NScessity 7inch Baby monitor with HD camera and infrared, 150m range  £75 down from £199.99 @ NCT

NScessity 7inch Baby monitor with HD camera and infrared, 150m range £75 down from £199.99 @ NCT

Found 26th Dec 2013
Came across this baby monitor while browsing the NCT sale.
With a 7inch screen and a HD camera it seems a bargain at this price.
Free delivery.

"The NScessity 7 inch HD camera monitor delivers a clear, full colour image even in total darkness due to its automatic infra red vision; there is also a soft light night on the fully adjustable camera. A substantial monitoring range of 150 metres for both visual and audio monitoring and both volume and brightness are manually adjustable.

The monitor screen is completely versatile, the AV in and out sockets allow it to be linked up to other household appliances such as PC, TV or DVD player.

Due to its narrow band width and 4 separate channels, interference should be very limited, voice activation also makes monitoring simple for parents.
All Nscessity monitors can be adapted to suit the needs of growing families: extra cameras can be added to allow parents to monitor up to 4 rooms at once by simply using the scan feature."
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Wow this seems over the top

Wow this seems over the top

Whilst i definitely agree with you that the RRP is ridiculous, at £75 you honestly can't complain. It is what it is, not a product for everyone obviously but if you look at video baby monitors you will struggle to find a comparable one at this price.
Buy a d-link camera setup with iphone or android app much better and cheaper
Just looked up dlink cameras on Amazon. Still seem quite pricey. Can anyone recommend camera that would work with galaxy tab2?
Ragingpup, sorry no idea. Bump in the hope someone knows.
Barely seems worth saving £10 and then having to use your tablet/phone as the monitor?
One of the advantages our found the the "baby monitors" was that you could take them on holiday with you and monitor the baby whilst you were sitting in the next room (ie with no networking facilities).

Can the dlink ones be used here or do they need to be hooked up to a router?
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