Nutella 1kg - £3.99 @ ALDI

Nutella 1kg - £3.99 @ ALDI

LocalFound 30th Jan 2018
Nutty spread that can lead to rioting, approach cautiously while picking your jar up.
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There were riots in France , I read in news when one store reduced price of this stuff.
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Probably all the crêpe shop owners who stockup on promotion periods
"Nutty spread that can lead to rioting..."

But not on this occasion!
tiny pic, thought i was looking at sushi....... hmm Nutella sushi.
Good find. Heat. I mean. Gooey warmth & lusciousness
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Mods please delete this thread, its going to cause riots. 🤣🤪🤪🤪😜:D
Morning Becky... Little David & Big David. I hate the advert, it seems to have been on forever.
no danger of rioting at this price, it will be all civilised
Go go go ... Aahhhhhhhhhhh
COLD as no 60-70% discount for rioting, please ALDO replicate the French, lets be European and start rioting and get farmers to block all the roads
None in Wales.
It's a swizz.This size in France was only 1.41 Euros, about £1.25.At that price I might try some for the first time.
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