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NSPCC letters from santa any donation welcome
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Posted 18th Oct 2019Posted 18th Oct 2019
NSPCC letters from santa any donation welcomeFREE£0.01
Just had an email and this year they are even better with alot more to choose from for the childs favourite activity and achievements. you can donate as little or as much as you li… Read more

Can I ask every1 to pass this on to family and friends as every penny helps also you can make any donation you want I gave £8 for my 2 kids


This is a good idea I have just done it for my 2 kids




Thanks for posting! All ordered for my little boy and for such a worthy cause.


Thanks for the reminder. I normally get these for free but this year I've donated!

Safety Online - How To Help Keep Your Kids Safe On The Internet
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Refreshed 6th Apr 2019Refreshed 6th Apr 2019
Safety Online - How To Help Keep Your Kids Safe On The InternetFREE£0.01
Updated 5/4 I'm the first to admit I am not the most tech savvy person around, but with 2 young daughters who use the internet on a daily basis & the ever increasing stories i… Read more
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(For the next almost 1 Week at least anyway), this may also help a few people out a little: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/ht-parental-controls-for-pc-formally-2499-free-100-discount-but-currently-free-at-sharewareonsale-3239775 By all mean's everyone, feel free to explore the above Freebie link to your heart's content, etc etc etc ... thanx.


8) (strong) Snap!!. (highfive) (flirt) :p :{


The 'game' has changed (pun not intended, lol). Today's kid's rule the roost, which wasn't exactly quite the way 20 Year's back even?. :-( The system has had it's own 'unique hand's in the making of some of that mind (which is a whole different level of argument in itself, if we're honest?), and then (of course), some of the parent's along with all of that also, etc etc etc ... Alllllll of what's currently amiss here, could easily be successfully argued either way that none of it was deliberate (a fair enough enough argument I guess), but it could just as easily be also argued that none of alllllll this is by no accident either (which is a scary thought in itself, if we're honest?). It's alllllll good though, onwards and upwards, and all that still. :-)


Good article


Until 16, my children will only use the internet under my supervision. After this, unsupervised, but parental controls will be in place until 18. This is, in my opinion, the safest way to ensure they aren’t doing things they shouldn’t be!

Nspcc letter from santa donate what you like no min no max
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Refreshed 4th Nov 2018Refreshed 4th Nov 2018
Nspcc letter from santa donate what you like no min no max£1£580%
The magic begins with a Letter from Santa Choose from a range of enchanting stories and new illustrations for Christmas 2018. Every letter can be personalised with a child's name… Read more

Ordered & donated for three letters. Thanks op <3


Ordered 100 for eBay Easy £100 after selling them for £1.50 each (y)


At least Santa gets off his arse and delivers the presents the elves spend all year making for him while he spends the year living in the Caribbean for tax reasons himself. It might be a rickety old sleigh and a red sack, but imagine he outsourced delivery to Yodel or Hermes? (shock) Kids wake up Christmas morning to find a toy plane wrapped in brown parcel tape. A jigsaw box crushed and punted over the wall in a bin. Or a 'sorry we missed you!' card because the driver couldn't be arsed to bring a box up the driveway. Keep it old school Santa. (y)


Fake. Everyone knows Santa doesn’t write letters anymore. He has staff.


Totally agree. Do appreciate some people are struggling, but for everyone else on good salaries £5 isn't much to ask.

NSPCC Letter From Santa (suggested donation of £5)
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Posted 12th Nov 2017Posted 12th Nov 2017
NSPCC Letter From Santa (suggested donation of £5)
The Christmas Magic begins with a letter from Santa. Choose from 8 enchanting stories and new illustrations. Every letter can be personalised with a child's name, age and more. … Read more

Has anyone got their letter? I ordered around the 15th and the kids haven't got theirs yet.


Ummm, smacking isn't illegal in the UK if it amounts to "reasonable punishment".


Your interesting perspective is arguably challenging , but thankfully children are now protected and enjoy the law regarding this matter. Perhaps in historical terms with hindsight and careful long term research, that'll prove the arguments for and against physical punishment against a child by an adult.


I never said it did justify it, but then hold your grandparents to the same moral standard and call them out as child beaters? Otherwise, you are being hypocritical. Also other research studies have found that "Smacked children more successful later in life" saying they are "happier and more successful than those spared physical discipline." If you don't want to smack your own children, then fine, don't smack them, but don't make your preferences legally binding on everyone else. If you were smacked and it's abuse, then why shouldn't your mom be brought before a court for child abuse now for past historical crimes. I come from a family where all of us were smacked, and every single one of us graduated with a university degree, three with post-graduate degrees, and one a doctorate.


