Nunchuck controller for Nintendo Wii (3rd party) for Nintendo Wii £6.40(approx)@dealextreme

Nunchuck controller for Nintendo Wii (3rd party) for Nintendo Wii £6.40(approx)@dealextreme

Found 23rd Apr 2009
Just seen these on

I wouldn't buy a 3rd party Wiimote, because I think they need to be a bit more robust, but would definitely get a 3rd party Nunchuck as it is not something that is used all the time.

A Nintendo Nunchuck costs around £12 in comparison.

For those who don't know dealextreme, they are based in Hong Kong, and accept payment by Paypal. Delivery takes approximately 7-10 days from day of ordering


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Good deal.


Very good deal


Id rather buy from a known company in this country

Here we go again with DealExtreme, at least this time round they are being honest by not stating they are Nintendo, unlike the rest of the unscrupulous dealers on Ebay, but this makes interesting reading :


Specifically....The Nunchuk joystick is stiffer and is made of cheap, stiff rubber.

Also, DealExtreme could easily be sued by Nintendo for this, Nintendo are sueing Nyko for producing a nunchuk with same styling as themselves.....


You avoid these sellers on Ebay, why HUKD still allows DealExtreme posts I will never know.
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