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Nurofen Express 256mg Pain Relief Tablets Ibuprofen, 16 Count £2.53 / £2.40 Subscribe & Save @ Amazon

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About this deal

  • This product is quantity restricted and a maximum of 2 products containing paracetamol, aspirin or ibuprofen can be bought per week per customer.
  • Fast, effective pain relief
  • Quick absorption into the bloodstream to help target the source of pain fast
  • Contains sodium ibuprofen
  • Relieves: headaches, tension headaches, migraines, back pain, muscular and rheumatic pain, body aches and pain, dental pain, period pain, cold and flu symptoms and fever
  • Nurofen Express 256 mg Tablets; contains sodium ibuprofen; for pain relief; always read the label - UK/N/1118/0128
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    Isn't this just standard ibuprofen? I know when I've looked in the past this fast absorption becomes irrelevant when properly look at. (edited)
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    As said above - this is 256mg of the sodium salt which contains 200mg Ibuprofen as active ingredient. This salt manipulation is a common trick by drug companies to extend the patent on the drug so that they can keep exclusive rights. It is basically a con . In the real world it will work the same as your Poundland brand or whatever, The 'Fast absorption' is irrelevant due to the drug's relatively slow intrinsic mode of action. All oral NSAID are the same.
    Some people will prefer it because of the purely placebo effect of having something in a posh box and seeing it advertised on the telly - both of which are handsomely paid for by the consumer.
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    Heat added. Great price if this is your preferred brand for ibuprofen tablets.
    My preferred brand is non-branded for 29p
    Spend the other £2 on chocolate if I need caffeine
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    256mg is a weird amount, it's normally 200mg per tablet and then you have 2, or 400mg and you have one?? So you'd get an extra 112mg per dose on this.
    The other 56mg will be caffeine, another con basically.

    Actually I just looked at the photo of the back of the pack, it’s just sodium ibuprofen and is equivalent to 200mg, it’s just a more soluble form. (edited)
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    Avoid if taking steroids
    Aye, indeed. With this, as with all drugs there are caveats - always read the info. Being able to buy it on Amazon doesn't make it safe - it just means it's your responsibility to check.