... Just because previous generations have done something, that doesn't necessarily mean they were right to do so. It just means it was socially acceptable along with racism and bigotry towards women and people with disabilities or sexual preference. Look,as a 45 ur old-i remember bring 'disciplined' aka I was smacked as I child- certainly don't blame the previous generation for doing so. I just chose to do it differently . Never smacked our kids and never will. 'change the dance, change the child'.... virtually without exception, studies have consistently found that physical punishment is associated with higher levels of aggression against parents, siblings, peers and future spouses. Do your research... It may change your perspective. It did for us!

Nspcc letter from santa
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Posted 3rd Oct 2017Posted 3rd Oct 2017
Nspcc letter from santa
Just noticed that the nspcc is doing the letter from santa again you can donate as little or as much as you like I have done this the past few years and the letters are brill and h… Read more

You won me over, so I just donated 1p, and with a stamp costing 56p, I'm sure I've saved someone from hearing this left winged liberal rubbish. No wonder so many kids are running wild and are out of control. Thanks again... I needed a good laugh!


There's no such thing. And anyway, if the NSPCC know about it (ie, you've left a mark), you can't defend it as reasonable. Stop hitting your kids.


That's incredibly high - considering how much charities rely on volunteers.


Santa (an American English term) or Father Christmas (the British English term) has nothing to do with Christianity, actually Christmas is a pagan festival that got incorporated into Christianity. If you're truly Christian you must not celebrate the pagan festival, it is a great sin. And on this offer, just give some money directly to the NSPCC and don't expect anything in return, THAT is charity. When you receive something back or expect something back, that is NOT charity.


I have been getting these since my daughter was born. The paper and layout very similar every year, so when she's old enough to read, she will have a stack of similar letters and it will make Santa seem a bit more real, and a great charity to donate to :D

Make a child’s Christmas even more magical and support the NSPCC with a personalised letter from Santa.
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Posted 12th Dec 2016Posted 12th Dec 2016
Make a child’s Christmas even more magical and support the NSPCC with a personalised letter from Santa.
Letter from Santa The perfect start to a magical Christmas. Create your Letter from Santa and support NSPCC

Over 5 weeks ago :(


Yes mine came yesterday. I ordered 6 days ago :) how long ago did you order?


Anyone got theirs yet? Still no letters for my girls :(


​ill stand corrected, sir, apologies!!! Merry Xmas :)


Just to add, you can print the letter off - link should be in your email - i know its not the same, but my boys wouldn't know any different - especially if their elf brings them :p Whilst you're waiting, it's easy to download your letter(s) from your dedicated order page. You just need your order ID - ****** and email address to view the letter(s) you have created. You can then save and print your Letter(s) from Santa.

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personalised letter from santa from nspcc for a donation
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Posted 16th Nov 2016Posted 16th Nov 2016
personalised letter from santa from nspcc for a donation
Get a personalised letter from santa posted to your kids this Christmas. They have done this the last few years and they are lovely and have several options that can be personalis… Read more
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I actually got mine yesterday, the kids loved them


Thanks. I was expecting them at the start of December


No but I'm told they aren't posted until mid-December.


Have u received yours yet?


Haven't received mine yet either

Personalised letter from santa. NSPCC
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Posted 6th Oct 2016Posted 6th Oct 2016
Personalised letter from santa. NSPCC
It's back! Personalised letter from Santa through the NSPCC All they ask for is a donation. I think £5 per letter is the recommended amount as that's what it shows when you go on… Read more
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I've had an email today to say mines on its way. It says it on tha link when they should be out by and that you can also print it


Where does it say that? All I can find is a part that says if you want them before Christmas then order no later than the 16th December


Just an update they are posted on 16th Dec https://www.nspcc.org.uk/terms-conditions/letter-from-santa-questions/


Can anyone who has ordered clarify if these will be posted or just for you to download and print. Want to get one for our little boy but can't decide between this one or RM. Want it to be the best quality possible, else I may as well just make one myself to get the quality I want then donate separately to nspcc.


They come in the post early December - I did this last year for my two and they were really good. I think they just give you the option to print them or download them as well, in case you or your kids can't wait, or the dog eats them when they arrive or whatever!

free letter from father Christmas @ nspcc
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Posted 13th Nov 2015Posted 13th Nov 2015
free letter from father Christmas @ nspcc
you can get a letter off father Christmas for free off the nspcc website. it does ask for a donation but when you get to that part of it just type in 0 then click continue you will… Read more
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Thanks ;)


10 pound a month as you already no


Tell me please


​you no I have told everyone what I pay each year to this charity I sent each person a reply so that's why you can see it loads and loads on here as each person getting mouthy got a reply to there message


​I'm sick of telling everyone already I give this charity 120 pound a year witch is probably 130 pound more than what you already give them!

