Nurofen Max Trength was £4.59 Now 20p instore Asda Pharmacy

Nurofen Max Trength was £4.59 Now 20p instore Asda Pharmacy

Found 24th Oct 2017
Nurofen Lysine Maximum Strength Migraine Pain Relief. Was £4.59 Now 20p in ASDA Pharmacy.
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Need something a bit tronger
Location please?
Expiry date?
Need something a bit tronger
Pretty Sure There's A Law restricting the reduction of medicines! I know its a pharmacy but they should only sell two packets of pain killers at a time (you can buy larger quantities in a single pack) I may be wrong, would be interested to know.
Great deal... I'm guessing this is end of line stock as a result of their court case regarding the naming of their products.
Agnes12351 m ago

Location please?

Asda, duh.
winningchip23 m ago

Need something a bit tronger

Say 'Max Trength' faster...
"Max Trength" sounds like some kind of gumshoe detective.
Agnes1231 h, 24 m ago

Location please?

It says Abbey Park on the receipt
I never buy Nurofen. It contains the same amount of Ibuprofen as Ibuprofen packets purchased in any supermarket for 20 to 40p.
Trength Strewth!
Agnes, sorry - Coventry Whitley
Expiry 04/2020
Wonder if they have got any of the max Strength one!
The price it should be as standard.
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