Nvidia GTX 480 420.69 Eclipse Computer

Nvidia GTX 480 420.69 Eclipse Computer

Found 30th Mar 2010
This is only my 2nd deal, don't feel you need to be gentle with me this time, give me hell if I mess up.

Price is £411.19 + £9.50 delivery. Retailers are due to have cards in stock in the first 2 weeks of April.

This is the faster of the 2 new Fermi Nvidia graphics cards.

As with the other card (GTX 470), the reviews are mixed, they run too hot and performance isn't as much as had been anticipated.

According to reviews I've read this card falls between the AMD 5870 and 5970 in terms of performance and occaissonally beats the 5970 in certain games at certain resolutions, but generally is slower than the fastest card on the market.

Significantly, it is £100 cheaper. Again I'd reccomend if you're spending this much to read a few reviews to see how the AMD cards compare to the Nvidia cards in the games you play at the resolutions of your monitor/HD TV.

Full specs are below.

Item : 1536Mb nVidia GeForce GTX 480 PCI-Expres VGA Card
Brand/Model : Generic NVIDIA GTX 480
Graphics Engine : GeForce GTX480
Video Memory : 1536MB GDDR5
Core Clock : 700 MHz
Memory Clock : 3696MHz (924MHz GDDR5)
Vertical Refresh Rate : 60-240Hz
Max. Display Mode : 2560 * 1600
Bus Standard : PCI Express® 2.0
DVI Out : 1x Native Dual-link DVI-I
TV-In : No
Dual View : Yes
DirectX Compliance : DirectX 11


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Some people are missing the point, this deal is at -10 after less than a minute, yet this is the cheapest deal for this card.

Obviously nowhere has stock yet, but in terms of prices being offered I have not been able to find it cheaper pre-order anywhere.

If someone has found it cheaper, then tell us all where.

Ye your right but its still a high price for this card

I have 5970 and want go back to nvidia cos of crap ati drivers but i would only get bout £400 back and if buy this i would have slower card dont no what todo

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In terms of performance and price it sits right inbetween the AMD 5870 and 5970. I agree they are all over priced but this card has a price tag of £440 - £500 most places, so £420 makes that the hottest deal available and rather than mark this deal down, why not point to somewhere that has this card cheaper and we'll all vote that deal hot!!! I exclame!

Love the card, voted hot, but I am afraid PC gaming is dead (if that is the inted use) graphical work aplications...muwwhahahha.

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3 way Eyefinity in stereoscopic 3D is what I wished for and they have delivered that (if you buy another card and SLI it, anyone up for buying 2 of these?)

Once prices get more sensible, which might happen now there is competition in the market, 3D surround gaming is going to be the ultimate games room boys toy.

And looking at some of the new special effects, DX11, true depth of field, tesselation etc, I think PC gaming just took a massive step forward compared to static consoles with 5 year old technology powering them.

Love PC gaming, I am with you but just can't see it fighting back, still a hot card :-) but worth 2 PS3's or 360's on its own? Unless you have loads of money... then SLI and enjoy the view.

Its nuts, it might be the cheapest around for this card but talk about alot of money, I got the 5850 just under £200 even that was alot, And i still know give it six months or so and it may only be worth half that, but £400 to me is just a waste of money.

Given that i bet 2 x HD 5850 will beat this and still be less money (well just lol)

And i dont use anything else than a p.c.
P.C gaming is still tops

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x3 120Hz stereoscopic 1080p projectors, a large white wall, or even better 3 large white walls at 45 degrees to each other, a x6 core i7, and x2 GTX 480s running sli, smoldering away in with a dozen case fans blowing on them.

Carlsberg don't do games rooms, but if they did, they'd be the best games rooms in the world.

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x2 5850s should give equal performance to a 5970 (therefore faster in most cases), but the £200 5850s dissapeared very quickly and now they're back to £250 ish.

Price to performance does seem to be very linear. A 30% increase in performance costs 30% more, 50% performance costs 50% more.

Deals like the 5850 for £200 are definately worth jumping on. I have the 3d vision monitor and glasses so I'm tied to Nvidia, at least this is a competitive option now compared to the Geforce 260 -295 cards.

I never voted
whens the duel gpu card coming out as i would prob go for that i realy want 3 30inch 2560x1200 but all that £££££ to play games on.
I have listed my pc on ebay 330419049610 take look i would sell if get decent offer if i dont sell i will have no choice to sell the 5970 as realy dont like ati now but holding back till duel gpu comes

The main thing for most (as you can still get the HD5850 around £200 mark just keep an eye out) is is this card worth the extra £220 more, I would say no, other may disagree.

Or even £150+ more than the HD 5870 I would still say no

well done on your pc build - shame u lost job pothead13

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Looks a fantastic system pothead, I recently built an air cooled equivalant and it was fantastic. Suddenly x4 times the frame rates.

you should check out this:


No bevels, that's the way to go if you have the cash spare.

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The GTX 470 is the competitor to the 5870, at just under £300 that's cheaper than any 5870s I could find. £150 off the this £420 price would put a 5870 at £270, I haven't seen it at that price anywhere, happy for you to point me in that direction though and at that price you'd definatley buy the 5870 over the GTX470.

