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NutriSport Whey Protein Isolate (5000g) - £56.95 @ Dolphin Fitness

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Whey Protein is considered to be the most nutritionally complete protein available to athletes and bodybuilders. Easily absorbed and high in essential amino acids and branched chain amino acids which are lost during high intensity exercise.
dolphin fitness More details at dolphin fitness
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    Soy lecithin aaaaaarrrrggghhhh
    But bro if I consume 12kg of soy a day I might have slightly raised estrogen
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    Good price but I need unflavoured..still waiting for myprotein to have some good offers again...
    I do remember times when I could buy whey isolate from MP for less than £10/kg (on offer), but I think this times will never come back
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    Nice deal, hopefully we start to see more whey come back down to the £10/kg mark
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    Amazing price, thank you. If this is the regular price, you'll save me a fortune! 🙏
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    Thanks. Looks good. I have ordered.
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    Five thousand grams!
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    how does this compare with Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard?
    In terms of
    (1) quality
    (2) taste, I would be going for chocolate flavor.

    I normally buy this Double Rich Chocolate: dolphinfitness.co.uk/en/…825
    Price is shocking £65 for 2.2kg, the last one I bought from Dolphin Fitness was in 2019, and was £45 (edited)
    ON whey is considered to be one of the best whey concentrate product on the market in terms of quality.
    Nutrisport, in my view is a "budget" brand so not really in the same league as ON.
    Despite being described as protein isolate, it contains only 76.5% protein which is fairly low for this category; should be >80%
    Seems to be a decent option if one's on the budget and it really is isolate not concentrate/mix.
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    High in sugar.
    9,2g based on 133g of powder (edited)
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    Rubbish ingredients Inc soy
    Only as an emulsifier which most companies use.
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    Not all that attractive for the price when you clock the protein % per 100g. nearly less than concentrates. (edited)
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    This is a good price but sweet lord I've just had it delivered and it tastes TERRIBLE. Not the flavour just something in the consistency aint right. Also it's not even a proper isolate @ <80% protein