Nutri Ninja £69 at Currys

Nutri Ninja £69 at Currys

Found 24th Jan 2015
Nutri Ninja at Currys for £69

Not gonna get into a debate and this and the nutri bullet.

Just thought I'd post as was a decent price.
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Angry, drunken, drug fuelled rant over why Nutri Bullet is better.
Great product, used everyday and motor has more power than Nutribullet so slightly more smoother. Depends on your preference.
£59 in costco for anyone whohas a membership
Cost co website showing £79?

Cost co website showing £79?

The BL480 is £79.…886
THe BL450 (which is what this is) is £59.98 at Costco (Or 5% extra if not a Costco member) -…013
Bought one of these last night on this deal. Can't comment on its advantage over (or not) the Nutribullet, but I have a 1000W Kenwood food processor with a blender attachment and have tried making smoothies with that in the past. Set up the Ninja and dropped in an apple and a pear (both unpeeled) and an orange (peeled, obvs) with a little water and gave it a good whizz up. It certainly makes a smoother smoothie than the Kenwood does, but you're still drinking fruit sludge that has a texture. For me this isn't a problem, but if you object to your drinks being semi-solid you might be disappointed. Of course, peeling the fruit might have reduced the texture but there's a lot of goodness in the peel.

I'll be interested to see how it copes with seeded berries and such like, as the Kenwood always leaves the seeds floating in the drink. Early days yet, some trial and error required until I get things under control. Bought mainly for my missus who isn't keen on eating fruit, but wants an easy way to consume more.
Smoothie update: The missus did a side-by-side comparison of the Kenwood blender and the Ninja last night. Ninja won by a country mile. She did, however, make up a smoothie with some frozen berries and the Ninja didn't seem to blend them out as many people have suggested, there were still plenty of seeds in the drink.
seeds are my biggest issue with these things, and i've only come across as demo of the Vitamix that actually blended the raspberry seeds. My neighbour has the bullet which still doesnt do these seeds. I got a really good blend of frozen with my kenwood processor, but still considering the bullet or ninja as i'm told they do nuts much better than the kenwood, but that remains to be seen
ps i'm told the new Ninja blends seeds like strawberry/raspberry, when I messaged Ninja US. I think it's the 480 rather than the 450. Curry's have raised the price from 79 to 129 at the moment
thanks. i bought it, its amazing. It makes carrot disappear inside smoothie and my daughter likes it
Just purchased one and now drinking my first green smoothie - spinach, kale, banana, frozen blueberries. Looks like something Shrek would drink, but is amazingly delicious. You could actually live on these smoothies and never have to cook again..... well except for cake of course
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