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Nvidia Shield TV Pro 4K HDR Ready Media Streamer £144.96 delivered @ Amazon Italy

£144.96£178.9919% off
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Nvidia Shield TV Pro 4K HDR Ready Media Streamer reduced to £144.96 delivered (slightly less if you pay in Euros with a fee free card). Can use your UK Amazon account credentials to login and buy. £35 saving from other retailers for brand new.


Nvidia Shield TV Pro 4K HDR Ready Media Streamer

  • Fast, Really Fast: The latest advanced NVIDIA Tegra X1+ processor makes SHIELD up to 25% faster than the previous generation.
  • Dolby Vision·Atmos: The fusion of Dolby Vision HDR picture and Dolby Atmos sound transforms your TV into an entertainment powerhouse.
  • AI Upscaling: Upscale HD video to 4K using the power of AI. Crisper, clearer video enhanced to 4K resolution in real-time.
  • 4K HDR: The most 4K HDR entertainment. All your favourite shows in the highest possible quality. Period.
  • Note: SHIELD Stand sold separately
  • NVIDIA GameStream (requires compatible GeForce RTX or GTX-powered PC)
  • HDR support is depending on TV screen and the used app supporting HDR native resolution.


  • Brand‎ nVidia
  • Product Dimensions‎ 15.9 x 9.8 x 2.6 cm; 249.48 Grams
  • Batteries ‎2 AAA batteries required. (included)
  • Item model number‎ 945-12897-2505-101
  • Manufacturer ‎NVIDIA
  • Series‎ NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro
  • Resolution‎ 3840x 2160 Pixels
  • Processor Brand‎ NVIDIA
  • Processor Type‎ Tablet
  • Processor RAM Size‎ 3 GB
  • Memory Technology‎ DIMM
  • Maximum Memory Supported ‎3 GB
  • Hard Drive Size‎16 GB
  • Hard Disk Description‎ Flash Memory
  • Hard Drive Interface ‎Unknown
  • Graphics Card Description‎ Integrated
  • Graphics RAM Type‎ GDDR3
  • Graphics Card Ram Size ‎3 GB
  • Graphics Card Interface ‎Integrated
  • Number of USB 3.0 Ports ‎2
  • Number of HDMI Ports‎1
  • Operating System‎ Android TV
  • Are Batteries Included‎ Yes
  • Lithium Battery Energy Content‎ 2 Kilowatt Hours
  • Lithium Battery Packaging‎ Batteries packed with equipment
  • Lithium Battery Weigh t‎2 Grams
  • Number Of Lithium Ion Cells‎
  • Number of Lithium Metal Cells ‎5
  • Item Weight ‎249 g

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  1. Avatar
    I see these all the time and out of curiosity, what are they good for?
    it's basically one of, it not the best tv media streaming boxes. it's like the kodi boxes of yesteryear that's supersized

    it's a bit overkill for many. it's basically got the gubbins of a nintendo game console inside so it can play games too, but the main use is an android tv box

    to that end, a 4k firestick does pretty much everything it can do as well, but without the gaming stuff. the firestick also has nowtv plus apple, disney, prime, netflix and most other streaming services that work properly in 4k, and it's great for running kodi. it doesn't have ethernet tho, but the cube does

    i got mine before there were 4k firesticks and got it second hand, and nvidia sent me a replacement (before i sent mine back) when a dodgy update bricked it

    main downside with the firestick is having to sideload apps like kodi, but unless you go mad faffing around with apps, usually you set the device up with what you want, if something new comes along you add that, occasionally have to updgrade the sideloaded apps manually, but most of the legit ones you don't need to sideload and the update fine

    i have a spare 4k firestick i got in case my sheild broke as when i had issues i just moved mine between rooms and found it was pretty much an as good replacement, at a fraction of the price if you get one during amazons sales

