nutra nail gel perfect 99p @ Home Bargains

nutra nail gel perfect 99p @ Home Bargains

LocalFound 23rd Aug 2014
Found this in home bargains Droylsden today! Priced at £14.99 in Boots! Limited colours! But real BARGAIN!
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What's the difference between gel and normal nail varnish
got this today in livingston store
Wow, I will go straight after work. Thanks for sharing!
Great buy
this stuff damages nails just buy your own gel nail kit

this stuff damages nails just buy your own gel nail kit

it only damages nails if not removed properly , soak in acetone to remove - dont pick!!
I had high hopes for this but I won't be using it again. My nails felt so heavy with the 5 layers of stuff on. And it chipped within hours despite me following the instructions.
And it has damaged my nails
Bought this the other day in b&m,was really disappointed with it.
It chipped after 2 hours and I had barely touched anything and by the next day after a bit of tidying up and hands in water it looked horrendous,then I had to try and get it off which took forever even with acetone.
The accelerator you use is nail glue so it's really damaging.

What's the difference between gel and normal nail varnish

its a lot harder to remove!!!
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mine looked great until I done the dishes, then almost half of it disintergrated in the bath
I bought one a few days ago. I am sitting her looking at my nails now they look terrible! I only did them yesterday so glad I didn't pay more for this this bottle of crap
I bought this, chipped off after 1 hour, and now takes ages to get off!!!! Wont buy again,
There's been a few threads of this. It looks nice, shiny, dries quickly, but chips really easily. Not sure how this got approved for sale as it's awful.

I find I can easily scrape it off my nails without acetone, and a lot of it chips off of its own accord, anyway. Shame as it promises much and delivers not a lot.
Rubbish! Bought this a few Weeks ago, chipped really quick, took Weeks to get off and wrecked my nails! Please do not buy!
Agree it's rubbish!!
Awww sorry guys, thought was a good but, not used it yet though!
its rubbish dont bother it chips right away awfull stuff
Rubbish stuff, its basically superglue that you use to layer the nail polish on with, i know this due to gluing my fingers together! Ruins nails and doesn't last long at all. Save your money!
Good price but have to agree with comments This stuff chipped within hours of application, didn't have a problem getting it off though, chipped off within the day!
Got to agree. Avoid this stuff as it is basically like superglue. Very hard to remove.

Sometimes there's a reason why stuff ends up in Home Bargains, B and M, and the pound shops.
I bought the gold glittery one it looked fab got it home read the instructions which seemed like a small novel and considering it was nail varnish it was traumatic so stuffed it back in the box and had a beer instead it was much more appealing (_;)
rubbish , may as well paint your nails with super glue and your own colour choice. chipped within 12 hours and most part of that I was sleeping .. lovely nails in 5 mins .. but takes 5 hours to remove!
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