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NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Pro Streaming Media Player; 4K HDR Movies, Live Sports etc £154.43 @ Amazon

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Update 1
Further price drop - Now £154.43

Not the deal of the century, but these pro shields are rarely even a penny off.

Pro model great for Plex especially when streaming really big files.

Added by @cyberbabenilorac

Dolby Vision
Dolby Vision transforms your TV experience with advanced HDR inspired by the cinema delivering vivid, lifelike image with highlights up to 40 times brighter and blacks 10 times darker than a standard picture.
4048203_1.jpgDolby Atmos
Enter a new world of sound with Dolby Atmos. A leap forward from surround sound, it transports you from an ordinary moment into an extraordinary experience with moving audio.
4048203_1.jpgAI Upscaling
Using the power from the latest NVIDIA Tegra X1+ processor, upscale HD video to 4K using the power of AI. Crisper, clearer, video enhanced to 4K resolution in real-time.
4048203_1.jpgAll-New Design
Designed to be the perfect centerpiece of your entertainment center, SHIELD TV Pro levels you up to more storage space and expandability from 2x USB ports for our most demanding users.
4048203_1.jpgHigh Performance
The latest advanced NVIDIA Tegra X1+ processor makes SHIELD up to 25% faster than the previous generation.
4048203_1.jpgAll-New Remote
Voice search, motion-activated, backlit buttons and an IR blaster to control your TV. Even a built-in lost remote locator.
4048203_1.jpgGoogle Assistant Built-in
Control your SHIELD hands-free with Google Home or Alexa and Amazon Echo.
4048203_1.jpgChromecast 4K Built-in
Cast your favorite apps, photos, and videos from your mobile device to your TV.
4048203_1.jpgPlay the Latest Games
Games for everyone , on Google Play Games and GeForce NOW*, including AAA games like Fortnite.
*Game controller sold separately

Amazon More details at Amazon
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    These are meant to be fantastic devices that are android based, so can download anything from the Google play store. Great for gaming too
    Don't forget it's the Android TV version of the Play Store, the app selection is only a tiny fraction of what you get on phones.

    To provide some context, a few Play Store stats I could find:
    Android TV = ~10k.
    Android = ~2.7 million.

    So about 0.3% of total Play Store apps are compatible with Android TV and will show on the Shield store app. (edited)
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    I had one and got rid. In my opinion a fire stick 4k max is just as good.
    No where near as good. If you want to just use for streaming apps, then the firestick 4k max will suffice, definitely isn't better. However all the other functionality that comes with the Shield is impossible to do on any streaming stick .
  3. Avatar
    It's £157.21 now
  4. Avatar
    2023 - new hardware being released. This has been out since 2019. Nonetheless, great price and stellar piece of kit. Voted hot.
    I've been you unsuccessfully looking for info on this on and off for a couple of months.

    Any chance you can share the link? Thx
  5. Avatar
    For those deciding if a shield is suitable and seems overpriced I'll offer my thoughts.

    If you just use the basic streaming/tv apps and/or just want to watch stuff from a plex server then this will probably be overkill and you should get whichever media device you prefer, whether that be a 4k Chromecast with Google TV/Fire Stick 4K or Apple Equivalent, it will be much better and smoother than your smart TV and you won't really miss out on much..

    I love my Shield TV Pro and the main reason is the AI Upscaling. For a lot of media is does make things slightly sharper, especially text but for me it shines with animated content. Makes jagged lines into wonderful smooth curves and is really fascinating. Also rest easy knowing that it will last a very long time and stay supported for a while and even though it is 'outdated' it is still a top tier media player. If it wasn't for the AI 4K Upscaling I would even just say get a 2017 model off ebay.

    Also being android there are all the benefits that come with that. It's easy to watch the F1 through a VPN, You can make the shield itself a plex or storage server and a whole host.

    If you're thinking of getting one think to yourself, "Is this just going to be for Netflix" Because if it is you'd probably be happy with any other 4K media player
    Which country do you subscribe F1 TV to?
    I’m thinking of joining a vpn to get live F1.
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    I got the normal shield and its good for having a local server to stream content from PC etc to but the apps like disney+ and apple tv crash quite frequently and i find the picture quality itself is better on my native Samsung tizen apps for them. Anyone know if this is a common issue for NVIDIA Shield (non-pro model).
    I have two Pro models and have not experienced any of those issues, all good for me, seriously considering a 3rd
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    I had a Shield TV for years but I recently traded it for a Fire stick 4k max and I'm glad I did. Roku and Google TV are good options too.

    For all it's power it misses some basic stuff like ITV apps and a lot of the stuff you expect from Android isn't there for Android TV. It's OS is full of adverts and fluff these days and basic functions just stop working every time they do updates. In recent updates they broke hdmi CEC, they broke their licensing chip requiring a reboot every you want to play videos and they broke their WiFi stability.

    It's a powerhouse for sure and if you plan to game on it then it's worth every penny, but I don't think it's the king of streaming boxes anymore and it looks very high priced in 2022 compared to the competition.
    Itvx and nowtv are now supported. Just channel 4 missing now.

