Nurishment - Strawberry 420g for 60p a can!

Nurishment - Strawberry 420g for 60p a can!

Found 28th May 2008
A great-tasting, nutritionally-enriched milk drink thats also a mini-meal to go.

Just saw it in Tesco Wolverhampton for 60p a can, this is usually about £1.20 in petrol stations.


Great find, love the flavour, voted hot.

Great deal, will stock up while they are at this price.
Voted hot, cheers.

This sh1t smells like cat food but tastes ace,

I can only drink the vanilla one, mmmm lovely.
Good price though for the strawberry variety.

This stuff is horrible.

Good deal though.

Soylent Pink ?

cant find it on the website. typed in nurishment and nout . any direct link guys .


Soylent Pink ?

Sounds about right. I used to work with soft drinks and we had this stuff. The 'kids' working the checkouts used to swipe it for some reason. Smells FOUL. Rather have a maccy d's :lol:

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I think its 64p in asda as well!
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