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Resident Evil / Resident Evil 0 - HD Remasters (Steam) £6.07 Each @ Nuuvem US
Found 20th Jan 2017Found 20th Jan 2017
Resident Evil HD REMASTER: The game that defined the survival-horror genre is back! Check out the remastered HD version of Resident Evil. In 1998 a special forces team is sent t… Read more

I have over 1500 games and use VPN to buy but would never use VPN to activate on steam never worth it. This is not really a deal at all and should be removed unless someone has activated it on steam normally in the uk / europe.


Using a VPN to unlock a pre-order early is fairly safe and acceptable. Using one to 'trick' Steam with a region locked game is a big no no.


​I would say you have to use a VPN to trick Steam your in a different country. not worth the F'in about imo


AVAILABLE REGIONS FOR ACTIVATION Across the globe, except South America, Europe and United Kingdom. So they work on steam in the uk anyone confirm ? steam.db has many versions locked.


Played both games on the Wii and they were great. can't wait to see how they look on PC! Thanks turkey :)

Super BR Bundle £6.09 @ Nuuvem (No VPN)
Found 12th Oct 2016Found 12th Oct 2016
so every now and then a nuuvem deal arrives which doesn't require a VPN or travelling to brazil to buy it! :D Use the code NUUVEM10 to save some pennies. -All appear to be steam … Read more

Chroma Squad------------------------------£10.99 Toren-------------------------------------------£6.99 Stock car Extreme--------------------------£14.99 Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly---------£14.99 Aritana and the Harpy's Feather--------£6.99 Phoenix Force-------------------------------£3.99 Porcupine-------------------------------------£6.99 Oniken-----------------------------------------£3.99 Pesadelo - Regressão---------------------£4.79 Painters Guild--------------------------------£6.99 Holodrive--------------------------------------£6.99 Damned---------------------------------------£14.99 HTR+ Slot Car Simulation----------------£4.99 Dreaming sarah-----------------------------£4.79 Qasir al-Wasat-------------------------------£10.99 +bonus DRM free games. (based on steam's RRP)

Castlevania - Dracula's Origin Pack (Steam) £6.62 @ Nuuvem - no VPN
Found 9th Jul 2016Found 9th Jul 2016
Apply code: VEMPRANUUVEM10 Great news, the Castlevania: Dracula's Origin Pack can now be purchased from Nuuvem, no VPN required. Includes Steam codes for: Lords of Shadow - Ultim… Read more
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Very brief guide for buying on Nuuvem - Use this to see if a game is region locked - Nuuvem usually lists games as only being available in Brazil or South America even when there are no region locked versions of the game. If that site says a game is region free from BR -> GB then it probably is, regardless of what Nuuvem claims. Try to purchase without a VPN. This probably won't work but it's worth a try (it's the exception rather than the rule). If you get to basket and it says a game isn't available in your region, get a VPN and set it to Brazil and refresh. Personally I've found that the TunnelBear extension for Chrome works really well with Nuuvem. Some people say to turn the VPN off when logging into Paypal but I've never found that necessary - I just leave it on the whole time and I've never had a problem. If you get through checkout okay but then it fails on verification (when you get the 40 second countdown) then the game is also address locked, which means they've checked your Paypal account and seen you have a UK address. To buy one of those games you'll need a Brazilian Paypal account with a Brazilian address. That's where it starts to become more trouble than it's worth!


These games are international and have no regional coding. The thing to avoid is using a VPN to activate regional keys on your Steam account (e.g. Street Fighter V has specific keys for Russia/Brazil)


The games say "Available Regions for Activation: South America". Even if it works, there may be repercussions. Your choice but worth noting.


At least nuuvem are trying to help.. well according to twitter anyways.. from what I've seen them say most things are locked via publishers (obviously) but they're working to get as many unlocked afaik.


Good find especially since for some reason lord of shadows 2 did not get discounted in Europe in the recent steam sale. Rare to find non VPN requiring stuff on nuuvem these days too.

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DARK SOULS II: Scholar of the First Sin - £5 @ Nuuvem
Found 1st Jul 2016Found 1st Jul 2016
DARK SOULS II: Scholar of the First Sin - £5 @ Nuuvem They have sale on and it has lot of other games as well. Its not region locked and works in UK but its PayPal locked so you… Read more
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Purchased this and working fine! Thanks OP


Bit ****, man. ):


edit: All good, thank you :).


