nVidia GeForce 8800GT 512MB £125.39

nVidia GeForce 8800GT 512MB £125.39

Found 1st Apr 2008
Thought this was a bargin. Comes with a decent cooler, instead of the rubbish single slot jobbie you get on most 8800GT's which can give you heat issues & stops you from getting a good overclock (If that's your thing
At this price, seriously tempted to get 2 and try SLI.

Be quick, only 8 at this price at time of posting !

Chipset nVidia 8800GT
Connectivity DVI-I, HDMI
Cooling Fan
Direct x support Microsoft DirectX® 10
Gpu speed 600Mhz
Interface PCI-Express x16
Memory 512MB
Memory clock rate 1800Mhz
Tv/hd output 1 x S-Video HDTV
Multi card support SLI Capable


sorry, but it's cheaper here:


with free delivery and a better cooler

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It's 44p cheaper. (posted price includes 7.99 for shipping
I bought an Inno3d 8800GT and it had a rubbish cooler. (replaced it with a thermalwright one)
Looks like the one you mentioned does have a better cooler tho.

Ok mate it's a good deal still, does the card you mentioned have a dual-slot cooler?

I can't see if it does, if so, it might be slightly better cooled.

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It's a single slot cooler. Review on site says that it hit's 70 degrees max. Which is good for a 8800gt (My Inno3d hit 94 under load !) . I had to replace my cooler with one of these (Thermalright HR-03-GT)...
http://www.overclockers.co.uk/pimg/HS-053-TR_200.jpg and a fan
And I was able to clock it to 2000\700 (mem\core) with a max temperature of 65 degrees !! (Which gives me GTX speed)
My graphics now takes up 4 slots tho

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even cheaper here http://www.ebuyer.com/product/135258

Only 41p cheeper, but has a rubbish cooler. The ones that lie flat on the card like that are naff.


This one should be as good surely :p. And it's ~£7-8 cheaper with voucher & Quidco :thumbsup:

]Play Value Geforce 8800GT 512MB = £127.99 minus ]£5 voucher [[COLOR=red]expires 12/04[/COLOR]] minus £5.12 []4% Quidco] = £117.87

Apparently it's a Palit card with a 'big blue cooler'.....


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Looks good! If you do get the 'Big blue' cooler, then this card may well be the best one to go for. Good spot :thumbsup:

Haven't nVidia upgraded the cooler spec for the reference card design?

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