Nutra Nail Gel Perfect - £1 instore @ Discount UK

Nutra Nail Gel Perfect - £1 instore @ Discount UK

Found 4th Sep 2014
Found these gel polishes in my local Discount UK in Stevenage. There were a few other colours as well. Great deal these still sell at boots for 14.99. Gel nail polish that sets rock solid in 5 min No UV/LED light needed! Cannot wait to try these out!!!


keep your hands out of water.. it disintergrates

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Yikes that might be a problem!!!

brilliant until i done the dishes.. even worse after a bath lol not worth the boots price in my opinion but ok for a night out

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Well good thing it was only £1 then! I have just always seen and wanted to try thanks!

I got one of these a few weeks ago, its a shame they don't do the remover to cause i had problems getting it off when it started chipping!

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I would guess you take it off the same way as a normal gel nail. wrapping in foil with acetone soaked cotton pads is what I use. Hopefully it works!

This product is shocking! nails are now wrecked. lasted 12 hours and most of that I was sleeping.

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I did my toes and lasted for a week and a half before chipping. Not bad for a £1 if you asked me
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