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Alienware AW2518HF AMD FreeSync 240Hz 1ms 25 Inch Gaming Monitorby £269 Delivered @ NRG:IT
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Posted 2nd Apr 2019Posted 2nd Apr 2019
Alienware AW2518HF AMD FreeSync 240Hz 1ms 25 Inch Gaming Monitorby £269 Delivered @ NRG:IT£269£299.9910%
I bought this monitor last week from Amazon and found it 10% cheaper from NRG:IT. Luckily I managed to get Amazon to refund me the difference otherwise I would have returned it and… Read more

I guess I won't really benefit from 240hz but 1080p will give me more fps. Decisions decisions


Yes although just remember that photos usually get post processed to increase colour and contrast so this isn't actually accurate. I would say in real life the colour is duller


I'd go with a higher resolution monitor if you ware willing to pay the extra.


Looks alright in this picture. S2719dgf is 379 from dell. But I start uni September will get 20% off as student.


Mind you the colours on this monitor are actually quite decent.

Dell S2716DG 27" TN G-Sync Monitor Gaming Monitor - £399 @ NRG:IT
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Posted 5th Dec 2018Posted 5th Dec 2018
Dell S2716DG 27" TN G-Sync Monitor Gaming Monitor - £399 @ NRG:IT£399
£399 is lowest price ive come across recently. They specialise in Dell returned stock, official partner, mostly from cancelled orders and such.… Read more

Haters gonna hate. Some will notice tear, others wont. There's no doubt G-Sync is a rip off though, this is Nvidia we are talking about though so no surprises there.


Consumers placebo to justify there purchases


Thats a totally subjective opinion. For some its very noticeable so you should speak for yourself, not everyone.


G sync is a rip off and screen tearing isnt noticeable at these sort of framerates anyway


No point pretending that there isnt a huge G-Sync premium. For a G-sync 27" this price is the best out there at this point in time. Sounds hot to me :D

Dell Alienware AW2518HF AMD FreeSync 240Hz 1ms 25 Inch - Gaming Monitor - £269 @ NRGIT
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Posted 20th Sep 2018Posted 20th Sep 2018
Dell Alienware AW2518HF AMD FreeSync 240Hz 1ms 25 Inch - Gaming Monitor - £269 @ NRGIT£269£29910%
I was looking for a high spec monitor below the £300 margin and this one ticks all the boxes... Let's see what the HUKD geeks think of it... Diagonally Viewable Size: 25 Inch (… Read more
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Too expensive for what it is. TN panel, 1080p. Refresh rate is nice but 144Hz is more than enough nowadays


u wanna fite ye cmon den


This isn't true whatsoever. Some of Dell's monitors have decent colours, but Dell have had an awful history with their gaming lineup (their new couple of monitors released a couple months ago might be an exception). All the non-gsync 24" 240Hz monitors use the same panel, and they all have issues with colours. Please don't buy this monitor unless you're only playing competitive games and doing nothing else, the colours are bad.


Give it to us Daddy (nerd)


No, not really. You can get just as good a monitor for £260 at Scan at the moment and the same at ebuyer I believe.

Dell S2716DG 144hz 27 Inch QHD G-Sync Gaming Monitor Refurbished £399 @ NGRT:IT
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Posted 16th Sep 2018Posted 16th Sep 2018
Dell S2716DG 144hz 27 Inch QHD G-Sync Gaming Monitor Refurbished £399 @ NGRT:IT£399
I've been browsing G-Sync monitors and stumbled across this deal that someone will be interested in. The first Dell monitor aimed exclusively at the gaming market 144Hz refresh… Read more

On the page it states that the drivers and manual disc may not be included but can easily be got off the site. It further has a link below that talks about why you should buy from NRG IT, the Dell refurbished specialists. I'd say it is extremely likely that that is why your warranty is with NRG and not Dell also. Personally, I'd rather buy directly from Dell £435 incl. VAT, brand new with less hassle and peace of mind.


