Nvidia 5200 AGP £9.99 @ CCLOnline

Nvidia 5200 AGP £9.99 @ CCLOnline

Found 4th Aug 2010
in need of a cheap AGP card for repairs then i found this for £9.99


£13.50 with shipping.

£10.32 if you collect.

Even brand new these were absolutely terrible cards (compared to the rest). I can barely imagine how awful they would feel now.

Have to admit this card is pants, I bought one at the time they were first released and sold it on within a few weeks it was that poor.

Not voted on the deal BTW

has anyone used this just for video? i would assume a second monitor is all anyone would look to use this for... cannot find any reviews online for it, but its cheap as most other budget cards are £20-25

This would be useless for HD video, as it first came out 7/8 years ago and only supports mpeg-2 decoding, I think I remember my last machine with AGP graphics (nvidia 6600gt/3GHz CPU/1 GB RAM), stuttered a lot trying to play mp4 videos.

Surprised these are still being sold outside of ebay, but I suppose for a business with old hardware they are still useful.

How would this compare to my hd5870?

How would this compare to my hd5870?
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