    Agree about the last updates though.
  8. Avatar
    This is a fantastic price - HEAT !!!! I wouldn't hang around, this deal expires on 18 Dec or earlier if allocated units run out !
    Same price direct. No need to panic!
  9. Avatar
    Someone from Samsung said the apps running on natively the TV have more optimizations so you get the best picture compared to other sources like media sticks, does anyone know whether there's any truth in that? Sounds very unlikely to me but the technician put that seed.of doubt in my head :/
    Native tv apps are better. No hdr support for iPlayer and youtube in nvidia shield.
  10. Avatar
    £30 firestick does the job nicely for iptv I find 😜
    Good for you I don't use it for iptv
  11. Avatar
    I'm curious as to what people use these for?

    I have 2 of them, BUT, only use them for Atmos passthrough for my films on a NAS drive.

    I wonder what everyone else uses them for?
    I've never tried the apps as my LG TV has all the apps built in for most popular viewings.

    Just curious as these always receive such high heat.
    We use the Shield Pro for everything.

    The LG Netflix app sucks at 4k HDR when compared to the Shield.

    It's AI enhancement feature makes some old SD shows look rather good too!
  12. Avatar
    My 4k Firestick plays anything I throw at it via plex, even 60GB 4k HDR movies.
    the chromecast w googletv does too
    i have shield tube 2019 firestick 4k and ggwctv all 3 play 60gb files from my PC ok you are right
    if your not gaming, the ggwctv is better actually as does HDr and 4k bbc iplayer HDR
    the firestick does also i think

    the AI upscailing i tend to put on basic as it can make some stuff look a bit sharp
    it does make some stuff look better though, not by a huge amount (edited)
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    Can this be used as a DVR frontend to Freeview, say with a USB TV tuner? I currently use a BT Youview box, but that is sluggish and only has very few apps.
    Not sure how well it works as haven't tried myself but I think there is a couple of TV tuners, usb stick types, that are compatible with Plex. You may need Plex pass for this though but the advantage is you can stream your TV anywhere you are and can access your recordings from anywhere.
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    I love this device have had it for over a year but their are some downsides already mentioned like no HDR support on YT and iPlayer. I also find I can't upscale a lot of things it says not available. Where it shines is how snappy it is and the fact I can stream my gaming pc to another room, it also has good support for various game controllers and Bluetooth gamepads, headsets, keyboards etc. One of the best things I ever bought
    Well it certainly won't upscale 4k content as the is anything to upscale to. You are already maxed out. Maybe that's when it's greyed out?
  15. Avatar
    I asked this on a comment thread so I'll ask it on the main thread again (sorry!):

    How much of an improvement would this be over using a Synology NAS for Plex?

    I like the idea of streaming games from the PC but curious about the above
    I can't speak for a NAS but I found this super simple to set up a Plex server on. I have a HDD attached via USB and just put my files on it and that's it, Plex and the Shield does the rest. Have never had any issues with streaming/accessing files.

    For a newbie, this is a really simple, but if you're already set up with a NAS then I'm not sure if it's really an improvement?
  16. Avatar
    £151.65 now cheaper 😁
  17. Avatar
    Can this play movies directly from a an external HDD? If so, what apps does it need? Cheers
    Yes, I have had Shields since 2016, my Pro has a SSD hard drive connected, I play my 4K hdr files through Kodi. I also use FX player to view my folders.
  18. Avatar
    Best streaming box imho
    No hdr support in iPlayer and youtube
  19. Avatar
    I still have the one from 2017 and it’s still amazing. Looking for another recently, it’s the best entertainment box you’ll ever need
    No hdr support in iPlayer and youtube
  20. Avatar
    Anyone know if this has support for hdr in bbciplayer or youtube? They are deal breakers for me.
    No. It doesn't have the hardware for HDR in YouTube etc. I was annoyed when I got it couple years ago, but I've got used to it.

    It is however the best android TV box you could ever buy.
  21. Avatar
    I only use it for Plex for my backed up physical media and it's perfect everything looks fantastic even dvds I gave up on pc httpc with MadVR as this is so much easier and you get Dolby vision.
    Can I ask what specifically you do please?

    I assume you plug your HDD into your shield, run a Plex server app, plug the shield into the network, run Plex on your TV and play files that way?
  22. Avatar
    Nvidia just killed off gamestream for the shield.
    Bad news for 2023 😞
  23. Avatar
    We have this but the remote has stopped working even though it lights up. Luckily we can still use it using our TV remote.
    Apart from that the system works fast and well.
    Try disconnecting the remote and reconnect it had the same problem myself
  24. Avatar
    I paid 350 for my steam deck- my steam deck lets me play my switch, wii u and wii games portable and better than my switch- and access to my entire steam library

    what could this do that i cant do with my steam deck?

    imo, the steam deck is the best deal in gaming- which can also connect to any tv and do anything this android box can do
    That comparison is ridiculous
  25. Avatar
    I wouldn't recommend an Nvidia Shield for that price. I've owned one, plus a Google Chromecast with TV 4K, plus a 4K Firestick, plus a Fire Cube 4K. Oh, I also have an Android TV box I bought from Amazon a few years ago.