Yeah when they're competitive again :( Eagerly awaiting the day. Hopefully with NVidia moving over to Ray Tracing AMD might take the lead in rasterisation and give NVidia a run for their money atleast in that department. Bring on the 7nm Navi! (highfive)


It says the refurbished one is £349.


G sync expensive still :-/ next time buy AMD graphic 😪


Please mention the fact that it is refurbished in the title or description. Not voted either way.

Dell ultra wide 34" Curved Monitor P3418HW - Now £275 delivered @ NGR:IT
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Posted 3rd Sep 2018Posted 3rd Sep 2018
Dell ultra wide 34" Curved Monitor P3418HW - Now £275 delivered @ NGR:IT£275
Looking for an ultrawide that will do proper side by side without the need for additional software and came across this deal posted by John (Many thanks) but it's now only £275 so … Read more
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This is £299 now. 😏


Mostly work with gaming on the side but I'm not hardcore on gaming anymore, no time as getting old with responsibilities. The most import bits for me is that its 34inch and an ultrawide, curved would be preferable, hard to go back now to a standard size after ultrawide. My current 29inch is okay but will feel more comfortable with 34inch that I have in the works office. Work provide the LG 4068039 but this is out of my price range, something around this price point up to £350/£380


Yeah you're right - it will cost you a little bit more - but as much as I know this monitor is not new but refurbished... I could recommend something but I need to know if you need it for gaming or work?


Can you please link a better 34inch curved ultrawide monitor for a little bit more? What model would you go for? Currently looking for something and if I want something with a higher resolution or higher refresh rate I can only find things at twice this price point.


sRGB not aRGB though. Reading around I'd have thought an imac display covers aRGB too but it looks more like all but the recent DCI-P3 models only cover sRGB, so depending on how old the mac you switch from is you might be okay with just sRGB.

Dell ultra wide 34" Curved Monitor P3418HW - £349 delivered @ NGR:IT
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Posted 1st Sep 2018Posted 1st Sep 2018
Dell ultra wide 34" Curved Monitor P3418HW - £349 delivered @ NGR:IT£349
I've frequently lurked on to look for deals whenever I've had a big purchase upcoming, so I thought I'd finally sign up to share a deal I found the other day, as the… Read more

I’m after a wide curved monitor, for office work, but my concern is that my 24 inch 1080 monitor isn’t the clearest screen, and with the same pixels at 34 inches, will it not look much worse? Like magnifying an unclear screen? Or perhaps I just don’t know how to set up my monitor to get it to be as sharp as possible. Also, how does this monitor compare to the Samsung C32F391 32-Inch Curved LED?


If the text is small at 1440p, make it bigger. U don't have to reduce resolution and detail


I have. 10/10 would purchase again.


Well, according to Dell pixel pitch is 0.312mm. A 22" 1080P monitor has 0.2537mm, and a 26" has 0.2998. A 27" 1080P monitor is 0.311mm. Here's a little site for doing the calculations:


If anything, text will be way too big on a 34" 2560 x 1080 monitor. To me 22" suits that. Yet, ignoring the extra width I wonder if it compares to a normal 26 inch 16:9. Saying that, the monitor looks very very middling. Its way off high end.

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Dell S2218H InfinityEdge Full HD 22 Inch IPS Monitor built in speakers £109 delivered @ NRG IT
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Posted 15th May 2018Posted 15th May 2018
Dell S2218H InfinityEdge Full HD 22 Inch IPS Monitor built in speakers £109 delivered @ NRG IT£109£1198%
Decent IPS monitor built in speakers. Decent reviews Cheapest I can find. Sleek design ultrathin bezels and 21.5 inch screen with an elegant, contemporary look Engaging expe… Read more

;( ;( ;( ;(


Brexit and the slump in the value of the pound put %20 on everything...


I just bought an Asus 23" 1080p IPS monitor from Ebuyer for £90, so a little bit of difference.


You will be disappointed then...!


A shame that more and more manufacturers don't make their monitors VESA mountable ...

