later again and a bill for £700 of 'incorrect charges' comes through. Only at this point did I realise that there was something fishy going on so I challenged it straight away. A few days after challenging I had my appeal verdict: you need to pay and if you don't we will start enforcement action. I wasn't impressed as I had been with another firm for the better part of 18 months at that point. I challenged a second time and pointed out how long I'd not been a customer - they're not allowed to come after you for wrongly billed funds after a year - needless to say that appeal went the same way - "you need to pay it or we will begin enforcement action against you". At this point I'd had enough and did a quick Google to see what my options were and came across the Energy Ombudsman. I appealed via them and within 48 hours had a call back from nPower confirming that there was nothing due and it had all been one big misunderstanding. Yeah, right. A few days later I received a cheque for my initial few hundred pounds back and a letter explaining they'd been having billing issues due to a change of computer system. Whilst I can sympathise with any organisation in transition between systems, their behaviour and refusal to acknowledge the obvious issue with the timeframes involved made it quite clear to me that they were only 'trying it on' to try and extract more cash from me. Needless to say, regardless of what attractive offers they have (free Nest, etc), I will never go back to them and I would strongly advise that others do the same. R.


Signed up. £90 cash back, Hue kit, 5% less per year and on a renewable electricity only deal. Cheers OP.


Don't include me in this. I have been with them for many years. Always managed to switch to a better tariff rather than switch and their customer support have always been good when I've needed it. If you submit your own meter readings monthly so they can assess your usage you should be fine. This likely applies to all providers.

Free NOW TV Sky Sports Week Pass for Npower customers
LocalLocalFound 4th Aug 2017Found 4th Aug 2017
Free NOW TV Sky Sports Week Pass for Npower customers
Free NOW TV Sky Sports Week Pass for Npower customers
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Any one has a spare code...can exchange for 1 Cineworld movie ticket ode which I have....


(y) Worked easy thanks op. Now to watch the Glasgow Scotland finally reach a major tournament, easy right!?


Hi, I wonder if anyone is kind enough to use thier code? THanks in advance :)


Now tv are saying that my code has already been used and I should go back to npower... anyone else having problems with their code?


Don't expect to be able to watch any sport. Their stream freezes every few seconds. The audio stays on, but the screen freezes. Watching anything under those conditions is VERY FRUSTRATING. The forums are full of the same problem and their help / support refuse to acknowledge it. I'd be interested in hearing from others.

nest protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm 2nd generation £78 for N Power customers
Found 20th Jun 2017Found 20th Jun 2017
nest protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm 2nd generation £78 for N Power customers
Amazon was selling these at £79 so £1 cheaper for whoever missed out on the last deal. Everywhere else it's £89-£130 so seems like a good deal to me!

this is a great price, shouldn't be cold


I've ordered thank you


Why cold?

Now TV Sky Sports Week Pass - Offers - npower
Found 31st May 2017Found 31st May 2017
Now TV Sky Sports Week Pass - Offers - npower
npower free week sports pass for new and existing customers great for next week Scotland v England game No begging for passes please! - crazylegs
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I've asked already but lost the info on my phone,if this offer is still running and anyone has a spare pass could they please pass it on many thanks,please message me on here first and I'll pass on my email details so there's no messing keep smiling people


I'd like one top please?


If anyone has a spare could i please have one


If this is still on offer and anyone has a spare pass going free for this or movies could you please pass it on to me, I'd greatly appreciate it,many thanks, keep smiling


They said my code has been used previously :-( I did remember using this before, so suspect its a Looooooooooong running offer! If any kind soul is an npower customer and doesn't want their voucher ... please PM me one? Thanks ;-)

IT'S BACK!! free 1 week sky sports Now TV code for npower customers.
Found 25th Mar 2017Found 25th Mar 2017
IT'S BACK!! free 1 week sky sports Now TV code for npower customers.
I know was posted back in December but on again and in time for F1 if you are a fan! Watch all the best Sky Sports action across 7 glorious days. From the Barclays Premier League,… Read more
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Can someone please share the code if they have a spare one? thanks


At the end of their bill will normally say what's cheapest with the current provider. Often it's with direct debit but you can get good savings. I stayed with them as the others Id never heard of and had bad reviews and I found an ok tarrif for my usage. I can't complain as they've been ok the last 5 years ive been with them


Thanks not on to winner here am i


I use with my lg tv


Have some heat. I posted this last time around. Code worked, no problem. Too many people looking gift horses in the mouth. Something for nothing does not please some. If you have a gripe with Npower, then contact them not the person posting deals on here.