I apologise, I suppose I better make it clear that I obviously haven't checked EVERY game on the Nuuvem website. My point was that in contrast to how Nuuvem was 2 years ago, there is literally no point even looking at half of the sales they host due to the ever increasing amount of restrictions they are currently placing on games (we can use Castlevania collection which has been highlighted in this thread as an example if you wish). But well we're on it, let me ask you. Would you feel comfortable highlighting a sale for DARK SOULS II: Scholar of the First Sin to 22,000 people without mentioning its current region lock status? (By the way it apparently is region free). But I wouldn't feel comfortable sharing a deal for a game that has... plastered all over it? My point (as mentioned previously) is that due to the sometimes badly advertised restrictions placed at Nuuvem, it's hard to work out what is what. You can quite easily add a product to your basket to be informed at checkout it's not available for purchase in your country..more messing about. Good job with Shadow of Mordor, though. Edit: The game appears to be region free, however the PayPal transaction is locked down. For anybody wishing to know how to get around this, I'd suggest checking out some of the Reddit threads about creating a Brazilian PayPal account. Sound a bit long winded? Yeah, it is.


Shame that region lock website is down that was handy, I just went looking on nuuvems twitter and found this.. not sure what they could announce apart from some region locks going again?

Lords of the Fallen GOTY PC  £4 @ Nuuvem
Found 22nd Jun 2016Found 22nd Jun 2016
This is steam code and included all DLC. Not region locked but you still need to use VPN. Steam has the GOTY edition as £24 so it need b… Read more
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i am not doubting you can please post screen shot of this price pls? I am looking at it via the client and i still see 7.91. I wounder what I am missing to get this low price.


Its a steam client based sale, like most of the big sales Steam forces you to use their client to get the best discount, using their website doesn't always give the best price.


Where are you seeing that price pls? I get £7.91


He means its 5 pounds 18 pence, which is its sale price right now


What u mean by 518 on steam? That's not the price

Child of Light (uPlay) £1.74 @ Nuuvem
Found 7th Jun 2016Found 7th Jun 2016
The kingdom of Lemuria is in despair. The Black Queen has stolen the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. You play as Aurora, a young princess with a pure heart whose soul is brought to th… Read more
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Paypal stops me paying for it :(


Gorgeous turn based RPG game, artwork and soundtrack both compliment the game very well. Never got all the way through it (became a family man, good god) But it still resonates with me regardless.


Shame it has uplay, I'd love to buy this game :/


oh and heat.


such a good lovely game with an amazing soundtrack. ended up putting the soundtrack on my spotify playlist. great game.

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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Deluxe Edition (UPlay) @ Nuuvem
Found 14th May 2016Found 14th May 2016
Due to Turkey's deal on AC:Chronicles I found on Nuuvem this :) . The code BEMVINDO10 worked for me, used TunnelBear with Brazil.

This site pal ;)


Thank you :)


Is there a list of Brazil only games from Nuuvem?


sometimes, when buying games from foreign sites, the VPN is accepted, but as a final check they check if the country you signed up in paypal agrees with the site you're buying from-brazil in this case. If they find it's different they will just cancel the purchase and you won't be able to buy it at the very end at checkout. It's only for some games though, and apparently this isnt one of them


I'm not familiar with the term; what do you mean by 'paypal lock'?

Assassin's Creed Chronicles Trilogy (uPlay) £5.97 @ Nuuvem
Found 13th May 2016Found 13th May 2016
I used Tunnelbear with Brazil, i only bought Russia though for £2.99 as thats all i needed Hidden blade sale includes other titles Assassin's Creed: Unity £6.37 Assassin's Creed:… Read more

Great stuff, got the first six games with most DLC (gold/deluxe/director's cut versions of the games) for £16. To answer my own question which is lost in the moderation queue: you only need the VPN to purchase the games. They activate fine in uPlay.


Do you only need the VPN for buying the games? What about starting them and playing them?


Heat added OP ;) . Even though I didn't buy the listed games, your deal made me go view Nuuvem and I snagged Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - Deluxe for £1.86! (R$9.99 - R$0.99 with code BEMVINDO10) 8) .




Sorry, are these for PC?

GTA V for PC @ nuuvem
Found 29th Apr 2016Found 29th Apr 2016
Just got this email that GTA v is 64,99B$, currency conversion shows £12.93 may need VPN to play

Nice price. Too bad it's not steam :-(


op did say vpn required


This key is valid only in Brazil.