Dell UP2516D Ultrasharp QHD 25 Inch Monitor at NRG for £269
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Posted 1st Dec 2017Posted 1st Dec 2017
Dell UP2516D Ultrasharp QHD 25 Inch Monitor at NRG for £269£269
Has 3 year warranty as well. 3 left

2 left because I bought one! Thanks.


How does this compare to something like this?


NRG warranty has always seemed on par with Dell for me. Next day collection and replacement. Had to use it before. 3 years is a good deal.


ITC Sales has this for £286 but comes with 1 Year Dell return to base warranty, where as NRG doesn't come with a dell warranty only an NRG one. Also there are like 25+ in stock at ITC Sales so no rush!


I ordered some 24inch Dell Ut414h monitors earlier this year for a triple monitor setup from Nrg:it they are awesome monitors plus they came with free next day delivery with DPD

Dell U2715H 27 Inch Ultrasharp AH-IPS Monitor - Seller Refurbished - £279 @ NRG:IT
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Posted 29th Sep 2017Posted 29th Sep 2017
Dell U2715H 27 Inch Ultrasharp AH-IPS Monitor - Seller Refurbished - £279 @ NRG:IT£279
2560 x 1440 IPS 1 Year Return to Base Warranty with NRG IT 2 left
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tbh as the poster above said, at this price it's fair enough. Just at full price it's a bit silly when there's decent competition around.


At full retail price the dell is overpriced but at £280 I think it's worth it. Have one myself from a previous NRG deal.


If you don't mind the extra size (32") then there was a viewsonic that was on here a week or so back at 235. I got one and it is great!


do you have any suggestions? I'm considering getting a 27" 1440p monitor, but the BenQ GW2765HT and Asus PB278QR are the only 2 I've seen that are cheaper and the U2715H (the Asus is only slightly cheaper), everything else appears to be over the £400 mark. A good quality and cheaper option would be good as I don't really want to be going near £400 if I can avoid it.


Dell has long had it's day on LCD monopoly. Good riddance to overpriced panels that weren't all that to start with.

Dell U2715H 27 Inch Monitor Alt Stand & Box Seller Refurbished - £279 @ NRG:IT
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Posted 29th Sep 2017Posted 29th Sep 2017
Dell U2715H 27 Inch Monitor Alt Stand & Box Seller Refurbished - £279 @ NRG:IT£269 1 Year RTB warranty Bought 3 and they're all in excellent condition and pixel p… Read more
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They also have a version with the old stand for £10 more: 2 left there.

Dell S2417DG QHD G-Sync 24 Inch Cheap Gaming Monitor - £375 @ NRGIT
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Posted 3rd Sep 2017Posted 3rd Sep 2017
Dell S2417DG QHD G-Sync 24 Inch Cheap Gaming Monitor - £375 @ NRGIT£375

The 24 inch model is still in stock:


What you say! Great monitor would have bought but OOS!


Not sure why this went cold - this is a great deal.



Sorry but the best part of £400 for a 24" monitor is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. £100 is cheap for a 24" monitor maybe, not four times as much. I know you pay a lot more for G-sync technology but I'd still say it's debatable if its worth the (huge) premium and certainly isn't a good budget buy as that extra £300 would be far more noticeable spent on the PC providing those visuals...

Dell S2417DG Gaming Monitor £375 at NRG:IT
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Posted 9th Aug 2017Posted 9th Aug 2017
Dell S2417DG Gaming Monitor £375 at NRG:IT£375
Bought off these guys a while ago and found these gaming monitors for what looks like a real bargain. Came in perfect condition with 3 year warranty and free next day del… Read more

I was looking at the 27" TN's earlier in the year, ended up with the 24" as apparently it handles motion better than the 27" version, and the 27" version has pixel inversion artifacts which quite a few people have noticed when playing games. Been pretty pleased with this tbh, it's quite a pixel packed screen so even though it's not as large, it's still quite sharp. One in depth reviewer actually said this is basically the best gaming screen to date regarding motion etc. This will do me nicely for a couple of years until 4k high hz screens come around, they will be more mature by then and single high end GPU's should do well at running it too.


Ordered mine Friday and had it since Monday , requested the latest revision (A04) an that's what I received, however the display port cable was missing , went on to live chat to tell them and the next day I had the cable so all set up now , not yet fully calibrated but ran a few tests and the monitor is faultless , literally appears brand new and if it is a refurb I can't tell . Customer service has been excellent and I can't fault them . Going from a 23" 1080p 60hz monitor has life changing


Yep I've had mine since Friday. Looked to be brand new and no dead pixels. Very pleased with the service and the monitor is amazing.


Anyone ordered the 27 version from NRG and received yet? Kinda interested although Vega 56 + Freesync is also compelling as well for the price.


Now £499 brand new at Amazon (Make sure to select Amazon as seller) Price drop of £10

Dell U2715H 27 Inch Ultrasharp Monitor WQHD 2560 x 1440 £299.00 @ NRG:IT
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Posted 9th Jul 2017Posted 9th Jul 2017
Dell U2715H 27 Inch Ultrasharp Monitor WQHD 2560 x 1440 £299.00 @ NRG:IT£299
Already posted under a similar deal: The £279 one is out of stock now … Read more
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By the way, the link here seems to take you to the wrong page. I went to NRG's website and this is the link you need:


No Dell warranty, but if you trust the retailer it's a good bargain I guess. I've gamed on the U2515H model which I think is 8ms and it's fine.


I've had this monitor for a couple of years. Excellent all round - no problem with response time for games.


Is 8 ms okay for games?


Agreed. Reputable company

Dell U2715H 27 Inch Ultrasharp Monitor WQHD 2560 x 1440 £279.00 @ NRG:IT
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Posted 8th Jul 2017Posted 8th Jul 2017
Dell U2715H 27 Inch Ultrasharp Monitor WQHD 2560 x 1440 £279.00 @ NRG:IT£279
Dell U2715H 27 Inch with alternate stand (the black one from U2717D) and a different box for only £279 delivered. Or, with the regular silver stand for £299 delivered: https://ww… Read more
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OOS again


These are back in stock, 3 available, I've ordered one, so be quick 2 remaining


sort of skooled you on hotukdeals rules regarding obscene language didn't we ;)


Still available at £299 with silver stand.


Dell are one of the better manufacturers when it comes to dead pixels. They are rarely found or at least the ratio is very low, that is why they (used to?) have that Pixel Perfect guarantee, which is what someone mentioned earlier in the zero tolerance comment. This monitor is very good, especially good for those who are not quite ready for 4K for whatever reason. The extra screen real estate is one of those things you will never look back from after having, as are the thin bezels and adjustable stand. There are sometimes a few issues with older gfx cards (HDCP?) but it shouldn't affect most people. I highly recommend this, especially at this price. Heat added! :D

Dell Latitude 12 7275 m5 128gb ssd for nearly half price £549 @ NGT:IT
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Posted 6th Mar 2017Posted 6th Mar 2017
Dell Latitude 12 7275 m5 128gb ssd for nearly half price £549 @ NGT:IT£549
Just bought one of these for nearly half of what dell are selling them for. Awesome machine and I got a warranty

That's my biggest problem with it. It's a fantastic looking tablet but 30Wh just isn't enough battery capacity. I've got a Dell XPS 13 instead but the single and only 20gbit thunderbolt 3 port gets me down :/


Many of my business customers buy their monitors from this company. For example last week one of them purchased a professional 24" Dell refurbished panel for £109 delivered with a year warranty (was like new just brown box packaged). They offer next day DPD with 1 hour time slot delivery. Regards Flea


Saw this and had a heart attack thinking I had paid far too much however, those other ones have an RTB warranty and that price doesn't include shipping or VAT. #stillhappy