Personalised letter from Santa suggested donation £5 for NSPCC
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Posted 14th Oct 2015Posted 14th Oct 2015
Personalised letter from Santa suggested donation £5 for NSPCC£5
Not so much a deal although you can donate as little as you like but the suggested donation is £5 and it all goes to a great cause. I did this last year for my daughter and she lov… Read more

Arrived today, all 25 oO


glad you got them. I am still waiting :(


Letters arrived today :)


:( Ordered two letters for £10 on October 14th and still haven't arrived. Worried that there wont be time to buy from somewhere else if they don't arrive :(


The above was on the web site so hopefully all will arrive x

Personalised letter from Santa free @ NSPCC (donations accepted - £5 suggested)
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Posted 30th Sep 2014Posted 30th Sep 2014
Personalised letter from Santa free @ NSPCC (donations accepted - £5 suggested)
The suggested donation is £5 for this one but you can donate less of course (or more!) As most folk with little ones will be ordering these online, maybe a good idea to get it from… Read more

Morally, this is repugnant. Shouldn't be listed as a freebie. Bl**dy cheapskates!


Stop bashing each other, hating someone because they leave a lower donation, is more shameful (transformers)!! Some ppl have very little money and just want to do something nice for their children. The £5 is a suggestion not a rule.I'm sure the majority want to help children, but guilt tripping is not the way. Happy Xmas all.


How about if you donate £5 every month through DD?. Can you order for free then


Never seen this before but what a fab idea, i've ordered 2 and of course donated £10


I have just requested a letter through your website and donated the suggested £5. I can't believe people are requesting these letters without even donating at least £1 to cover the cost of printing and posting the letter and really do feel that you should be charging as these selfish people not donating anything are taking advantage, and for those genuine people like myself who are donating it would be nice if we knew our donations were going to help children in need and not going towards the cost of the letters for those who are too selfish to donate

Personalised letter from Father Christmas @ NSPCC (donations accepted)
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Posted 2nd Oct 2013Posted 2nd Oct 2013
Personalised letter from Father Christmas @ NSPCC (donations accepted)
Totally free, but you can choose to donate if you wish. Fill in your childs details eg. name, age, likes, achievements, message from Santa etc and you get a really sweet letter f… Read more

It's called fundraising. Charities invest money to raise awareness, and to raise even more money. Not believing in charities is one thing. Taking from them? Disgraceful.






Ordered one but did not donate as i don't believe in charities. Surely if they can afford to print and post these they could of just gave that money to the poor instead.


One of the letters I ordered arrived today, so keep an eye out for the postie!

£5 BHS voucher (off £25 spend, instore only) in exchange for old clothes
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Posted 28th Aug 2013Posted 28th Aug 2013
£5 BHS voucher (off £25 spend, instore only) in exchange for old clothes
I thought this seemed like a reasonable idea if anyone is thinking of getting rid of old clothes, etc., and isn't sure what to do with them. The NSPCC is a good cause and you get … Read more
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Cheers OP!


It depends what charities the bags are for - if it's a genuine charity, particularly for something you would like to support, then great! Beware of bogus collectors (we have a company here in Edinburgh who distribute bags VERY similar to Heart Foundation bags, but they are actually collecting to resell). If you're not sure what charity to give to then the NSPCC is a great cause and, as I said, you get a little something back, too. Win, win! :D


Heat added OP, just a pity NI can.t donate, maybe our BHS stores will run something similar.


Nice one


Off topic posts removed.

NSPCC : Letter from Santa ~ Suggested Donation £5.00
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Posted 2nd Dec 2012Posted 2nd Dec 2012
NSPCC : Letter from Santa ~ Suggested Donation £5.00£5
Make a child’s Christmas magical, whilst helping to protect children from cruelty. They will be amazed when Santa addresses them personally in a letter delivered by Rudolph Mail! … Read more
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Got our's through the post yesterday and my girls were so excited and really loved them.




We got this last year and it was great BTW. Plus its a great cause!


£50 for a sand tray? They need to come on here more. Get down to elc in the sales and get a bulk load!


These look lovely, have just done them for my daughters.