    main downside with the firestick is you can't use it at all to stream local media with kodi if theres no internet signal, and you can't plug in usb sticks and play directly, even if you have a splitter - i've tried. you can plug HDDs and usb sticks into the sheild and play directly. not sure if the cube can do that as it has usb, i'm not sure what the usb socket is intended for. the cube costs a bit more than the firestick but about a third of the sheild, and if amazon do prime/xmas deals it's usually a few quid less
  2. Avatar
    I got one via Amazon Italy 6 months ago for about the same price, it's been running great ever since apart from the proprietary power plug fusing and needing a full plug/cable replacement from nvidia (who were very helpful and prompt about it all to be fair). It came with both an EU and UK plug adapter by the way.
  3. Avatar
    Good price but I have to say I’m incredibly disappointed in the Shield… I got one as a birthday gift. Considering its supposed to be a media streamer, video playback is pretty choppy. If you’re sensitive to stutters in your video… steer well clear. I get this stutter with all the streaming apps but in slightly different ways. I also have a lot of freezes / crashes as well when trying to watch video files. Trawled the forums but there appears to be no real fix other than constantly messing with your TV’s refresh rate or enabling frame interpolation (which looks horrible).

    Best I can really say about it is its a great for retro game emulators. But video streaming… absolutely shocking for the price in my opinion.
    I don't get any of those issues.

    What apps do you use? Also, what speed Internet do you have?
  4. Avatar
    Still worth it over that Amasun flir TT qube 3
    Shame no Now TV

    I do have problems with chromecasting Now TV however (edited)
    I have to reboot my shield TV after I cast a now tv show, in order to cast the next one otherwise it crashes, it's rubbish.
  5. Avatar
    This come with a UK plug pls?
    It comes with both EU and UK plug adapters from what I've seen.
  6. Avatar
    The Fire TV Cube can’t run a plex server so imo thats a big win for the shield.
  7. Avatar
    Still no Channel 4 ☹️
    It's an Android TV OS issue sadly. Need them to make an app for it.
  8. Avatar
    Iv just got one and it drops wifi quite alot, and the bluetooth is garbage, literally 6ft away and it breaks up, my tab 8 ultra works no matter where i go round the house.it also doestt turn my tv on most of the time with cec all set up. i only got it as a plex server, im now thinking of getting a mii box and running emby
  9. Avatar
    I'd rather buy the latest firetv cube
    You need to check the Ethernet speeds of the new Fire Cube then you know why people are not happy
  10. Avatar
    Would this be a big upgrade from my Mibox S? I just use it for watching remuxed 4k movies off USB. Also would this have a euro plug? Thanks
    this will be an overkill if you dont do too much on a tv box. buy the new Google tv HD instead. Just 34 quid from Google store
  11. Avatar
    I know it’s still the best, and really no other streaming box gets close to its performance, but it’s rocking a slightly overclocked chip from 2015… come on nvidia update the poor thing!
    I feel like it's testament to how good it is! No slow downs or anything this far along! Although, I'm sure NVIDIA have the cash flow to make a new model
  12. Avatar
    It was worth this price around 5 years ago. Specs are very outdated. Some might argue that they still have the best processor in class but you will hardly notice any difference between when using a firestick.
    Absolutely spot on.
  13. Avatar
    Had one for about a year. Use it mainly for iptv and streaming my gaming pc to another room and I absolutely love it, probably my favourite streaming device ever, so snappy and lots of options. The one thing I would like is hdmi 2.1 and 4k 120hz streaming because even though my pc and TV can handle it I only get 60hz through this.
  14. Avatar
    I've had my 2015 Pro version since launch and it's never missed a beat and has got regular updates.
    Felt compelled to buy for product appreciation (edited)
  15. Avatar
    Great price
  16. Avatar
    This is the best media player / streaming device on the market without exception. It's brilliant and this is a great price.
    how does it compare to the Beeline GT King PRO?
  17. Avatar
    I recently upgraded to one of these from a FireTV 4K Max and it blows the Firestick away. You can't really appreciate it until you've actually seen IPTV working on it. The gulf in class is huge. I used to get regular buffering when streaming, despite having a solid connection to the 'net. Since using the Shield, I haven't encountered any buffering at all and just something as simple as navigating though menus is so much more effective and not as painful as it was on the FireTV Stick. The ability to stream games from my PC is an added bonus. It's worth the price for the huge improvement in IPTV performance alone. Have some heat.
  18. Avatar
    The new TV Cube on paper is a much better device. Still a few weeks away from launch though.
    It looks like the new cube doesn't output DTS-HD, TrueHD sound yet. Until they sort that out the Shield is still the best choice for those with their own movie collection with Kodi.
  19. Avatar
    This is worth it alone for best in class upscaling (edited)
    cube 3 capable of that too
  20. Avatar
    Love mine but biggest downside to me is no support for HDR YouTube, as I watch a lot of content on that platform. Otherwise it's amazing. I have a Panasonic OLED and Atmos sound system. This little box can play any codex I throw at it, usually 4k HDR10+/Dolby Vision with Atmos.
    Yess this is my biggest moan ... HDR on youtube would be the final tick. Yes I can still watch youtube hdr via the TV app but its a pain using two remotes and the shields remote is nice and simple
  21. Avatar
    Why do I need this if my LG oled can do all this already? Also I have a 4K fire stick :/ :/
    Your lg oled likely can't do DTS HD or true HD or lots of different Dolby vision profiles. Mine can't. This is not an issue if you just watch Netflix or whatever but if you download films or rip your own you may have issues. This plays nearly everything and upscales better also.
  22. Avatar
    Best steamer bar non. Small downside of no native now app.
  23. Avatar
    Awful. Cold.
    Yep... while Awful is pretty harsh these are just not worth the money. The supporting arguments are as outdated as the hardware
  24. Avatar
    This is simply the best box out there for everything. I mean everything, TV, apps, gaming and upscaling.

