NUS Card including Gourmet society from £15.99

NUS Card including Gourmet society from £15.99

Found 14th Oct 2014
As part of buying a student card you can now get up to 3 years membership with Gourmet Society.

The length of time you can select depends on the course length (i.e. if you have only 2 years left of your course you can only have up to 2 years)
1 year NUS membership + 1 year gourmet society = £15.99
2 years of the above = £28.99 (£14.50/yr)
3 years of the above = £41.99 (£14.00/yr)

To clarify, the gourmet society is an add on to the NUS card, it starts at £4 for 1 year but goes up to £9.99 if you get it for 3 years.

I appreciate some gourmet society deals have been cold but for at most an extra £4, you'd earn that back quite easily within 2 (if not 1!) meals.

It will be delivered for £1 or I had the option to get it sent to where i'm registered as a student for free (not sure if everyone gets that).

Apologies to non students as this deal isn't available to you.
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Is this students, or people with emails?
I got my NUS Extra Card printed on the spot when I filled in the application on a laptop in the SU shop. There's at least one university where practically anyone could just walk in off the street and get one without any questions asked. Didn't see an option for Gourmet society, not sure I'd have bothered if I had.

Is this students, or people with emails?

You can do it online, I wasn't asked for a ac email just where I'm studding and what.
I'm doing an OU course and got one.
I didn't have to give an email, just had to give my student number for the course.
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Just to mention that NUS Extra is also available to University staff members.
i tried to use my gourmet card that's on the NUS extra card but the waitress said it couldn't be used as they need a number to be able to get discount .. Is this correct or do I require another card
it got accepted when I used it? maybe just certain places that get funny about it.
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