    Out of all of these, the Fire Cube blows the competition away IMO.
  26. Avatar
    Its amazing what Nvidia can get away with charging for this ancient technology.

    Its such a niche device they can almost charge what they like. At this price its still very expensive for what it does and its codecs are outdated, but if you need one for its unique use cases its still be best/only option.
    This plays the highest bitrate 4K file I could find on the internet... it's clearly not outdated. It plays anything and everything I throw at it.
  27. Avatar
    I used the £10 off £20 spend for adding a mastercard promotion thing a couple of weeks ago. Today is the last day to use that £10 promo credit which is auto applied on checkout. There was almost a £5 gift card balance that I could use (I think that was for an Amazon credit card (New Day) which has transferred it's business to Pulse and any outstanding 'Amazon points' were applied to the Amazon account as a gift card. So got it for just under £145. Been wanting one for ages to use as a Plex server (to pull content from Netgear ReadyNAS 104 NAS's. Currently I use a FireTV Cube with the ReadyNAS acting as the plex server and the plex server app on the NetGear can't cope serving high bit-rate (say above 15MB/s) 4k h.265 files. I have oodles of high bit rate as-is 4k h/.264/h.265 4k bluray rips that are much higher bit rate than that so hopefully the shield will provide stutter free playback. It will be hard wired on the network, just as the FireTV is now. The FireTv also struggles much more I've noticed with 4k bluray rips which have Atmos rather than DTS X (or DTS HD Master) soundtracks. Dolby TrueHD is normally ok too, Expanding on the earlier FireTV+NetgearNAS as a plex server problems - it would be either stuttering playback or film would play with a totally green filter. The FireTV is connected to a Denon 2700H amp & then output to an LG 2021 C1 OLED

    I've been waiting for the new Pro version to be released but tbh if this one cures my playback issues I'll be like a pig in mud so £145 will be a steal (edited)
  28. Avatar
    Firestick 4K does the job for me!
    me too.
    But... users should consider that the Shield is 2 1/2 years old and is much more powerful than the FireStick4k. For those of us who (or once did) run our own home media servers, this beast does so much that you are hard pressed to find any faults with it. Honestly the only lack of functions it has is the inability to easily add DVB or DAB tuners (tho even that can be done!).

    We have had I think 3 FireSticks and 3 or 4 Roku boxes - they are great for "today" but find me a Roku or Fire (one of mine melted) Stick that still works well after 2 1/2 years.
  29. Avatar
    AI upscaler for me is the best thing about this device compared to its rivals.
    Always know straight away if i I have accidently turned it off when watching the footy streams or something on Plex
    Depending on TV... Some TV's have excellent upscaling too.
  30. Avatar
    I'd rather go for the latest Apple TV with their beast of the A15 but that's me as I use their AirPods max which is pretty good when watching movies. I can see why people do get this too.
    ATV is a beast. Wish they allowed for VPNs natively apart from that the apps are so well optimised.
  31. Avatar
    Dated tech that's still the best you can buy, how crazy is that! Super hot at this price but zero competition. I have 5 of them
    What's mad the 2015 variant is still more capable than 90% of the Market competition today!
  32. Avatar
    I really thought i would have seen some good deals on this from Black Friday till now...I paid £145 this time last year for this. (edited)
  33. Avatar
    Such a useless device. Terrible as a gaming machine and terrible as a media streamer. Just get a firestick, what's the point of this? Can literally almost buy a series s and firestick combined for one of these
    Agreed. It's raw power but for what? A substandard gaming device and a substandard streaming box.
  34. Avatar
    People complaining that this is pointless clearly do not own, or probably even know what an AV Receiver is, it's compatability with audio codecs is unrivalled....so try telling any of us that need them that it is 'pointless', like myself and I will go and tell you to enjoy your music through your soundbar or potato phone whilst I flog my Fire TV Cube and gladly await delivery.
    No, most people are asking about what it does, not complaining. And instead people such as yourself are arguing with yourself instead of either just keeping quiet or explaining what the device is capable of.
  35. Avatar
    I just purchased one for £144.65 (£151.65 minus £7 for the collect at my local drop off point (post office down the road).


    Every little saving helps.
  36. Avatar
    . H! H. H uh. H! R fff
  37. Avatar
    fantastic device. just hate the fact that it has known issues with samsung soundbars and there is no fix.
    I have no problems with my hw-q90r even with Dolby Atmos (actually that's not strictly true, very infrequently I will switch my TV off using the Shield remote but the Shield and soundbar stay on - not sure if that's the TV or Shield at fault there though)
  38. Avatar
    Got this last week. Hangs up black screen image quality not that impressive. Nice remote.
    Overall not as good as Google chrome TV stick. Will be sending it back.
    Man if u talk about the chromecast with google tv, 4k,version that crap is powerful to barely run, the firestick 4k better option than that..
  39. Avatar
    £157 for me. Ordered. Now own two, slowly replacing my aging pis in the house.
  40. Avatar
    I have 4 different ones, from 2015 onwards never had a single glitch, crash or need to reset - best thing I’ve ever bought.