This costs about 30% more than the 470 and it's about 30% faster, but hopefully all the prices will fall now AMD has competition.

It can be found for less than this price, dabs with quidco for example is cheaper.


HD 5870 were at this and sure will be … HD 5870 were at this and sure will be again:http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0031HAVSA/ref=s9_simh_gw_p23_t1?pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_s=center-1&pf_rd_r=12N2SH82VNE8HQ1CBSZH&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=467198433&pf_rd_i=468294

What does that have to do with the nvidia price ?

The cold votes could just as easily be due to it being from Eclipse, not my, or many other's favourite retailers! :whistling:


What does that have to do with the nvidia price ?

Read the rest of the thread and you might see......

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Ahhh, the eclipse factor.

I have had to RMA stuff but it's always been handled flawlessy to be fair.

I could criticise the amazon 5870 price as it isn't in stock, but technically neither is my deal. It's a great buy at that price, unless you want to to do Nvidia 3D stereo or have issues with AMD, you would buy that over the GTX470.

To be honest i not used Nvidia for many years now, ATI i have since the 4850 came out and now have 2 in cross been very good (in son inlaw`s p.c. sorted for him) then when DX 11 came out the best of the bunch was the 5850 and cant fault it.

Great deal if you want your house to go on fire and a huge electricity bill.

The card is also loud as hell.


The cold votes could just as easily be due to it being from Eclipse

or it could just be cos of all the latent idiots on this site that cold vote anything either 1.) over a certain price [SIZE="1"](300 seems to be about it)[/SIZE] or 2.) they don't really understand to start with :roll:

personally having read reviews already i wouldn't touch this card (even if i had the money).
but , good price for it atm, so hot from me

edit: if you could get a mate stateside to send it to you, even with post be good few quid cheaper. retail on Newegg is only 500 dollars for the Zotac

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Great deal if you want your house to go on fire and a huge electricity … Great deal if you want your house to go on fire and a huge electricity bill.The card is also loud as hell.

I haven't heard it with my own ears but these are quotes from people who have and they disagree with you:

"One of the reasons for these high temperatures is the fact that NVIDIA’s fan on this card doesn’t operate at all that high RPMs. When at idle, it is blissfully silent and never increases its speed past 64% when the card is at full load which also results in relatively quiet gaming performance"

"Heat jumps in FurMark as well, though it’s worth noting that none of these boards encountered heat-related stability issues. Keeping up with the thermals does mean the GeForce GTX 480’s fan ramps up fairly aggressively and does generate quite a bit of noise. However, we were unable to replicate that behavior in any real-world gaming load"


The stress tests I've read say it's only 5c hotter than the 5970, which is a faster card, but I've not heard of the AMDs catching fire.


As for the huge electricity bill:

The GTX 480 used 450 watts under load, the 5970 uses 444. Again it's a faster card, but if you game for a few hours a day every day for a year, either card will only add a fiver onto your annual electricity bill.

This card isn't as good as a 5970, but isn't as expensive either. There seem to be a lot of myths surrounding it, I'm happy to help dispell those and give a fair reflection of what this card does and doesn't do.

All in all, it's a reasonabley good effort from Nvidia but not groundbreaking. It's price reflects it's performance. The hype that it would be 15% - 30% faster than a 5970 hasn't helped it's cause, and in DX11 tests those figures actually look accurate, but less than 1% of games getting released just now use DX11, so this card looks better for the future market than the current market and that's not a bad thing.

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Review here … Review here http://www.hardocp.com/article/2010/03/26/nvidia_fermi_gtx_470_480_sli_review

That seems an odd test. Very few benchmarks don't have matching settings so you never get a true comparison between one card and another. All we see is that the Nvida can run x16 AA when the AMD can only run x8 AA. That's a comparison that doesn't give you any information about relative performance, a Fiesta in 5th gear can do 100mph but a Ferrari in 2nd gear can only 80 mph. Therefore a Ford Fiesta is better, doh.

All the other reviews I've read put the 5970 as the fastest with the GTX 480 at approx. 80% of its performance and costs approx. 80% of the 5970.

The 5870 marginally beats the GTX 470 when AA is disabled, but when it is turned up to x8 AA, the GTX 470 takes a marginal lead. They cost about the same, but this deal is some £20 to £50 cheaper than most deals, hence why I thought it might interest those interested in high end graphics cards.

The GTX 470 and 5870 are approx. 30% faster than the 5850 and cost 30% more.

A 5850 at £200 and a 5870 at £270 are great buys, snap them up. You get more performance per pound than what Nvidia is offering. At the average price that the 5850 (£230 - £250) & 5870 are (£310 - £350), the Nvidia cards are a fair price to performance value. And they have added value if you want 3D stereo.


Great deal if you want your house to go on fire and a huge electricity … Great deal if you want your house to go on fire and a huge electricity bill.The card is also loud as hell.

How do you work that one out ? The 480 idles lower than a 5870 (do you game 24/7 ? If you do, get a job) and is about 100W more than a 5870 at full load. I take it you dont own either of those cards and are just joining in with the other fanboys ? I suggest you look here for temps > hardocp.com/art…w/7 Not so far in front of a 5870, and if you actually own any cards like the 4870x2, gtx 285 or 295 then you will know that these temps are pretty much normal.
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