Had a 2K and m7 version of this before, it looks amazing, slim bezel, however I don't like it. I had both keyboards, the folio keyboard works like a surface and the premium keyboard works like a tablet stand because it doesn't have a hinge. Will recommend the folio as you can adjust the viewing angle. Other than that, Typing is perfect on both. The tablet doesn't have any USB port, but comes with USB c with thunderbolt supported which is very powerful. The only problems are most of the keyboard or mouse I had is USB which means I need to take the adapter with me. Battery life is short, maximum 4 hours on wifi video watching on my 2K model. This is the most important reason why I don't like it. Some high pitch sound when you use it with the folio keyboard. The refurbished of this laptop can sometimes be found on eBay for around £350 from a trade seller. I got mine as a replacement from dell as my 7350 was broken. I end up sold this tablet on eBay and bought latitude 11 5175 with keyboard. The looking is not as great as the 7275 but the battery time is 6 hours on its own and 10 hours with battery. In addition the stylus is inside the keyboard dock which is quiet handy.


For a tenner more MCS offer similar refurbs but - m7 instead of m5 processor - double RAM (8Gb instead of 4Gb) and storage (256Gb instead of 128Gb) - WWAN (=mobile 4G) There are three different models left, they had a few more with higher spec/prices too but these have been sold

Dell U2515H 25 Inch Ultra HD Monitor £269 @ nrg:it
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Posted 28th Dec 2016Posted 28th Dec 2016
Dell U2515H 25 Inch Ultra HD Monitor £269 @ nrg:it£269
Dell U2515H 25 Inch Ultra HD Monitor by Dell Quad HD 2560 x 1440 Resolution 16:9 Aspect Ratio Display Ultrawide Viewing Angle Up To 178o/178o 3yr Advanced Exchange Warranty Techni… Read more

I think NRG just got carried away with use of the word ultra as it appears in many different terms in the description, ultra-wide viewing angles, ultra sharp, ultra thin.


Not Ultra HD its 1440p not 2160p :D


Cheaper @

24 inch Dell P2414H Without Stand £89.00 @ NRG:IT
52° Expired
Posted 13th Sep 2016Posted 13th Sep 2016
24 inch Dell P2414H Without Stand £89.00 @ NRG:IT£89
These always go out of stock very quickly, so pick one one up asap if you're interested. You'll be hard pressed to find a monitor of this quality at this price, these IPS panels ha… Read more

I just bought one - only 2 left.


Unexpire this deal


Back in stock guys


The xrite calibrators are considered the best but they cost as much or more than this monitor


Monitor arrived today, looks fantastic! Any recommendations for colour calibration?

Dell U3415W 34-Inch IPS Curved Monitor (2M:1, 300 cd/m2, 3440 x 1440, 8ms, HDMI/MHL/Mini DP/DP/USB) - £549.00 @ NRG:IT
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Posted 29th Aug 2016Posted 29th Aug 2016
Dell U3415W 34-Inch IPS Curved Monitor (2M:1, 300 cd/m2, 3440 x 1440, 8ms, HDMI/MHL/Mini DP/DP/USB) - £549.00 @ NRG:IT£549
Diagonally Viewable Size: 86.5 cm - 34" (34-inch wide viewable image size) Aspect Ratio: Widescreen (21:9) Panel Type, Surface: In-plane switching, anti glare with hard coat 3H … Read more

good to partner this with an XPS 15?


Ever heard of PC gaming?


WTF are you all talking about with your 144hz is better than 60hz? Consoles max out @ 60fps so by having 144hz you are not benefitting over 60hz, you're all talking out your asses.


Thanks. Another quick question please, how does text and general windows desktop look on a curved monitor? I will be spending 8 hours per day coding on this thing, does the text look stretched in the middle? Thanks.


