Nurofen Express 200mg Liquid Capsules - 16 for £1.80 @ Tesco

Nurofen Express 200mg Liquid Capsules - 16 for £1.80 @ Tesco

Found 26th May 2011
I was in tescos and noticed this deal and thought it was a good one considering tesco are charging £2.93 for 10 and only £1.80 for 16 of the same 200mg liquid capsules?
Boots charge £4.07 for 16
In store only.
I hope this helps


Why not just buy generic ibuprofen? The pound shops do 3 packs of 16 tabs for a quid. Boots own brand ibuprofen will be cheaper too.

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I agree, I personally cannot take ibuprofen but i buy these for my partner and she says they work much faster because they are liquid and do not make her feel sick like standard ibuprofen tablet.
I suppose that this deal is really just for people who prefer to buy Nurofen rather than a generic.
And compared to its normal price its a good deal.

i get the own brand capsules, sainsburys etc. they are at least in between both

Still a good saving if after the originals. £4.07 at boots!! - no wonder I hardly go to boots anymore!
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