Nutella Spread (Jar) instore @ Asda
Nutella Spread (Jar) instore @ Asda

Nutella Spread (Jar) instore @ Asda

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Seen this instore today @ 2 Jars for £1 - don't know weight but looked a fair size. Found alongside the Strove Tuesday goods.


Nutella is delish! Get 'em & spread 'em. Nice deal - voted hot.

I do wish people would stop posting chocolate related deals!
My jeans are too tight right now!
Good deal...heat added.

damn I just got 1 for £1 at Tesco

This for the 'small' jars. When you've emptied them they
make pretty decent glasses as well. Bonus!

I seen these as well the other day, they've also got other dessert spreads (toffee, chocolate, etc.) as well as lemon juice in the same offer!

isnt it 'Shrove' tuesday, not Strove? had to check on google as thought I was going craaaaazy...

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Thanks PectoralisMajor, slip of finger, T & H are very close, however I always thought the site was about postive posts not picking holes :x

lol, picked up a jar for 99p reduced at Lidl today. Guess they're all jumping on the reduced Nutella bandwagon.

Fookin' 'ell, have you ever looked at the ingredients in this?

First is sugar - gawd knows what else is in it but I put it back after that!

Death by food:p

mmm good deal! hot!

cheers for that - yummy
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