Ordered one last Thursday and was delivered Friday. Fantastic monitor. Very very happy. came with all brand new cables and the monitor it self looks brand new. Couldn't be happier with it

Alienware Alpha ASM100 i7 4785T 8GB Steam Machine Gaming Media PC with windows os (returns) at NRG:IT £449
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Posted 30th May 2016Posted 30th May 2016
Alienware Alpha ASM100 i7 4785T 8GB Steam Machine Gaming Media PC with windows os (returns) at NRG:IT £449£449
Been looking at getting a better PC for gaming, this seems like a great price for an i7 PC that would go well under the TV. this has windows on it too instead of the steam os so y… Read more
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I know you have said don't say build a gaming computer, but you could build a much better ITX system for a respectable cost without the focus being on video game fps. If instead of focusing on pushing the most fps out of a system you focused on something with comparable specs and size to your Mac book pro, you could do very well, as if you aren't going to put a £200+ dedicated long GPU in the system, you have a good little bit to play around with, meaning you could get a Bluetooth and WiFi integrated mobo, a small size GPU with enough power for your needs, and then have a system you can gradually upgrade if the need for more performance in certain areas arrises, and you have a system that you have put together meaning that any repairs/replacements should be able to be done yourself Edit: if however you did just want something simple and easy from the get go, this would suit your needs, just you won't have too much joy with upgrading anything if you need to in the future bar the most simple parts eg the ram and the storage. It all depends on your exact needs and what you're using the system for. You'd also, as other posts have explained, install windows OS onto this on your own accord, I dont know how or if you'd go about this if there's anything alienate have done to hinder this


I think the gaming-focused conversation here has swayed the discussion a bit, although understandable because the brand does direct it towards the gaming market. I'm interested in getting one of these as I travel frequently and have to do lots of intensive graphics and video work, but I absolutely hate using a laptop for any serious editing - ask anyone who does this kind of work seriously and they'll tell you that 9 hours spent at a laptop results in serious deformities. Lightweight monitors are available now, and I can certainly get a few pounds of monitor in a suitcase, as long as it's no bigger than a 22 monitor. It's nigh on impossible to find a portable PC with a half-decent graphics chip. I've no particular interest in gaming, but I'm hugely interested in this if it would allow me to ditch my macbook pro for a proper computer. I'm sure anyone reading this will suggest to just carry on with the laptop, but really, after 9 years of doing so, it's really taking a toll. Moreover, repairs are so expensive to high-end laptops - if something happens to the screen, it's really difficult to get a replacement. Interesting re: the updated model coming after e3 - but what sort of price will this entail? An i7 with dedicated graphics is hard to find. As a competitor to the Mac mini this looks hard to beat. If this is overpriced for its hardware, as many of you have said, can anyone please point my in the direction of a comparable model? I've considered Micro ITX, but I still haven't managed to get anywhere near this size/ price point for what I need. ...and please - don't just tell me to build a gaming computer, I have absolutely no use for FPS related willy-waving.


Could this run GTA V PC properly?


I did not read or post in relation to your first post... I was just stating facts... you really do have a complex over your card. I funny enough, was talking about my experience of this machine. Weirdly not my opinion of what you are guessing about a machine because you have a completely different system with a similar or same GPU. I have no more time to waste on your paranoias sorry, Over and out!


In my very first post in this thread, which also happens to be post #1, I said it would run modern games on med/high at 30fps. Exactly what part of that do you think people might misconstrue as 'it will run Witcher 3 maxed out'?

Dell P2414H 24" monitor (without stand) £89 delivered @ NRT:IT
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Posted 10th Apr 2016Posted 10th Apr 2016
Dell P2414H 24" monitor (without stand) £89 delivered @ NRT:IT£89
They're back in stock folks (at least at time of posting anyway). Good price for a quality monitor IMO - I bagged 2 when they were previously available. Even though it mentions ref… Read more
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Back in stock


I have bought 8 Dell monitors from them so far. All excellent. They are called NRG though!


Good company. Needed a stand so emailed asking about stock availability as they were oos. Got back within an hour with one available.


Mines been going strong for the best part of 2 years! Very nice to use and amazing for the price.


These always go fast, and with good reason you don't see any bad reviews. Have the 22" one personally, great company to deal with and if you can live with having DVI rather than HDMI connectivity bang for buck I don't think you will find a better deal on an IPS providing you are not a hardcore gamer that would frown at the 8ms response time.