Nutri Ninja Blender BL450 - £69 on!!!

Nutri Ninja Blender BL450 - £69 on!!!

Found 18th Apr 2016
I've been reading about these for some time, as apparently they're better than the Nutribullet.

But anyways its always handy when it's been reduced from £99 to £69 too.
Going to give it a bash, hope this is helpful to everyone else!
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or, 55.99 from very if you use the new customer 20% discount code
Bought this at Xmas, and at first was disappointed because it's basically 'just' a blender, albeit a powerful one with a funky design. However I now find myself regularly making banana smoothies, and the odd strawberry and also mango smoothie which are all delicious. I'm sure in the summer, I'll be using some more varieties of berries and also adding some ice to crush. Anyway I bought it for £50 and is value for money! The Salter one which has been available at better prices might be a better deal.
I got the IQ model for £10 more from costco direct (doesn't seem to be available at the moment). Very good, if noisy machine, and the extra programmes on the IQ worth having. Have recently taken to grinding coffee which works well. We use it a lot - just make sure you screw the lid on properly.
The IQ version with additional beakers is £83 at COSTCO. Also very cheap deal for non members online
55 in tesco
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