Nurofen for Children Digital Ear Thermometer @ £9.99

Nurofen for Children Digital Ear Thermometer @ £9.99

Found 24th Mar 2008
Was looking for Thermometer and came up with what looks like a couple of good deals.

Using a digital ear thermometer is one of the most effective methods of taking body temperature. The ear is an accurate site to measure as the eardrum shares the blood supply with the centre of temperature control in the brain. the thermometer takes between 30 and 40 measurements within a 2 second period and uses a complex algorithm to determine the correct temperature of the body.
Easy to use
Fast and accurate
30 readings memory
Talking temperature facility in C or F
Use for all the family
Infrared reading
Real time clock and calendar display


Typical i bought the calpol one for £30 2 days ago! If only i knew about this! Voted hot regardless!!

great deal :] voted hhhhot!

i have had this a long time now and if your just using it on adults its fine but on young children you have to pull back their ear and angle it a certain way. Even if i try this on a co-operative healthy child I find i get very different readings everytime I try. It does say you should take more than one reading to get an average but they are widely variant. Also (if i remember correctly) you cant change the readings to degrees fahrenheit, which i would prefer. I hope this helps (its just my opinion :thumbsup:)

That's not a thermometer, that's a Tamagotchi!
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