    One of the best things is something you don't really think about when buying an android box, updates. The original box still gets updates and this will too. Most boxes are only supported for a year and if you're lucky 2 years. After that it's forgotten and eventually becomes a security risk for any accounts stored on it.

    I've had the original and 2 of these versions for many years now and the only issue I had was with WiFi dropping, but I later found out it was my router settings. All fixed now.

    This version is also pretty small.
    I use Geforce now on my box to play PC games and it works perfectly on this. It also upscales those games now! So I'm playing games on 4k now and you really see the difference.its insane.
  25. Avatar
    Had this a year and it's 20 times better than a firestick. Never lags and isn't full of bloatware either
    wow 20 times better
  26. Avatar
    What Apps are best for IPTV on the Shield? TIA
  27. Avatar
    This or new firetv cube?
  28. Avatar
    Great device just sound quality is really poor for my 2.0 stereo amp compared to using my pc with a decent sound card as I have to use TV headphone socket and just gives really low volume on dialogue. Not a problem if your using a 5/71 amp with DTS Atmos bit steaming. MADVR on pc is probably better upscaling but you need at least a £300 pc for it.
  29. Avatar
    Thanks, just bought the last 'Like New' one for £132 including delivery from Amazon Italy
  30. Avatar
    Can you use apps like stbemu, iptv apps from Google play store or do you have to sideload?.
    You can. I personally use Kodi
  31. Avatar
    The thing that p's me off with mine is my controller is always flat when I want to use it. You can't turn the blooming thing off.
    Yes u can lol 
  32. Avatar
    Nice, its the proper full fat shield TV and not the crippled one !
  33. Avatar
    I'm thinking of getting a shield to stream games from my PC. Will I have to get the Pro if I plan to use Xbox controllers with the wireless receiver and a Bluetooth keyboard and mice (as they'll populate 2 USB ports, the Pro has 4). Or can I get a dongle on the standard shield? (edited)
    You can stream games on a fire stick using moonlight, I do it on a 4K max and it's flawless
  34. Avatar
    Even for just Iptv it’s so slick, how cap people mention the cube. NO!
    I'd rather wait for the new cube than use 7 year old tech..

    2015 calling... they want their hardware back (edited)
  35. Avatar
    is it worth shellign out for this if im already runing IPTV on a 4k firestick or wont i see any real benefit?
    You wont see any benefit
  36. Avatar
    i love mine. plays everything i chuck at it. 60gig 4k HDR atmos files. its also a plex server so i can watch my stuff wherever i want - on firesticks in the house, or phone or tablet on the go. even play my music using the android auto plex app in the car.
    got it set up with a 500gb SSD to give it temp storage space. everything else is on a NAS with connected external HDDs. brilliant set up.
  37. Avatar
  38. Avatar
    I'm still puttering away with my 2015 one.......
  39. Avatar
    Is it worth upgrading from the cheaper tube shaped one? I use Kodi sometimes and watch a lot of YouTube.
    I think most reviews said it was worth the difference in price.
  40. Avatar
    @Savo If you watch a lot of YT get a device that supports AV1 - No Shield devices ever will (edited)
    Thanks. I'll have a read up on that
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