Resident Evil 5 - Gold Edition (PC) [Steam] £4.50 @ Nuuvem.
Found 22nd Apr 2016Found 22nd Apr 2016
Current Steam price - £22.99 Lowest recorded price - £8.99 From the ashes of old conflicts, a new terror arises. The Umbrella Corporation and its crop of lethal viruses have been … Read more
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Yeah I wasn't sure about that one as previously I'm sure it was region-locked. Does it definitely redeem on a UK Steam account Harry?


Resident evil hd remasters - ROW key = £3.70 Need VPN to bypass paypal

Valkyria Chronicles £1.53 @ Nuveem
Found 30th Mar 2016Found 30th Mar 2016
OK I know you have to go via VPN to buy these, but this seems a great price for this highly rated game. Couple of other good deals like Hell Yeah and Alien vs Predator Collection f… Read more

free on psp.... wink-wink, nudge-nudge


Thank you!


Here is the link for the bundle deal


Yeah, it can be a bit odd. Can't remember which game it was but there was one where SteamLocks said it was region free but Nuuvem said it was restricted to Brazil. I didn't try it myself but there were people on SteamGifts saying that it worked for them, so I guess that was just the text on Nuuvem's webpage being wrong. You've always got to double check it and even then nothing is guaranteed. I bought it from Nuuvem and it did work for me, so guess it's region free, but it did require a Paypal account with a Brazilian address (which I have, but there were a lot of hoops to jump through to get).


Not working for myself with Hola ...

Fallout 3 & Fallout Vegas 96p, Dishonored £1.32 @ Nuveem
Found 25th Mar 2016Found 25th Mar 2016
Most people will have these great games in their steam library, but if you haven't this seems a good price to me. A few other Bethesda bargains. Dishonored is personally one of my … Read more

Long gone, obviously hitting the expired button doesn't do anything really though...


My order is in limbo because PayPal have done that STUPID xxxx again where they make the payment by what they call "eCheck". It's the same as normal payment except takes two weeks for the "cheque" to "clear". Honestly I hate them.


1). Fire up TunnelBear (make sure location is set to 'Brazil'). 2). Add games to basket (insert voucher code). 3). Go to checkout and choose to complete the transaction using paypal. 4). When the paypal notification window opens, insert your login details but don't hit 'pay' yet. Turn off TunnelBear, then hit pay.


Still not having luck with this. Someone must be able to guide me?



Fahrenheit - Indigo Prophecy Remastered PC Steam Key 67p from Nuuvem
Found 24th Mar 2016Found 24th Mar 2016
Lowest price I've seen for this. VPN is required to purchase unfortunately but the Steam key will be region free.

Cold, inaccessible deal.


did you use paypal to pay to get this?


Yeah I know, However none of them worked since my only payment option is PayPal so sadly missing out on this one. I noticed my post above is slightly misleading have edited for clarity sorry about that. :)


It's interesting that softether works but others don't. Softether isn't a VPN service as such. It's a community of people who share their bandwidth openly as part of a Japanese university project.


At the moment doing them through SoftEther VPN client manager and with a mixture of other different VPN services including Tunnel Bear. Does seem like they are getting me with the Paypal address checks you guys have mentioned ah well thanks for the info an support. :)

Dishonored PC £1.42 / GOTY edition £3.64 @ Nuuvem
Found 24th Mar 2016Found 24th Mar 2016
GOTY edition includes: - Dishonored - The Knife of Dunwall DLC - The Brigmore Witches DLC - Void Walker's Arsenal DLC As always with Nuuvem, use a VPN set to Brazil (or Argentina,… Read more
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Another one long gone, expired button does nothing so others may continue to waste their time...


Worked fine after a bit of messing, thanks OP got all three games.


Awesome game, totally unappreciated classic


Have some heat. What an epic stealth game


Awesome price for the GOTY edition! I would grab it if I wasn't fully loaded on games at the moment. HEAT from me.

[NUUVEM][PC] Saints Row Special 82p
Found 23rd Mar 2016Found 23rd Mar 2016
Nuuvem currently have a Saints Row special sale. I've done the price conversion to GBP (rounded up to nearest penny) via and prices are correct as of 23 March Saints Row U… Read more

Saints row games have always been strict on region locking. Thanks for not trying to buy them first. AVAILABLE REGIONS This game cannot be activated outside Latin America

[NUUVEM][PC] Bethesda Week
Found 23rd Mar 2016Found 23rd Mar 2016
Nuuvem are currently having a Bethesda week sale. Some aren't massive savings e.g. Fallout 4, but for Fallout 3/NV, prices seem really good! I've done the price conversion to GBP (… Read more

Also TunnelBear is a good VPN service that gives you 500mb free a month, doesn't require card details. Works as an extension for Chrome and Opera, or as a desktop application for anything else


Just got Evil Within Season Pass using Papal just fine. I did use a Revolut card so maybe that's why it went through fine? Many thanks OP been after this for a while :D.


They've been doing this for sometime now rendering payment from the UK a near impossible task.


Cannot make the purchase complete with FlyVPN - it seems that Nuuvem are now scanning your country from your Paypal account.


Was not aware of that. Thank you for that information. I guess alternatively, people could sign up to a free trial with FlyVPN:

[Nuuvem] Life Is Strange PC Complete Episodes 1-5 R$36,99 (~£6.96)
Found 16th Mar 2016Found 16th Mar 2016
Complete version of Life Is Strange (Episodes 1-5) R$36.99, approximately £6.96 accordinging to (as of 16 Mar 2016) Nuuvem is based in South America and will require some … Read more

That's very odd, it worked fine for me through Hola.


Nope. When it didn't work according to your instructions, I also tried leaving the VPN connected and it still failed.


My bad, you may need to stay logged into the Brazilian VPN server through check out (although maybe some security implications) Either way, I bought from them before using Hola, connect to Brazilian VPN and I think all the way through check out and logging into PayPal and the keys got delivered to me.


Didn't work. I bought Superhot and Lords of the Fallen from them recently, so, maybe this one isn't available. "not available in your region"


I bought this from Nuuvem last year. Activated fine for me then so I'd expect it to be ok something has changed.

Lords Of The Fallen - Deluxe Edition  -- PC -- region free -- Steam -- £3.93 @ Nuuvem
Found 1st Mar 2016Found 1st Mar 2016
£29.99 on Steam: Does not require a VPN to buy, I know it takes the fun out of purchasing from nuuvem.… Read more

Bought £4.20 no issues


I didn't use a voucher and it was £4.10 for me. Might be the exchange rate changing. Usually when I've ordered from Nuuvem recently, it's been around a minute before I got confirmation and access to the code.


I did, Got my copy eventually, Came to around £4.20 but didn't realise there was a voucher, ah well.


Hopefully you turned off the VPN before logging into Paypal. If not, that may be why.


I had to use a VPN to buy this [Tunnelbear], Paypal went fine and all but have yet to receive my copy.

SUPERHOT (PC) [Steam] £6.80 @ Nuuvem
Found 25th Feb 2016Found 25th Feb 2016
£17.99 RRP on Steam. Use a VPN to buy. Activates fine in Steam (as I've just done it personally) "GAME OF THE YEAR! COOLEST GAME MECHANIC I’VE SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!" Mark Fisc… Read more
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that's the exact same error I got. I guess it's not doable any more


I just tried this with Tunnelbear and was unsuccessful.. "Operação cancelada. Ao menos um produto no seu carrinho não está disponível para compra em sua região." which translate to Operation canceled . At least one product in your cart is not available for purchase in your area..


Not sure if they have changed something as it went through perfectly fine with TB for me last week.


I followed all instructions with tunnel bear but after paypal payment page it says error it is not available in your


Super hot :) and yes it works. Thanks for tunnel bear instructions it worked a treat. Only issues with PayPal that it wouldn't authorise payment (probably messed something up myself). Used wife's paypal and it worked. Thank OP!

Far Cry Primal (PC) £23.33 @ nuuvem (SOUTH AMERICA ACTIVATION ONLY)
Found 23rd Feb 2016Found 23rd Feb 2016
Should be a pretty good game for a great price. You may need to use a VPN to purchase, just use a free one like Hola! on set it to Brazil.

I bought it before it appeared.


Did you buy it after the 22nd Feb? The warning about the region lock only appeared on the 23rd.


I got my key, and it didn't have a region lock on it, so. *shrug*


They've definitely added that message recently. I checked late last week and it didn't have that message on. Edit: They've added the message onto The Division as well. That didn't have the message before either.


Saying that, I'd wait for the Origin prices to pop up when release approaches, as you might be able to get it cheaper that way. Just avoid the Russia store, is the general advice with Ubisoft, as they tend to have Russian language tracks and no English.