Free Nowtv Sky Sports week pass, for new and existing Npower customers
Found 24th Dec 2016Found 24th Dec 2016
Free Nowtv Sky Sports week pass, for new and existing Npower customers
I know this looks like a previous post from scaryvonne, ( posted one month and three days ago ) and it is the same except this time the code is valid to end of March. Codes must be… Read more

Hi, has anyone had issues streaming using nowtv on Xbox one? I was streaming man united match and it was lagging big time. My broadband is 60m and I'm fine streaming 4K movies on Xbox one but nowtv seems to lag? Is it better on nowtv actuall streaming device?


Does anybody still have any free passes going? Would be awesome to have over the new year as there are some HUGE games on and sky sports is too expensive Thanks and happy new year all


I got the same, instead of using the pop up box that appears when you click the link, go "my account" then "My Passes" scroll down to the sports pass and click on "apply voucher" and paste the code in there instead. this worked for me


NOWTW39CRQEVMW Heres a code! Happy Christmas x


anyone have a spare code?

Free 3rd generation nest thermostat - npower
Found 1st Dec 2016Found 1st Dec 2016
Free 3rd generation nest thermostat - npower
So been looking to switch my tariff from eon and came across this deal with npower. Basically sign up to their intelligent tariff which is fixed until October 2018 and you'll recei… Read more
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Great if you're actually looking to switch...and happy to pay the early exit fee...and happy to switch to another provider that pays your early exit fee for you... :D Either way, not available anymore. Thanks OP


​Yeah you are absolutely right..I checked the diffrence between the cheapest n power torrid and this tarrif and it was almost £190 dearer.. the nest is def not free.


Someone suggested £70 for an npower customer.. Not sure of it's still valid or accurate


install cost please ?


so what is a rough install cost for these

Nest 3rd gen - £129 for npower customers - RRP £199
Found 20th Nov 2016Found 20th Nov 2016
Nest 3rd gen - £129 for npower customers - RRP £199
Nest Learning Thermostat™ 3rd generation More control over your energy The third generation Nest Thermostat learns what you like and creates a schedule for your home. So it could … Read more

The price is £159 as before for NPower customers


seems that this has expired, up to £159 now


Its showing £159 now is it increased or is there any code?


i need to get myself on eof these been looking at next and hive, and i was at a party and one of wifes cousins had the honeywell system installed and was showing how as he was leaving he was turning the heating on. very clever


I purchased this from nPower and installed myself. The key is to label the existing cables and see which cable is live and neutral. The other 2/3 cables are for your heating controls. Your old heating controls should have a diagram showing which wire is for which purpose. You can then use the nest setup diagram to map them to the correct points. The only thing I will mention is that the common port on the heating controls (2 and 5) need power from the live cable so you need to add a small cable from live to port 2 and again from live to port 5. Without this, it will not work. I hope this helps.

free now tv sports week pass from npower for new and existing customers
Found 20th Nov 2016Found 20th Nov 2016
free now tv sports week pass from npower for new and existing customers
sorry if this is already been posted. free now tv sports weekly pass. codes must be redeemed by 31/12/16 but you have 365 days to activate it
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Late reply but copy the code then do to now tv site and paste it in to add pass for the 1 week pass. The npower link adds the code to the 1 day pass hence it not working


Thanks will use this for Boxing day etc....


anybody got a free code, I'd love it yes please & would be much appreciated - thanks!


Many thanks scotti.


Yes me please.

NEST Learning Thermostat 3rd Gen for Previous / Current NPower customers £129.00
Found 17th Oct 2016Found 17th Oct 2016
NEST Learning Thermostat 3rd Gen for Previous / Current NPower customers £129.00
NEST Thermostat 3rd Generation for NPower customers - £129.00 delivered. Offer also works for previous customers if you still have access to your old NPower online account!
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Thanks Op - Just ordered from a closed account after it initially said only open to current customers :)


It's easy to install plenty of online guides


i have been in two minds about these for ages, prompted by me getting a free nest protect from the john lewis insurance deal (not arrived yet) i'm driven to buy i think by the geek in me, but can see potential savings too. anyone have one and care to express a real opinion?


Yes thats exactly what happend to me today, in my experience and from the couple of calls I made this morning its down to the incompetency of DPD, and its likely the device will arrive some point this week. On a positive note it gave me time today to finish all the new wiring I needed for my particular self-install.