NSPCC letter from Santa
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Posted 9th Nov 2012Posted 9th Nov 2012
NSPCC letter from Santa
NSPCC offering a letter direct from Santa to your child. Donation recommended at £5 but may donate as much or as little as you can afford
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Hi Max, It's been a week, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm more than happy enough to continue the discussion if you are interested. Kind regards.


I'm a man, married to an angel. Kind regards.


No, it doesn't offend me at all! Are you a man or a woman? Just curious ;)


Hi badbear, I'm naturally a blasphemer and I don't want to take the Lord's name in vain, so I use a simple dash to remind me that I'm speaking of my Lord. I have no problem with spelling it out as God, so if it offends you, please let me know and I'll spell it out. Kind regards.


I have a question. Why do you keep putting a hyphen instead of an o in the word God?

Personalised letter from Santa when you donate to NSPCC
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Posted 10th Nov 2011Posted 10th Nov 2011
Personalised letter from Santa when you donate to NSPCC
A personalised letter via Rudolph Mail from the NSPCC. I haven't put a price as you can donate whatever you like, but please don't just donate 1p. Suggested donation £5.

I voted cold because, while the NSPCC does do some good work, it also spends millions on advertising and lobbying to change the laws regarding reasonable smacking. Campaigning to toss parents who use reasonable discipline into prison and having social services seize their children, isn't a charity that I would like to support. There are more worthwhile children's charities that keep the focus on the children and not their left winged political agenda!


Why not use Royal Mail http://www2.royalmail.com/letters-to-santa and then donate £4.99 (minus the cost of a 2nd class stamp) to diabetes UK?


good deal ta...


Thanks. These letters are wonderful. My daughter was made up last year. Give generously!


These are great letters, we got them last year and have ordered them again this year. Much better for the money to go to charity than some other company.

NSPCC- Shop and Give (Donate for free when shopping at certain shops)
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Posted 27th Nov 2010Posted 27th Nov 2010
NSPCC- Shop and Give (Donate for free when shopping at certain shops)
I found this whilst looking at the NSPCC website. You click through the links and when you shop on the website, they donate to the NSPCC- but you must use the links provided. The … Read more
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Why do we have the RNLI providing rescue services, why do we have medical research provided by charities, etc, etc? Becasue there is only so far the state goes and people with good intentions have set up charities for things they wish to improve further and seek support from like minded people. Everyone has different opinions on the state's roll, but in general given the relatively consistent middle policital enviroment we have had for the past 50 years the consensus seems to be that the balance is as right as you can get it.


The NSPCC also wants to puts parents in prison who use reasonable chastisement on their children, so thanks, but not thanks. I'll give these links a pass this christmas.


So why was he re-elected? Was this not an approval of his policies. He put himself first in the pages of history then way below come domestic issues ...like children. Before all the do gooders moan just remember the abusive use of your taxes!


Do we have a choice? Did we have a choice? The answer is unfortunately not. Blair was gonna go to war regardless of our opinion.


Excuse me for asking but can someone please explain why you all accept (this & previous) govt. spending billions fighting an illegal war but rely on charities to look after your children in 2010?

Letter from Santa when you donate to NSPCC (£5 or LESS)...
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Posted 11th Nov 2010Posted 11th Nov 2010
Letter from Santa when you donate to NSPCC (£5 or LESS)...£5
...suggested donation £5 but its upto you!! Each year NSPCC's Letter from Santa campaign is a best selling Christmas Charity Gift. At that time of year Santa is "snowed under" bu… Read more

or royal mails version: http://www.royalmail.com/portal/rm/jump1?catId=1000002&mediaId=80800761&campaignid=santa


I bet YOUR kids would rather have the fiver, too.


Why isnt this hotter, fantastic thing to do for your kids & the kids where the money will go


Such a nice thing to do, did this for my Son last year and he got a lovely "1st Christmas" letter! Will be doing it again this year too :)



Buy One Get One Free - Help the NSPCC by signing up for a charity race!
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Posted 20th Sep 2010Posted 20th Sep 2010
Buy One Get One Free - Help the NSPCC by signing up for a charity race!£40
Looking for Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF) offers? Why not try this deal from the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC)! They're organising a charity r… Read more
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you mean their "Child's Voice Appeal"


NSPCC Winter Sale - 50%off calendars, cards etc
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Posted 20th Jan 2010Posted 20th Jan 2010
NSPCC Winter Sale - 50%off calendars, cards etc£1.75
2010 Calendars, card & gift sale, confection sale - all for a great cause! Prices start from £1.75
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I just wish they didn't use child labour.


Some good deals, but the delivery charge (£4.95 for a £1.95 pocket diary) kind of kills it for me. Still voting hot though as its the NSPCC :thumbsup: