Nutri Ninja Professional IQ Nutrition Extractor BL480UK £79.99 @  Costco

Nutri Ninja Professional IQ Nutrition Extractor BL480UK £79.99 @ Costco

Found 30th Dec 2015
This fantastic juicer is much more expensive everywhere else.

Free delivery too!

Add 5% if you're not a Costco member, still a hot deal with the extra £4!
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What is the star fruit next to thr passion fruit and blueberries
Not sure, I'm afraid, it might possibly be Durian which is a Vietnamese fruit, colloquially known as the " Vomit Fruit "
Currys £69.99
curry's isn't the IQ version
these seem really expensive - we got the ninja blender from costco (much more stuff with it than this) and it was only £99
I think this is getting cold votes as people are confusing it with the ninja pro, not the IQ version
what's special about the IQ version? had my eye on getting something like this for a month or so and waiting for a good deal to come up. i'm already a costco member which helps The IQ version is over £100 on amazon so this deal might be hot ??
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Had another look and it's a star … Had another look and it's a star fruit.

Thanks op

Had another look and it's a star … Had another look and it's a star fruit.

Thanks op
Good deal this.

This is 1000W in power, has sensors on the motor and additional programmes, no need to hold it either.

Will buy one and flog my Breville, sick of bits in my not-so-smoothies.
You don't need to be a customer of Costco if you register online to bet the cheaper price
If your not a business or member and just normal you can buy it at the price plus 5%
Still cheaper than currys Argos etc
I tried a price match promise with currys but they said was a wholesaler so they don't promise same price
I argued it's not a wholesaler now but also a web business to ordinary people
But they wouldn't budge?
Ours has turned up now and it properly blends ice and frozen fruit without the bits that a cheaper 250W blender struggled with.

Absolutely fantastic, but VERY noisy- but what do you expect with 1000W of power!
Mine is brilliant! Even blends up raspberry seeds!!!!
Has anyone else tried this please, and is it better than the Nutribullet?

I am still trying to choose best. It sort of makes send that a 900 or 1000 motor must be better than the original 600 nutribullet. Just want to be sure it will last a while. I know Costco have 3 month returns for electricals, but also has a 1 year warranty. I want a 3 year for peace of mind.
I'm also wondering weather to go for nutribullet or nutri ninja auto iq. Daily Mail are doing a 1/2 price deal on nutribullet tomorrow with a 3 year warranty. Thing is, Nutri Ninja IQ seems to have the better reviews and is much cheaper...... Help!
Looks like this is available online again now. I've just ordered one. As per the OP states, you just add 5% for non - Costco members to the price so £83.99 delivered for us mere mortals. I can't find a better price anywhere else.
If anyone wants the 900ml large cup (not included) then Ninja kitchen direct are selling them for £6.99 with free delivery here:…iq/
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