Not sure if anyone else has experienced similar. I got a message from DPD on Friday saying that a package from Media Group (im assuming it's npower and the nest) would be delivered on Monday. And then today, a further bemail saying it's been delayed and DPD haven't yet received it. Has anyone had similar occur?

Now TV 3 months free entertainment pass for Npower customers
Found 1st Oct 2016Found 1st Oct 2016
Now TV 3 months free entertainment pass for Npower customers
Click the link and enter your Npower details to get a code for a 3 month entertainment pass. this was last posted 4 months ago and I think they changed the deal recently to a spo… Read more
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anybody got a spare NowTV code - much appreciated if you could send it to me by private mail - thanks!


That one looks fine but when you click to redeem it it takes me to a page saying "This promotion has now closed" I just applied my code from last time the Npower Entetrtainment deal was on and have got 3 months free which will start when my current £1 for 1 month runs out. Love the NowTV offers and freebies. I feel like I am getting one over on Sky !


​ they seem to change the content on that link, try this link


This is showing the 1 week sports pass for me. Not entertainment.


​I'm still on the first series :(

Npower customers free boiler service
Found 27th Sep 2016Found 27th Sep 2016
Npower customers free boiler service
Got an email but think this might be open to all customers if you mention you got an email as no real checks were done. Must be npower gas customer. You get get a free boiler servi… Read more

Just to update you had the npower man come this morning. Serviced the boiler but didn't need much was in good condition. Checked all gas appliances flues etc. Gave me a free carbon monoxide alarm. Put sticker on boiler to confirm when last serviced with paperwork to confirm all ok. Great service couldn't find a fault.


It's not a boiler service, it's a safety inspection. They do not follow manufactures instructions on how to complete the boiler service.


They changed my name on my account and now can't change it until I send proof.. Idiots


​gosh, that sounds messy.. so I am not alone! to make things worse, the cs people I spoke to were very unfriendly as well, when telling me the bad news, not even a I am 1000% sure I will be leaving..


What's worse is they used to allow joint accounts. When they changed their computer systems to single named users, they used my wife's name as the account name, but my e-mail address, phone number and date of birth meaning they refused to talk to either of us for a while as we always failed the "security" checks. Needless to say, we left fairly soon after we twigged what was happening.

NEST Learning Thermostat 3rd Gen for NPower customers only
Found 9th Sep 2016Found 9th Sep 2016
NEST Learning Thermostat 3rd Gen for NPower customers only
NPower have been offering Nest at a reduced price for their customers for ages but the 3rd Gen has now been offered at £129! Considering that the going rate is a few coppers shy … Read more
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​Just tried this with my closed account. I either get the page cannot be found page or just an image of the Nest. Basket is showing empty so they have fixed this now. Shame. Good effort though!


​Same here, just got it from dpd :D


I've got a despatch note from DPD for a delivery Monday, so hopefully its the Nest. No contact yet to ask for more money...


Order placed... Account now in £129 credit... Any way to check the order..? Or have they just moved the money to my bill.hmm


indeed - they can barely get an electricity bill right, so i'm hoping the same professionalism extends to their online shopping arm :)

NOW TV entertainment pass for 1 YEAR with npower
Found 8th Sep 2016Found 8th Sep 2016
NOW TV entertainment pass for 1 YEAR with npower
I just received an email from npower and it offered me a YEAR entertainment pass for free. I couldn't believe it! I clicked the link in the email, entered my npower email address… Read more
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Intrestingly ebough, I wok for npower, yet we have had no I formation of this offer being given to employees, and only info stating a free 3 month pass for new customers


in this case its worth it though as you can cancel immediately and still get the free trial. go to this link to see if you can still get nowtv entertainment 3 month trial (thats what it was before not 1 year- no idea how th2 op got that deal)


I remember reading about this when i first joined them last month but forgot to grab it, it seem to have disappeared but now offering me a month of sports. To be honest it's one of them 'add credit card and cancel before the end of the offer' offers, I generally forget and end up paying for a month at least so it never ends up being worth it especially when I don't watch it much anyway. Wow, I guess i need to start remembering stuff.


Yes very true everyone has a different experience. I hope that you never do have problems with them. However they were even fined millions by ofgem for failing to treat cusomers fairly. just google npower ofgem to see for yourself. I was one of those affected by their billing errors and false promises.


Strangely enough Sky phoned yesterday and gave me a free years no contract no catches free tv.They had been offering me 50% off then 60% to come back and yesterday it was a years free subscription no contract no catches.I was quite suprised.